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  1. Rope shunting with El 5 El 5 locomotives where built for the Norwegian State railway (NSB) in two series 1926 and 1927, a total of 12. They where taken out of service between 1969 and 1972. El5.2039 is the only one left and was restored in the 1970s. Ragnar
  2. Didn’t find any video with RjB14 shunting, but there are some pics. photo: Erik Borgersen At the terminal Looking omboard the deck of Storegut There is also a video from the last day of ordinary traffic. Rolling stock is pushed onboard from 6:15 Ragnar
  3. Possibly this one Brian Rope shunting demo /Ragnar
  4. Neil, from reading the tread I must say your layout has progressed well over the years and now look really good. And what a lineup of locomotives and wagons you have acquired... impressive Next will be to check out the Belgian Depot. stay safe /Ragnar
  5. Hi, historic pictures of the Mæl site and ferry traffic there can be found by this link https://digitaltmuseum.no Mæl Birds view 1961 Then there is the other end of the ferry line Digitaltmuseum Tinnoset Birds view 1971 /R
  6. Thanks for the background story Baron. A slip would be a nice addition. I had a run on the Rjukan line previous summer with my son, Mæl to Rjukan. Had the museum train to our self because of the pandemic situation. Anyway, here is Amonia by the quay and Storegut at the slip, at Mæl.
  7. @Brian Harrap good to se the Quai still developing. I’ve read the thread a time back but can not remember to have read your philosopy behind QUAI:87; selection of the theme, the untraditional layout. How did it all start? What did you want to achive? I also enjoy the ‘there is a prototype for that’ moments and the pictures and stories behind scenes and buildings that you wanted to incorporate. /R
  8. Can anyone give information on 48DS delivered to Norway? Customer, build number, delivery date etc It would narrow my search in norwegian historical railway and picture sources and I will report back in this thread
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