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  1. I have a CMX track cleaner and very happy with it. I use Goo gone as the fluid, which has a faint lemon smell and works really well. This was after reading this article here, which tries to deal with the science of track cleaning https://s3-us-west-2.amazonaws.com/mrhpub.com/2019-05-may/online/index.html?page=9
  2. Finished up some more weathering of the Revolution trains IPA carriers and then a running session...
  3. I wish I had more time to play with trains...so here is the IPA consist. There is usually another Revolution IPA carrier near the front, more cars and a Bachmann STVA at the back but I had to run it shorter as this rake struggles on a part of my layout where there is a 3rd radius turn into a slight incline. The Class 92 has the power but the wheels lift and spin
  4. I think we have to accept that, like the prototype, these rakes are going to be heavy and will require appropriate traction (I find my Accurascale Class 92 faultless) I run the the metal bodied Revolution IPA carriers at the front of the rake and the much lighter Bachmann STVA at the back to prevent derailment around curves...unfortunately I am forced to use 3rd radius
  5. The rakes I see from Dollands Moor have mainly Ford transit vans, Ford mondeos. I used Oxford diecast - however my rake is REALLY heavy.
  6. I think DRS livery suits the Class 58 well...
  7. DRS purchased Class 58s...?
  8. Now that I have set up an airgun and a spraying booth, I have been weathering up some Revolution IPA car carriers to go behind the Class 92 and recreate a rake that I see every day on the GOBLIN line...
  9. that's a shame, at best it means this livery may be delayed while the error is corrected, worse case scenario is the first batch will have errors, very worse case scenario is the entire production is halted while this error is corrected and Dapol miss the production slot
  10. New photos released by Rails showing the Compass livery....Dapol and Rails have produced a great looking model https://railsofsheffield.com/blogs/news/exclusive-oo-gauge-class-88-deco-sample Provided it works....Will get my vote for OO locomotive model of the year Shame about my bank balance...
  11. In that case put that pepper where you want it to do a poo....?
  12. Pepper powder discourages cats. Also consider putting a little fresh soil in a corner of the garden - it will poo there (instead of on your tracks)
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