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  1. Sadly no progress to report on layout construction due to the overwhelming focus on trying to be as prepared for a baby as possible! However on my spare time I have been slowly pecking away at the kit pile during lockdown so here are my current efforts. Firstup is a trio of early LMS vans made up from Cambrian kits. Next is a LMS D2039 Plywood sided van kit bashed from a Parkside Fruit Van and a Ratio Vent Van with a little bit of plasticard for good measure. Last but not least is a pair of D1666 opens also from Cambrian.
  2. Plenty of them seemed to get bought solely for their chassis!
  3. Out of interest how rigidly was this adhered too? When I have been researching coach formations for my prototype I have seen example of 3 coach sets with 1 brake marshalled centrally or 4 coach sets with brakes either end which are then sometimes strengthened with additional non brake vehicles. Would the strengeners be attached outside of the regular 4 coach set or would the set be remarshalled?
  4. Red Leather and Saddle Brown are also good for weathered Bauxite shades I also use a few different shades of grey for doing unfitted wagons. Carmine Red is also a good match for BR Crimson.
  5. The overscale sliding ventbcan easily be rectified but cutting them out and replacing with with plasticard or similar surely
  6. I recently bought 4 old aluminium coach bodies off eBay on a whim as a bit of a project for the future but I would appreciate some help identifying the diagrams of exactly what they are. I suspect the body shells themselves are BSL/Phoenix. First up is a pair of 57' bodies of what I assume to either corridor or open thirds. Next up is what I believe is a pair of D1905 Brake Third body shells however I'd appreciate an more knowledgeable eye being cast over them. Thanks in advance for any help
  7. My understanding is that Piped Vehicles were Bauxite.
  8. You could try making them the same way I do tarpaulins as shown in this thread. Best thing is you get to have a chocolate biscuit too
  9. My understanding is that BR sheets were 14 feet by 21 feet and that grey canvas have way to blue plastic in the early 70s with a period of crossover.
  10. It doesn't even a good job of being a composite.
  11. Yes the reverse side of the wrapper is tissue paper rather than foil so the paint sticks to that very nicely
  12. Taurpaulins! So here is the simple method I have found to make effective Tarpaulins that is easy to do. So first of all we start with our victim. In this case an exLMS Dia1892 unfitted open made from an Airfix body on a Bachmann chassis. Next we need our tarpaulin material which is the wrapper from a Tunnocks Caramel Wafer. This is cut to the appropriate size (research before hand as different companies made Tarpaulins different sizes!) Then using card I made a "load" for the wagon which is just card put into the desired shape.
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