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Hi all, 


I thought I best start a thread for the layout now I’ve made a start.


Brigg Road Depot is an internal shed built by British Steel as an outstation to the main site works so locos didn’t have to leave the area for servicing and minor work. It’s located next to the exchange sidings with BR for BSC Ancholme Works.


The depot features a small brick built office and a portacabin for a workers welfare. The workshop itself is a modern (for the late 70s) prefabricated Steel building with one track long enough for 2 shunters comfortably or the odd visiting BR diesel. 

Locos come to the depot for servicing, fuelling and minor repairs, with lifting jacks for changing wheelsets and forklift trucks for moving pallets of spares and barrels around. 

The layout also includes the headshunt end of one of the exchange loops, allowing the first few wagons of a longer rake to be brought into view, for the BS loco to uncouple and allow the BR engine to take them away, or vice versa. 


Onto the actual Modelling.




This is the main office for the depot, a Railway Laser Lines Toton Fuel depot kit, even featuring British Steel Blue paint on the doors! Fully detailed interior from Scale Model Scenery desk and chairs and cabinets from a Faller office kit.


We then move onto the beginning of the workshop, here you can see the base built up around Peco code 75 flexi, with one of my sentinels repainted by Dave of the parish posing.




I also ordered a pair of cheap 3D printed forklifts for the layout which came sprayed all over yellow which didn’t show the details very well, so after an hour and various paints, I think they now look more the part.




Hopefully have more updates soon!

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12 minutes ago, Ruston said:

I'm sure I've seen that Rolls Royce before. :lol:

It does seem to be doing the rounds! Just ironic it’s made it’s way back to river don. 

8 minutes ago, Mark Saunders said:

I look forward to seeing how this layout progresses as it looks to have great potential!

I do too! This will be my first layout that I’ve built so I’m looking forward to trying everything I’ve learnt out. Hoping to find a knightwing sentinel kit so I can use it as a static model in the workshop, the other idea is an old Mainline 04.

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There are a number of options for out of use locomotives, mainly scrap boxes at exhibitions where many Kitmaster and Airfix locomotives live waiting for homes. 


The Oxford Rail Janus will no doubt start to join these as replacements for motors can’t be obtained!

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Hi all,


a little update on the layout.


The depot building now has 4 walls and roof supports! It really is a brilliant kit and goes together really easily, hopefully it looks the part when I’m finished with it.




I finally got the baseboards together and laid out where everything was going to go, and it turns out I had more space than I thought! This was the original idea. 2 tracks behind the depot coming to a headshunt where the 2 bolsters were. Very minimalistic and would probably get boring to operate quite soon.



So I’ve shuffled a few things around and I’ve managed to get what I think is a nice usable track plan.




Now we have 3 loops in the exchange sidings where the BSC locos and BR locos mill about swapping trains. The depot now occupies the space near the throat of the yard. The layouts namesake, Brigg Road, runs behind the 47 leading to an under bridge under the mainline at the back. There will be an ungated crossing here leading to a scrap yard served by the BSC locos, BR engines not being allowed passed the gate. 

The mainline running across the back is the Doncaster to Cleethorpes line, which will have a small station based on British Steel Redcar Station. This will be on an embankment behind the yard as represented by a collection of Lima boxes!


The new plan allows me to run all types of goods in and out of the steelworks as well as internal services to the scrapyard, and also through freights on the mainline alongside my collection of DMUs.

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The depot building has now come along massively. The floor has now been painted in Phoenix new concrete. The building is now fitted with its textured walls and the roof glazing and the roof panels painted ready to go on.



I’ve also been working on a model scene Leyland National single decker bus for the road at the back of the layout. Painted in a fictional livery of red and white. It’s far from finished and the roof isn’t attached as I’m waiting for the figures to sit inside.


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