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  1. Don't forget the Scone Tippler..... I'll get me coat
  2. I ask because you will gain a significant amount of space by building the railway around the edge of the room rather than having a board in the middle. Building in sections will make it easy to transport.
  3. Does the layout have to be put away after use or can it be a permanent feature of the room?
  4. Mainline but it's a way off and I wouldn't want to Hijack Toms thread!
  5. Personally I find it all fascinating @BritishGypsum4 Especially because I got to cheat when I did the timetable for my project as it was on an existing mainline and replacing an already existing station so the timetable pretty much already existed. So it's great to see what your guys methodology is. I'm also debating a Suderian project in the future although I was thinking maybe Wellsworth but that's a long way off.
  6. It is mention in TIOS that he arrived in BR livery and was repainted on instruction of Sir Topham Hatt
  7. They probably got away with it because BR wasn't watching them that much at all.
  8. Branch line life does very much proceed at its own pace! I'd be interested to see the WTT if that's possible?
  9. That must have been a slow run from Tidmouth!
  10. Thank you for the feedback. I'm going to keep it as is for now as I feel it increases the "play value". Your opinion is certainly very appreciated though!
  11. Visible here at Kildwick and Crosshills which is approx 1.5 miles from the location of my creation.
  12. The turnouts on the lifting section is an area I will play around with a bit however I'm confident I can come up with a solution. Regarding the landscape I intend for the entire trackbed to on top of an embankment as it would be on this area on real life. It won't look like the edge of the Yorkshire Dales if it's flat!
  13. The crossover at the bottom is to allow the loop to be used as a refuge and for the yard to still be able to be shunted as is a feature of several stations on this line.
  14. So life is moving in the right direction to be able to get started on the project soon! I have an updated version of the plan as like a clown i managed to delete the previous one by accident However through a few little changes I have somehow managed to make the fiddle yard work the way I originally intended and bring back the edges of the station as well. Things like table edges aren't 100% confirmed yet but I certainly appreciate any thoughts on whats there so far.
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