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  1. They would have to stop using them first
  2. Your problem with inclines is the ability of trains to handle them. If you want to run a loco with 2-3 coaches you should largely be fine. If you want longer trains you may find some (particularly steam prototypes) will struggle. How long is the run between the two 8 by 4s?
  3. I'd go for a twin track dog bone layout. I'm guessing that you want this to be a "run anything" rather than something prototype? Just some food for thought, is there anything else you want in particular?
  4. So please forgive what may be a stupid question. If their was a maximum number of permitted wheel behind a brake why do you see smaller rakes of coaches that are not through portions marshalled with a brake at both ends?
  5. Yeah I was pretty confident that was the case but thanks! I dont quite have the stomach to tackle comet sides just yet but when I do I've got some donors already waiting to go
  6. I have never seen a Brake Third Open, of course I'm now frantically searching to find out if they did exist and where I can get one
  7. I've never seen an image of the open 3rd in Crimson and Cream. As far as I was aware they were only in LMS and BR Maroon.
  8. IIRC the now Dapol Staniers, The now Bachmann P1 LMS coaches and the now Hornby P2 LMS 12 wheeled kitchen car all share common ancestry through Airfix/Mainline
  9. I'd also suggest using Xtrackcad aswell as it's free and doesn't restrict the numbers of track pieces you can use
  10. No need to apologise. On the top plan you currently have 2 sidings in the raised area in the centre. I would take the siding parallel to the mainline and turn it into a loop so that you can take the locomotive to the other end of the train for when it returns to the mainline. Hope this makes a bit more sense, if not I will do a diagram when I get home to illustrate what I am trying to say
  11. The top plan has much more play value in my opinion. I'd be tempted to turn the Paralell siding in the area at the centre of the board and then it into a run round loop. That way you can avoid having to do and propelling manoeuvre when you send a train back down to the mainline.
  12. I'd say it was a combination of all of the suggestions made to be honest. I guess it depends whereabouts in Lancashire you set your layout?
  13. Maroon was adopted as a livery in 1956 and would have been applied to the majority of coaching stock by the 1960s when diesels began to appear wholesale
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