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  1. Terraforming is the hypothetical process of deliberately modifying something to make it more Earth-like, usually to make it habitable by Earth-like life. It is something that to date has never been done in the real world, but the concept abounds in science fiction and has done for many years. A model railway builder engages in a sort-of terraforming when he or she builds layout. Especially when when the goal is to make the layout as realistic and earth-like as possible. Over the last few weeks I have been engaging in “terraforming” the scenery on the HO scale Tropical Pizza micro L
  2. With the left over bamboo, palm trees, and agave plants purchased for my Brazilian Micro Layout, and a fairly large amount of XPS insulation foam left over from construction of my Brazilian Micro Layout, it seemed like a good idea to build another micro pizza layout. This second micro pizza layout has been in the early planning (ie, just thinking very vaguely about it and wondering what scale and gauge to use on it) for quite some time, with the Petra Pizza layout positioned on legs with a new 600mm x 600mm baseboard under those legs around June 2020. With the provisio
  3. Hi Alex. NE could mean North Eastern Railway (NER), which according to https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/North_Eastern_Railway_(United_Kingdom) was later grouped into the London North Eastern Railway (LNER). Whether NE marked wagons would have made it into BR times I don't know, and if they did I don't know how common it would have been to have a GW wagon or BR loco with an NE brake van. Regards, James
  4. A You Tube video I made featuring my Ruston Light Railway layout. Regards, James
  5. I have been on RM Web for a while now, but haven't added links to my layouts. So here they are (my jimsmodeltrains website link first, followed by the RM Web for the same layout): Petra Micro Pizza (HO scale, US): http://www.jimsmodeltrains.ws/petra-micro-pizza-layout/ Box Street Micro Switching / Shunting layout (HO scale, US): http://www.jimsmodeltrains.ws/box-street-micro/ Pier 39 Micro Switching / Shunting layout (HO scale US): http://www.jimsmodeltrains.ws/pier-39-micro-layout/
  6. Hi all. Just so you are aware, the page in the URL for jimsmodeltrains.ws is now at: http://www.jimsmodeltrains.ws/dolton-industry-park/dolton-layout-operation-environs/ I upgraded the website to use Wordpress some time ago and so the URLs had changed. Regards, James (jimsmodeltrains)
  7. Since the last post I have done a lot of work on the scenery. All the track is now ballasted. The palm trees mentioned in the previous post have been added to the layout, although there are a few trunks and leaves left over which I might make into another few trees. I have added some grass areas to the layout. The bamboo and agave plants I ordered from China in early August have arrived and some of them have been added to the layout, although there is quite a large amount of those left over.
  8. Three new cars for my HO scale Brazilian micro switchback layout. That brings the total number of cars for the layout to 6. But realistically I couldn't use much more than that, maybe just a couple of flat cars with containers would be about all that it might need. Regards, James
  9. Thanks Ian. The same company that produced the models I used for this layout (Frateschi) also does models of African and New Zealand railways, and believe other railways as well. At the time I chose to do a model of a Brazilian railway scene I was tossing up whether to model a New Zealand, or South African railway scene instead. But in the end I chose a Brazilian theme. Regards, James
  10. A video I made of recent scenery work done on the layout and an operating session I had today, using the chain shunting system. The video quality is not that great, I think it was partly because of the camera I was using for the video - a Panasonic Lumix DC Vario. I was also holding the camera (rather than using a tripod) while also operating the trains which makes the video a bit shaky in parts! But it gives the idea of what it is like to operate the layout including the chain shunting.
  11. Thanks TechnicArrow. Yes, I was going to use wooden cotton spools (and have actually use one of those elsewhere on the layout for the same purpose), but I would have had to order them over the internet and it seemed a bit silly to order just those, so I asked my wife what she had that I could use and she suggested these spools. I think they will work very well.
  12. Since my last post about my Brazilian micro layout I have had the opportunity to have some operating sessions on it, which has proved very enjoyable. But the lack of a locomotive escape was something I felt needed to be remedied. More on that later in this post. The HO scale Coconut Palms have arrived. The HO scale Bamboo and Agave plants haven't yet arrived, but they were ordered from China so it might be a while before they arrive. While I have been waiting for the order from China to arrive, I have been assembling the Palm trees, and doing more scenery work on the layout itself.
  13. Scenery done so far: Have been working on a low relief building for one end of the layout. Have painted the whole layout a dirt color. Have added a rocky area / landslip roughly in the middle of the layout. I did some research and found out that Brazil has coconut palm plantations, bamboo (both wild and cultivated) and Agave plants, all of which I found models of on eBay. So I purchased some of each. This should give this layout a very different scenic look to all my other layouts which don't have any of tho
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