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  1. RR Picture Archives is a good one. I run centerbeams, gondolas and boxcars on my modern papermill shortline.
  2. Does anyone have any images of CNW Crandon?
  3. What is the best airbrush for a beginner?
  4. Does anyone have any info on CNW / CN Crandon, Wisconsin ? I have maps of both CNW and CN in Wisconsin but they seem to be different from each other in trackage.
  5. Where do you buy Graeme King resin parts? I want to know as it would be easier than buying a full kit.
  6. Ok, thank you, I plan on using for a fictional modified/rebuilt A1. Also, I have another question. Was the number 4469 ever used again after the destruction of the A4 that carried it?
  7. Was any engine ever numbered 60540 in the BR days? I have checked the BR loco database and no results come up.
  8. Maybe instead of posting videos on YouTube, post them here?
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