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  1. After watching the show, my order for a Terrier will be placed with Rails to support them.
  2. *The roof vents are Rix American products, borrowed them from my HO layout.
  3. The roof vents are Rix American products, borrowed them from my HO layout.
  4. Clagsniffer, The shed is scratch built. Just to be different from the Bachmann ones.
  5. To keep me occupied through winter Thought I would make a diesel servicing point on a eight foot by 18" plank, so far have bought the wood for the base which will be in two four foot sections. Have up to date nearly finished the main focal point, the shed. Building should a plank would allow me to run quite a few diesels of different eras when I choose rather than be limited to a narrow time frame. Next job finish the office block.
  6. Fran. Thanks for the info! Keep up the good work! Tom.
  7. Are these only available by mail order from Accurascale, no other outlets?
  8. What benefit is there laying cork over the full width of the baseboard, I can see laying it directly under the track to give an increased shoulder height maybe. I had laid cork under the track and ballasted it but I found in the fiddle yard without cork and ballast the running was much quieter.
  9. I bought a rake of Dapol Turbots at what I considered reasonable prices, if Bachmann had offered these I could not have afforded them. On wagons Dapol appear to be more realistic in their prices and delivery dates.
  10. Toboldlygo, The Corvette is a very satisfying model to build, needs a bit of work though to rub down the hull plating which is rather pronounced, but very much improves the look of the model. Tom.
  11. Has anyone else had a delay in getting their advance tickets? Sent a cheque and sae to AMRSS on 23rd January. Still waiting for the tickets.
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