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  1. Doors on both sides now, and canopies added. ‘Road side’ is just a narrow cover over the door runner. Next stage is the guttering and down pipes.
  2. First set of doors fitted after a bit of weathering.
  3. The doors and runners supplied with the LCUT kit are very flimsy card, and unfortunately not very realistic. I have therefore made up some new doors out of lime wood strip. The runners are made from plastic strip, and the rollers/hangers are from brass nuts, bolts and strip. Hopefully get these fitted tomorrow.
  4. Limited progress today, but I have added a pendant led light to the goods shed roof beam.
  5. Hi Andrew, I have fitted all my locos and, as yet, limited stock with Dinghams. They are glued in place through the buffer beams. To get consistency of height I made up a little jig that fits in the track and supports the hook or loop whilst setting. (an idea borrowed from another RMweb member IIRC). Purely under test conditions they have been pretty reliable, although I don’t use Peco set track as mentioned above. Graham
  6. You are partly right as the wall stops it rotating to being fully 90 degrees to the track. The total travel would be about 135 degrees I suppose, although it is actually now permanently fixed in the position shown. I’m sure it’s not at all prototypical, but as I said earlier it just for effect really.
  7. As Siberian Snooper says it is an internal crane. I think these were more generally used where the track went inside the shed. Where it is located it can swing out over the track/wagons, but is principally there to add interest to the interior. I did consider an external crane but didn’t want to fill up my yard too much.
  8. A crane has been added to the goods shed interior. It is a Skytrex kit, although I have added the chain to it.
  9. A bit more progress with the goods shed. Barge boards added, the kit says just stick them straight onto the wall, however I have spaced them out slightly. I have also made up some internal beams from lime wood strips, and stained with a dilute light oak wood stain. The beams that go up to the apex at each end will be attached to the roof to locate it, and make it removable.
  10. Loading platforms added to each side of the shed. Due to my limited space, these have been reduced in width from the kit dimensions, particularly on the track side.
  11. The interlocking joints of the LCUT kit have been disguised by cutout strips of Redutex. They have been painted a dark brick colour, then a very dark bluey/grey washed over the top. I experimented with various stone or grey colours as an alternative, but the difference looked too stark for my taste.
  12. A start has been made on the goods shed. I am using the small LCUT kit as a basis. The walls are assembled and painted and the floor weathered. The next stage is to disguise the interlocking corners. It is only resting on the layout, not it’s final position.
  13. Ballasting of the track is complete. Woodlands Scenics dark brown was used, although the PVA mix darkened it a bit more! Further weathering and picking out oily patches etc. will follow later.
  14. PMP99

    Dapol 08

    Hi, I have recently fitted mine with a Zimo MX644D supplied by YouChoos. I have CV3 set as 20 and CV4 set as 8, just to give me better stopping control on my short layout. Other than turning the volume down I haven’t found any need to change anything else. Graham
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