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  1. Our latest Skrifa post is live- "Underlay, underlay what to use as a track base" and introduces the Proses laser cut cork base system. http://www.kernowmodelrailcentre.com/pg/185/KMRC-Skrifa---Underlay-Underlay
  2. Throughout 2020 we have been offering special offers in replacement for many of the cancelled exhibitions that we would under normal circumstances be attending. This weekend 28th/ 29th November we would, like many, have been attending the Warley National Model Railway Show at the NEC Birmingham. The Warley show this year will be a virtual event comprising of streamed layout and demonstration videos that can be access over the weekend here. To coincide with the Warley virtual event we have put together the last of our virtual exhibition show offers for the time being, so get
  3. Have you read our latest Skrifa post yet? Following the launch our latest Exclusive Scenecraft LSWR Type 3a Petersfield Signal box, the post explores the history and details of the LSWR signal box types. Have a cuppa and read here...
  4. I am afraid that I haven't personally seen one of these models in the flesh but looking at the CADs on file, the roof cover is attached the body from the inside, but the body itself is held on to the chassis by four clips located just above the in board side of each of the W Irons. Inserting something thin between the chassis and the body side at these four locations should release them. ou may need to release the hand rails of the steps from the top corners of the body at each end. I caveat that I haven't tried this myself and is an educated assumption from looking at the CADSs so
  5. I can confirm that, like our 'Bude' box, the roof can be lifted off to enable a modeller to insert internal detailing of their choice.
  6. We are pleased to announce the release of exclusive commission from Bachmann Scenecraft in 00 of the ex London South Western Railway (LSWR) Type 3a, Grade two listed, signal box at Petersfield. The Petersfield type 3a signal box was built c1885 and is located on the Portsmouth Direct Line between Havent and Guildford (where of course the 2nd Kernow Model Rail Centre store opened in 2019). Petersfield station was opened by the Portsmouth Railway in 1859, it was leased by the London & South Western Railway, who bought it outright in 1861. The station was extended and enlarged in
  7. We are excited to announce three new versions of the award winning D600 warship class locomotives. The model not only scooped two awards for model of the year in 2019 but also was awarded “Model of the Decade” in its respective category. Following the popularity of the first production batch that has seen all four green livery versions sell out, these new alternative green versions with differing variations of headcode discs or boxes and original or later style grilles, and a weathered version, are all available now. All versions are DCC ready fitted with 21 Pin DCC Decoder socket an
  8. Hi Stephen If you place your order via the website you will be charged immediately. If the model, such as the Steam Railmotor that of course you want / need, is not expected within 28 days, we then refund your card and charge again at time of despatch. If you are able to call us +44 1209 714099 to place an order we don't charge until ready to despatch, but you still need to provide your payment details. We will also deduct the VAT as you are overseas reducing the overall cost to you, all of which we hope helps with the decision, that you already know the outcome of really,
  9. Link corrected now, the joys of too many windows open at once and multi tasking!
  10. Our new KMRC Skrifa has gone live. Have a cuppa and a read here http://www.kernowmodelrailcentre.com/pg/182/KMRC-Skrifa---Blog-index for those of you East of the River Tamar it's our new blog of occasional updates, tales and information that we think might be of interest... We also have a brand new Latest News section on the website that can be read here http://www.kernowmodelrailcentre.com/pg/176/Latest-News
  11. We also advise that the valve gear protecting scrolls that were mentioned above have been altered in shape slightly since the screenshots were produced, however as they are fixed to the solebars there is an inevitable compromise with how close we can get them to the bogie and valve gear to allow clearance for the bogie to turn to run on 00 trackwork. As is usual, all orders that are on our system are still live, we would only contact directly at time of despatch should payment details require updating. Any project updates are provided via our website on both the new 'La
  12. We are delighted to have received what, after a number of recent further versions and updates, we believe are the final CADs for our GWR Steam Railmotor project. The tooling will allow for both the Diagram ‘O’ type and the Diagram ‘R’ type Steam Railmotors to be produced The most obvious differences between the diagram O and the diagram ‘R’ are the larger boiler room windows, double leaf passenger doors and ‘Fishbelly’ rather than ‘Equalising’ bogies. These CADs are undergoing final checking before tooling can commence. Diagram O Diagram R
  13. We are expecting delivery very soon, just waiting for final confirmation of date.
  14. We are pleased to advise that we have received the first Engineering Prototype (EP) from the tooling for the much-anticipated ex LSWR / SR Diagram 1541 10T Road Van. The CADs, based on a laser scan of the preserved example at the Isle of Wight steam railway, were approved for tooling earlier this year. We are carefully evaluating and so far we are very pleased with how the EP has turned out. We are currently discussing directly with the factory a very small number of slight modifications before the next stage of livery samples can be produced. The production of t
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