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  1. Very good show - all quality layouts on display. Well done to the organisers.
  2. Hi, Travelling by car, but combining it with SWMBO doing clothes shopping and food shopping in Welshpool while we are there.
  3. Looking forward to this show tomorrow. Great to see a quality show within easy reach of the west Wales coast
  4. Smiths in Sheringham was being fitted out last week when I passed by. Opens shortly - I think the notice said the 19th.
  5. Even sadder last time I was there (about 2 weeks ago)! Closed and for sale as an earlier poster stated
  6. A much reduced range I think.
  7. Ah, it's the dry snow that's forecast then?
  8. When I saw the title of this thread I thought it must be to do with the 'Hornby Collector Club'
  9. The link below has some interesting notes about the last 'Cobbler' which was 1990 http://www.leightonlogs.org/86401may90.htm My recollection from when I used it in the 80's was that it was normally an 85 on it. Graham
  10. A rather splendid typo on page 23 introduces us to the 'Peco SL-40 plastic puffer stop kits'
  11. One of the first to sell out was actually R3520 Class 7MT 4-6-2 Britannia 70007 "Coeur-de-Lion" in BR green with late crest at quite a bit more than £100. I know because I bought one! I ordered mine on the 1st November and they were all gone within a few days. Graham
  12. In fact I may well be partaking of lunch at 'The Raven' today to keep SWMBO happy after seeing the exhibition. I suspect I will spend more time there than even she can manage in M&Co.
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