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  1. Just out of interest, what was the main reason for doing pan swaps on these locos? I always used to find the old locos (older Hornby, Heljan etc.) had massively over-sprung pans that would distort or even damage catenary if used in a contact setup. I have new Bachmann class 85, 90 and Heljan AL6 (planning on a new Horby 87 at some point) and had assumed the new pantographs on these models would be better suited to running in contact with OLE, but I have not actually had the opportunity to test this.. Can anyone confirm or deny this?
  2. You mean like Peco and Dapol did? haha I do take your point, but I'm not so sure if that's really how "most" people buy things. (?) From what I've seen, most people build their layouts gradually over a period of a few years (or more) and buy parts as/when needed, rather than up-front and in bulk. Certainly there will be SOME people who build that way, but I don't know if I'd describe them as the majority. You have to have substantial disposable income to do it that way which is not the case for everyone. Your more average modeller has to spread the costs out over time with smaller purchases to suit their budget. In any case, I think if it is made clear to buyers that the intention is to release further structures to make up a range over time, that makes it easier for people to plan ahead with their projects and less likely to hold off on that basis.
  3. I appreciate that what the modelling community needs is a decent RANGE of products but, unfortunately, I can't start by launching a dozen different products at once, the cost would be prohibitive. Thats not to say that isn't the ultimate goal however. But obviously it makes sense to START with the products that are likely to prove most popular and profitable and work upwards from there, rather than vice versa. Thank you for anyone who has so far taken the survey. I must get down to Chester to see that massive layout!
  4. Here is a link to the first survey, all feedback appreciated. It should take less than 2 minutes to complete. Cheers https://www.surveymonkey.co.uk/r/SLDCHD3
  5. Poll will follow shortly. NB, once I have the test prints done and assembled, if anyone would like to purchase those prototypes, please PM me. Being 3d printed they are not the cheapest, but I will sell them at cost price and it will help me to recoup some out of pocket expenses and continue to develop this project further. Also, (bit of a long shot perhaps) but if anyone has any old technical drawings of the MK1 OLE, or contacts at NR who might, please let me know as this could prove extremely useful! Cheers
  6. O/H catenary wire supports and registration arms for tension overlap - constant tension equipment.
  7. Registration fittings for fixed equipment, single and double wire (junctions).
  8. 3 and 4 track tension portals and registration arms.
  9. Hi folks, apologies to all following this topic for the extended pause. I haven't forgotten and things are still on the go! I have been working on various fitting and accessories. Registration fittings, anchor/tension portals and booster transformers etc. I will shortly be ordering test prints of these. In the mean time I am setting up a poll to assess which specific product lines I should focus on (it would be impossible to cover all of them at once) and what buyers priorities are. Below are a few pictures of CAD renders of my most recent projects, now ready for test printing. I will investigate having mouldings made for the most popular product lines if feasible with the hope of being able to produce self assembly kits at an affordable price. Cheers
  10. Hi, Would it be possible to change my username to just Northern Electric, Northern-Electric or Northern_Electric, or anything similar with correct spelling of Northern and no numbers? Cheers!
  11. Just out of interest, what do you think of the TDM cables on the Hornby 87? Those ARE seperate items but, to my eye, they look noticeably too thick and are therefore not a better solution. If it were possible to produce seperate TDM cables scaled down to the correct thickness, would they survive being handled? It's a bit of a tricky one because the real ones are so thin, seperately fitted TDMs would most likely have to be beefed up to survive being handled/boxed/unboxed repeatedly etc. and then people would end up complaining they look too chunky... Admittedly not so much of a problem with the older style MW cables because the prototypes WERE thick and chunky. I look forward to seeing Heljans rendition of these, which I assume WILL be seperately fitted detail (?)
  12. Here is a nice shot of the features 86416 in ex works condition. Notice the yellow blanking plates and the very small step in the orange cant rail at the end of the rain gutter. RES for me is the model I am most likely to buy because No.1 it looked good on the locos, No.2 they could turn up on just about any type of train on any electrified lines and 3. It was quite long lived, approximately 1991 to 2004 ish. I really want it to be right for this reason. Can't justify £165 on a new loco if it needs repainting out of the box however...
  13. You can see the colour of the roof in this photo.
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