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    Hornby Make a Profit

    People are criticizing the new comers for doing like for like but when you look at Accrascales new Merry go round wagons they are offering a much improved product ar a very competitive price, they are definitely raising the bar rather than producing deliveries of models goodness knows how many years old.
  2. Iggesund blue, these Van's were used to bring chemical pulp to Workington.
  3. If you look on the photo, the sign above the the Thames Board stencil this is the Iggesund nameplate.
  4. Thames Board was taken over in 1988 by the Swedish Company Iggersund Paperboard, the house colours changed from green to light blue.
  5. NINJA

    Hornby Clan

    Thanks ph for that explanation.
  6. NINJA

    Hornby Clan

    I thought that as a possibility but would that not make it out of gauge?
  7. NINJA

    Hornby Clan

    What is the small protrusion on the cab sides just on top of the numerals, never seen it on photos of 72000 but it is on later ones. Thanks.
  8. Ran my R3335 for the first time, very jerky running on anything other than full speed. Removed the body and found that one pair of driving wheels was catching on the underside of the splasher, gradually starting to wear away the metal. Thought I would post this in case anyone else's radial is a poor runner at slow speed.
  9. There was a goid two part article on Air Ministry tank wagons in Modellers Backtrack.
  10. Thanks, would be ideal for the fiddle yard.
  11. Thanks for that RFS. I guess ignorance has been bliss until I tried the 45XX. On question, can the GM500 be used to switch the polarity on it's own without the point motor?
  12. Strangely enough I have used auto frogs for a long time always on analogue, the previous layout was American, using the usual, Athearn, Kato, Bachmann mix etc. I built this new layout and until today operated it modern image with the usual Hornby, Heljan, Bachmann mix of diesels. Until today, I decided to get out some locos which had been stored for a long while, starting with the Bachmann, 45xx and ivatt 2-6-2T and this is where the problem came to light. Looks like I shall have readdress the thinking on points, i do not like just relying g a the blade contact for power, suppose i will have to look at mechanical switching of the polarity.
  13. Why would it differentiate whether analogue or DCC when it is just changing polarity?
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