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  1. Hi Andy, are the signs still available? If so I'd be keen.
  2. Here we see the plug showing the wedge shaped pips. (The eagle eyed amongst you will notice the damage I caused to the wires in previous clumsy attempts at trying to remove this unholy plug). The solution is so simple, it hurts! You simply shave off the two wedge shaped pips flush to the body of the plug, using a modelling blade. Then plug the errr…plug back in to the tender socket as before. Push it home so it can’t go any further and you’re done. “That can’t be right, Andy! Won’t the plug just fall out without the locking pips?” I hear you
  3. The socket in the tender has two small holes inside, that small wedge shaped pips on the plug engage into. Tricky to photograph, but you can see the dark square holes near the bottom of the socket.
  4. So, you get your brand new loco out of the box and just want to see it running. You plug the tender to the loco and it runs and all is well. So what’s the problem? The problem is, if you ever want to remove the tender from the loco again, you’ll soon realise why they call it “Satan’s plug”. That plug hangs on like trying to get your dog to go through the door of the Vet’s. If you do manage to remove the plug from the socket, it will have been an epic struggle and it is very easy during the fight to break separately added details like handrails, sheet rails,
  5. Hi all, I was put off these by the quality problems but I just saw that Olivia's Models are advertising repaired and repackaged ones as clearance on the well known auction site. Search "Heljan 47xx Class. 2-8-0 ‘Night Owl’ Options" £140 each and seem to have all the livery options. More importantly, they seemed to have addressed many of the parts that break in transit due to Heljan's sub-optimal packaging. I can't wait for Mr Postie!...
  6. Hi Pete, May I thank you for saving Maindee East. As I returned to the hobby only a few years ago and being an avid GWR fan, when I saw Maindee East photos on the scalefour society website for the first time I was absolutely stunned by the quality of the modelling, attention to detail but above all that elusive quality “Atmosphere” that Stefan created so well. So much so that I tracked down a back copy of the write up in one of the Railway mags and was inspired enough that I would build a GWR engine shed layout and aim for stefan’s results even though I’d pr
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