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  1. The design of your goods yard is another important consideration aswell. Most goods yards had their siding laid in the same direction for ease of shunting and would typically only be shunted by the loco for the pick up goods travelling in the right direction to be able to shunt them. If there was a pickup goods operating in the opposite direction aswell this train would usually only stop to drop off wagons.
  2. How busy is the running line? If it's only seeing one or two trains an hour then you are probably fine leaving the train on the running line. If like me.you are modelling a busy mainline which has a train every 9 minutes then you need space to put the train while not in use.
  3. Out of interest will you be able to join the layouts together to give a longer run?
  4. Check out the BR coaching group. It has numerous resources including WTTs and marshalling instructions. https://brcoachingstock.groups.io/login?r=https%3A%2F%2Fbrcoachingstock.groups.io%2Fg%2Fmain%2Fmessages%3Fstart%3D6%3A2021%3A-60
  5. Definitely a model of a Midland 3F. Unless the Midland used tension locks…
  6. my understanding was you were allowed “20 Wheels” outside the brake. I believe the change to remove the restriction was done post steam.
  7. Let me double check the WTT as I was focussing on a particular section of the line far to south of Appleby so it’s quite possible I missed some Northbound Workings
  8. Class 37 and Class 20 (is that considered a large loco?) are the only ones that spring to mind
  9. I can’t remember the last time I saw a Midland Class 1532 on the national network either. Not everyone models modern image and given the long life and ubiquitousness of the Class 47 I’m pretty sure there will be a good return on investment for Bachmann.
  10. I’d consider that a lie in nowadays
  11. So the continuing saga of varnish disasters continues! Having go the sides of a D1730 BTK to where I wanted them I decided to send them for varnishing prior to glazing and then… to say I’m gutted is something of an understatement and now have me worrying if I’m going to have the same problems with the other coaches on my workbench. I can only imagine this is a primer issue but I now find myself back at square one again. Also does anyone have any advice for removing decalfix residue?
  12. Ratio now Parkside kits include transfers and I’ve always found the instructions simple enough to follow.
  13. I managed to get my hands on the 1955 Goods WTT for Carlisle to Leeds and it only shows one milk train a day going from Appleby to a Cricklewood. The train is heading southbound and is loaded. It’s not clear how the empties were returned to Appleby.
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