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  1. There were 2-10-0's built in the USA specifically for WWII service in Russia. Quite a few of these still exist in Russia. The Bachmann model is one of the WW1-era locomotives. The locomotives that eventually ended up on the Frisco were part of this group. I would guess the United model is just a bit oversized. I wrote an article on detailing one of the Bachmann locomotives to it's as-built condition. Not sure if it is online anywhere. It was "The Unintended Patriot: Modeling Reading's "Russian Decapod" No. 1127" in the December 2002 issue. They were super neat with th
  2. I am still awaiting closure from Osborns on this order and a refund. They are not responding to my emails. Since reaching out here worked before, I thought I would try again. Can anyone help me reach them?
  3. Very cool. No need to be sorry, I know how it goes. If you get to it, please let us know the results.
  4. AY Mod - Thank you. I appreciate that and I hope you are right. There has been no contact from the shop to me since the orders were placed. Hopefully this is just a miscommunication. - Rob Update: I did hear from the shop in response to a PayPal inquiry. I am relieved to know they are not closed.
  5. John, did this prove to be a feasible 3D printing project?
  6. I have a very large, expensive order, placed online the first week of April that has not yet been delivered. I have sent many emails. I have called many times. The phone was answered once (about a month after the order) and I was told some items were not in stock but were coming and I would get an email that weekend. Since then, my emails have gone unanswered and every time I call I get an automated message that they are busy. Beware if you are planning to do business with them. Rob
  7. Hi - I am working on a WDLR layout set in the later part of WW1. I would love to have some Decauville track (pre-fab with steel sleepers) on a section or two. Has anyone made the track in 009, either RTR or just the steel sleepers for handlaying? All the best, Rob
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