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  1. they're very good but be careful if you try to take the chassis out from the shell, there's a few bits that are fiddly to remove which you need to remove to take out the chassis. other than that I cant reccomend them enough
  2. Perhaps I didn't phrase it quite right. It's supposed to be a railway line that is 1-track, poor maintenance and small amounts of funding, so keeping the standards at a point that makes operations easy isn't happening. I also don't want it to have a particularly rough texture, so I might just paint it in a muddy colour, add some tufts of grass and call it ok. Thanks for the advice nonetheless, it's much appreciated.
  3. Hello there, I was wondering what the best way to model a muddy goods yard would be. I have a small model railway that has been continually evolving but I have finally settled on a design. I have my track layout and I was going to have some of the rails embedded in concrete. This didn't work as the modelling clay I used is nowhere near level. It now looks like the rails are submerged in orange and grey mud, right up to the railtops. I don't want all that effort and clay to go to waste so I was going to make it look like the rails are deep into some mud. I have asked some people about this before and they weren't sure. Should I just paint over it in a muddy colour?
  4. I'm not sure... ... but something looks suspicious about that "milk"
  5. Is the Bachmann van HO or 00? 00 is stretched so it isn't a perfect scale.
  6. If the easy way works, It's generally a better idea than faffing around with plastikard for hours on end - trust me it isn't worth it. I say, if the shapeways running plate works, take the opportunity for an easy solution and get it.
  7. What deliveries did steelworks take in? How were they unloaded? What types of trucks were they unloaded from? Thanks in advance
  8. I have indeed seen them, they are what inspired me to do that in the first place!
  9. I bought a few Dapol J94s, and this one was turned into a cross between a hunslet 48150 and a 50550. It's not finished, I'm out of milliput and I haven't decided on the colour scheme yet.
  10. The general plan is sorted, apologies for low quality - I'm not the greatest at graphic design unless I'm making it for someone else
  11. Are they cursed to have something not work in every video about the Rocket?
  12. Hello there! I have decided to scrap my original model railway project in favour of a new one. That is not to say that the B&DLR and the B&LLR will never resurface, just that the idea will be put aside for now. My new idea is to create a heavily modified and as-realistic-as-I-can-be-bothered version of the Sodor Coal mine as it appeared in the television series of Thomas the Tank Engine, along with some creative liberties. The track plan is mostly finished, however I am still having difficulties. There will be two different elevations of track and a bridge, with the upper level being 009. I will have a large building built from scratch to fill up the trucks and three sidings to arrange them with. Will add pictures soon LMK if this is the wrong place to put this topic
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