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  1. They were my first thought, and while they do do crests, it looks like it’s only part of their own range of plates… unless I’ve misread the site, which is entirely possible! I should probably add these aren’t new JE etches - my LMS has a huge range of what’s best described as NOS - including white metal bits and heaven knows what else… suffice to say it’s a rarity nowadays - KS Models in Stevenage C
  2. Hi all, just about to embark on a Bulleid W/C detailing odyssey and had bought a set of Jackson Evans plates in preparation … they’re great as ever but no crest is included. As these are quite old was it the case that you could get the crests separately? And does anyone do them today? For the record the loco is 34021 Dartmoor ta in advance Chris
  3. All sorted now - thank you Mods, feel free to remove BW Chris
  4. Hi all Does anyone have a Mainline Jubilee chassis going spare please… motor, tender etc not needed just wheels, motion and front bogie plus frames. many thanks in advance Chris
  5. Odd question but … has anyone heard of the SimAir AB-200 airbrush? Picked one up from my local flea market for £5 and upon closer examination it looks rather well made. Top feed, dual action and made in Japan with that heavy feel airbrushes from there normally have. The downside is the needle is bent so am trying to work out a suitable replacement - a google trawl shows it’s virtually identical to the Rich AB-200 if that helps? Any pointers (no pun intended) would be very helpful! The impression I get is that it’s a named brand toned down a notch and made in order for SimAir… anyway, over to you guys Chris
  6. While bound in a nutshell…?
  7. Now I’m the first to admit that my GWR knowledge is not as sharp as it can be, but I’m pretty sure that this isn’t a King any guesses as to what it actually is though? https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/353529840019 C
  8. Surely the Eiffel Tower?
  9. Or a small fish?
  10. I’ve got a few hundred old enamels here - I’m after a ‘66 Gretsch Viking or maybe a Rickenbacker 370/12 or maybe that trip to Guadeloupe I’ve been thinking about… now I finally can! Presumably I’ll have to hire a fleet of tiny rare trained delivery voles to justify the postage
  11. Let’s just hope it’s one of the non dried ones eh? Wonder if I’d get a discount for two… ?
  12. Another new one to the mix here - for just shy of £30 - bargain in my eyes https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/174679071681 Chris
  13. Ahhhh I didn't realise they came as a bagged item - every picture I've looked at they've not been fitted (apart from the Brassmasters etch), so I assumed they'd been left off the moulding... I've attached the 247 whiet metal ones (after much thinning down), so hopefully they'll prove to be OK - if I see some fantastic sparks on curves then I know that all will not have gone to plan! Many thanks for the gen though! Chris
  14. Hi all, I'm working on a Lima 'Crab' body at the minute, and am trying to think of a solution for the front footsteps. As the loco is built, the steps are attached to the leading bogie on a bracket, meaning they essentially 'turn' with the wheels. It's a novel solution but not the most aesthetic... Looking at fitting white metal replacements (via 247 developments) in the correct position, I think that clearance on curves is going to be an issue, with the leading wheels likely to touch the back of the steps. I notice the Bachmann Crab omits the steps entirely - is this the reason? They couldn't find a solution to make it work? All ideas welcome - especially if you've successfully converted one. Apologies if this topic has been mentioned before and I've missed it... Best wishes, Chris
  15. Have we had 'declared a failure' in here yet? Always set my teeth on edge seeing things like "40111 was declared a failure at Glasgow" or the like... brings to mind a mental image of someone dressed in top hat and tails unfurling a parchment and in best James Mason voice proclaiming the terrible news. Chris
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