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  1. Thanks. I can also run my layout as a classic Inglenook sidings if I don't use the little headshunt. So I keep my track plan.
  2. Because I want my layout as simple as The V.R. (Very Retro) Yard, I changed my mind a little bit. No scenic part, no fiddle yard, just one switching / shunting layout. And that's all (Rule #1 applies) !
  3. Hello everyone, I found a very good idea in the The V.R. (Very Retro) Yard and I decided to build a little switching layout just for the fun. A little track plain explains better than words. All your advices and comments will be very appreciated.
  4. Hello NHY 581 ! Could you explain how you make your backdrops. ? They are perfect.
  5. Great work. Could you explain how you make your backdrop. ? It's perfect.
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