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  1. Well it is using nature to do the job . http://uk.screen.yahoo.com/video/playlist/storms-videos/
  2. Been trying to get one of these http://www.jimmcgeown.com/Wagon%20Kit%20Pages/GWR%20Hydra%20Road%20Vehicle%20Wagon.html in 4mm (yes there is at least one fault in the etching I have seen, and decking plates missing if the same as the 7mm one) which is listed as a G19 but the photo shows one with a G11 number on. So been looking in the normal books which mainly show photos of the G11 but with the 2' overhang there is a lot of the details in the dark.
  3. A nice small layout idea for you to model. http://www.branchline.org.uk/past_events/event_20120602/AFRPS-BLS-Blank-14-12-13.pdf.
  4. While on the Bluebell Railway on the 5th July 2013 I took some close up photos of the 9f valvegear etc. The top of the smokebox/boiler. Valvegear. Pipework against firebox. Pipework for cylinder drain cocks. And something even the S4 modellers don't get correct, the hole in the axle.
  5. On a three day trip to Sussex/Kent with the GWS Taunton group, and one of the visits was to this gem of a line which was the highlight of the weekend, so here are the first photos I took. If in the neck of the woods again when in operation will do this line again.
  6. So working on that you will be approx £60.00 per square foot every month to make a small profit from the shop with 5 members of staff.
  7. Well he sold it for too high a price and hoping to buy it back again cheep.
  8. It looks like most people on this topic are only bothered about Hornby and to a lesser amount Bachmann with most of the other suppliers are only a wast of space in the shop. Evergreen has been mentioned a few times so it might be a lot of other smaller suppliers who could be hit a lot harder like Gaugemaster who was mentioned once as they supply a lot of other ranges as well as their own range, so could have bigger problems to some of the smaller firms who supply direct than the big names.
  9. Should have had "reopening" in the title and now corrected. And connected to the correct coaches for the first time.
  10. Went today to a cold and wet tenth anniversary weekend when they were using the historic coaches using parts on former coaches form the railway and the new engine Lyd as well for the first time running with correct coaches for the first time on the line before it goes back to its normal home.
  11. Some of the Connoisseurs 4mm LNER/GER Y6 are back in production so if you want some contact him before they sell out.
  12. Yes they do have steam heat and you can just see the steam heat hoses in one of my photos and I meant to have taken a photo of one of the heating pipes.
  13. I don't think they should be merged as they are about different preserved items and they are not a true set.
  14. Some more photos for you also got some video but not set up to up load.
  15. Went to Llangollen yesterday for the day for the preview day of the GWR autocoach No 92 with it coupled up to GWR steamrailmotor No 93 to tempt you to go there over the week end. Most likely more photos to come.
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