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  1. Either that or its brought up from the likes of Liverpool.
  2. Un-fur-tentatly some claw-ful news from Euston where yesterday a cat delayed Manchester bound service for a couple of hours. Happily the feline was unharmed, purr-haps he was a train spotter? https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.bbc.com/news/amp/uk-england-london-56271478
  3. This is almost the formation of the 9:00 "The Waverley" it's missing two SKs however which should be marshalled with the other two.
  4. Generally speaking West Yorkshire bound trains from St Pancreas terminated at Bradford Forster Square rather than Leeds. This is because the space for storing the rolling stock was greater at Bradford and with the 2 cities not being far apart it was easy enough to shove the express behind a 4MT tank for the last 15 Miles or so to Bradford. Bizarrely at least one train from St Pancreas destined for Bradford Forster Square also had a portion which detached and went to Bradford Exchange station. The reason behind this was so that people who wanted to go to Bradford would b
  5. Go a bit further along to Cray and you probably have the shortest tunnel going towards Newbiggin and Thoralby and the you have West Burton and Aysgarth to choose from. However I suspect if you make it to Wensleydale it then become a prime candidate for Doubling.
  6. If you wanted another fictional option you could instead go to Grassington via Burnsall. This would involve a Junction at either Addingham or Bolton Abbey. Past the Abbey itself, follow the curve of the valley through Barden, Howgill, Appletreewick, Burnsall, Hebden and then Grassington. It's also coincidentally one of the most beautiful parts of Yorkshire and I suspect be very popular with tourists was such a line to exist.
  7. The reason they stopped at Grassington was because they didn't have to build a bridge over the River Wharfe so it's easy to imagine they pushed onto Kettlewell. You could always make up a reason, probably limestone quarrying, as to why the Midland decided to push on to Kettlewell.
  8. Conveniently today I had a good drove up around this area and by chance found myself driving from Haworth and towards Colne. I can certainly see the way the route would have run however as stated earlier it would pick up absolutely nothing of note along the way. However your suggestion of this proposal being a defensive measure to keep the Lancashire and Yorkshire and the Great Central away from Keighley and the Aire Valley does sound plausible. I think given this it's likely that the proposal was very unlikely to have been built even if given the go ahead (
  9. Acrylics are much easier to work with and my personal choice too, if you work in several thin coats you will get the best results I would highly recommend using Vallejo Acrylics as I have found these the best so far, they are thinner and spread better providing a smoother finish. Combined with Games Workshop washes you can produce some really nice weathering effects which just helps to add a bit more life. I've attach some images of various items I have produce using the paints I mentioned. Hope this helps and keep up the work
  10. It's actually the scanner that read the microchip planted in you by Bill Gates when you get vaccinated
  11. While I don't dispute that this was written it makes no sense to me as the Midland had a connection to Colne direct from Skipton nearly 20 years before the KWVR was built. In fact the line from Skipton to Colne was built by the Leeds and Bradford Extension Railway before the route was acquired by the Midland.
  12. While not on the actual branch this is an L&Y tank at Keighley on a Bradford Skipton working. Keighley was a sub-shed of Manningham and the L&Y tanks got roped into some unlikely duties (one got used as a banking loco until they realised it usually made things worse) so it's not beyond the realms of possibility that one got roped into working the branch. Particularly if the usual loco was in for repairs.
  13. 1) Wool 2) Lots of Coal 3) Predominantly Cattle/Livestock Farming in that area of Airedale. 4) Lots of Limestone Quarry further up towards the top of the Dale and onwards. 5) Heysham generated traffic towards Tees and Immingham (mainly Chemicals the only train I am aware of to Liverpool was a passenger train from Bradford which went through Colne and then onto the L&Y network to Liverpool. 6) Significant amounts of Heavy Engineering and Metals were moved by the Aire Valley Route. Depends on your era. Mannigha
  14. Sadly Geography intervenes here and such a route would have very significant challenges. The Aire Valley Line and Wharfedale lines are the way they are because that's the only real way to do it. It's more likely that any route to Skipton would join the Aire Valley Line and then onwards rather than trying to offer an alternative way.
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