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  1. Gypsum has still come in occasionally to Workington for Kirby Thore but goes by road now.
  2. In the digital v paper discussion, one aspect of the digital side I like with Rmweb and shop sites is the instant news when a product is available and any bargain sales which occur, which with the paper adverts this has quite a lag time. Or if you are researching a subject you can guarantee someone will answer your query which you submit fairly quickly. However for articles the paper copy every time.
  3. I have more or less given up on railway modelling magazines, they try to much to be all things to all people, which goes over old ground time and time again. One thing that has definitely improved is the quality of the photographs. I nowadays prefer Backtrack and Railway bylines which tend to deal in depth with specific articles
  4. Correction, my mistake, they were in the 2004 catalogue but in any ones money, that's a long time ago. And they had lights. So very cost effective to the supplier rather than the end user.
  5. Absolutely ridiculous pricing, but if a punter wants its it fair enough. I bought a rake of Mk1 Pullmans, lovely at about average price of £19 when they came out. What I cannot accept is the price hike of old tooling to nearly £70. New models fair enough you factor in the development and tooling but not something that goes back to the last century and they try to justify the price hike.
  6. The idea is good if the correct recycling is carried out, but if some one disposes of the plastic point packaging other than in a bin, that gives a problem, it is not bio degradable whereas at least the cardboard packaging does degrade away, but the plastic can wash up and down in the tide for years.
  7. Has the Bachmann Collectors club magazine with 90128 been issued yet? Only seen the Warley notice it was going to be next model. Thanks.
  8. Excellent news, time we moved forward. No doubt a sudden flurry from Bachmann of new liveries forthcoming at lower price? Nothing to beat a bit of competition.
  9. Now working on the DMU sidings, steelwork erected for the first half of the refuelling/ servicing point. Slow work.
  10. Looking at these shots, if you were experimenting weathering your model with track dirt, you can never overdo it.
  11. Fran, Will the buffer stops be available at Warley? Thanks Tom.
  12. They are from Scale Model Scenery, some excellent bits and pieces there for finishing off the layout with some nice detailing. If you look on this photo I have posted you can see there fencing, barriers and backscenes. I was impressed how well thought out it has been with taking advantage if 3 d printing for small items.
  13. Now running locos had a couple of glitches, one of my own making, from previous experience of having to rely on the touching blades on peco points I fitted auto frogs to all points, I then was picking up intermittent faults, even changed one of the auto frogs. Turned out I was using an older Hornby 56 to test the system, the older 56 with the traction tyres on one side was defeating the autofrog. Put a new style 56 on no problem. That was solved. The other problem was the failure of an over centre spring on a peco point, it is one of the latest points, has anyone easily changed the spring on these, it seems rather fiddly to do?
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