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  1. Class A (silver tankers) require a barrier vehicle. This doesn't have to be a dedicated vehicle and if running in a good train this could just be other wagons carrying non-flammable goods. In a block train you would require a barrier. I can't say wether it would be 1 or 2 SLU but someone else may.
  2. The Thames Clyde was a long old trip and certainly would require a Crew change and probably Loco change at least once on the route even without reversals. Leeds and by extension Bradford are really logical places to do that since they are slap bang in the middle between London and Glasgow/Edinburgh. Also the Settle to Ais Gill section wasn't known as The Long Drag for nothing!
  3. The odds are that Manningham would have probably have been a more significant shed and therefore picked up a large chunk of the Jubilees and other "Express" locomotives assigned to Holbeck. Any Loco changes would probably have been done at Bradford. I can't see any reason why the LMS would have decided to use different motive power had the line through Bradford been completed.
  4. Need to compete with the ER running the Yorkshire Pullman! Another thought was in the 1950s (1956?) The regional boundary's changed and most of the Midland in Yorkshire became part of the Eastern regions. Deltics to Carlisle
  5. So from my research looking at modelling the Aire Valley Line. Where any of your Northbound trains would end up well into the 60s most trains seem to be composed of exLMS stock with MK1s predominantly featuring in the big named expresses. My own personal thoughts on the Midland taking a line through Bradford is that the trains going through would mostly have been the Anglo-Scottish trains. Had this mainline been completed I expect that these would have been more frequent. You might also perhaps get trains travelling from Sheffield/Leicester etc to Carlisle. Most goods would have still be sent via Leeds (or via the proposed avoiding line which involved a lot of tunneling around the edge of Bradford). I base this off of the general proposals and information I have seen which don't show much further investment in infrastructure in Bradford and generally seem to leave Forster Square largely as it was.
  6. http://www.davidheyscollection.com/page51.htm Union of South Africa pictured at Snaygill Signal box just south of Skipton on the Aire Valley Line
  7. Given that the photo below shows an SR Pillbox on the ex GNR lines in Bradford in the mid 1960s I would say that you are pretty safe having one on an S&D layout of the same period.
  8. I wouldn't assume that the Bachmann models are actually scale models of the TV series models. I'd say that they are at best look alikes.
  9. You missed the part where a SR Locomotive wearing a BR standard number pulls said GWR and LMS coaches masquerading as LNWR coaches in GWR liveries out of an LNER station!
  10. in effect yes, dont forget that their is 2 refuge sidings in the scenic area aswell so it can be worked into an operating session
  11. So question on the scenic side of things. To disguise the sharpness of the curve in the bottom right hand corner what would be the best way to align the road overbridge?
  12. Only the centre 2 roads are reversible. As far as I can tell this will work on the design unless you have spotted a problem?
  13. I am going to go down the route you suggested of having the station offscene at the other side of the scenic break. In regards to the fiddle yard I can swap the locos over to different ends so I can forsee this being an issue (someone of course may see something that I don't!)
  14. Ok Ladies and Gentlemen below is what I believe to be the maximum amount of fiddle yard I can create. Every track is capable of holding at least a 4' long train if not longer, the middle two tracks are bi-directional aswell. As ever your feedback is always appreciated
  15. It would be quite prototypical Kildwick and Crossbills Station had the platforms separated from the goods yard by a road overbridge. Thank you for the compliment. It certainly is starting to feel like the plan is reaching the stage where it can be taken no further. I will be playing around with the fiddle yard tonight to see what I can come up with.
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