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  1. Thanks Don. I might well leave it as it is, since the window frames look a bit worse for wear anyway.
  2. And so away from the scary world of wood butchery, and back to the comfort zone - splashing paint about. The first coat of rust red onto the weighbridge office. Looks better already (although I've managed to get some on the window frame as well...) I've also made a start on painting the coal (insert your choice of word here) thingys. Flat black and a couple of shades of dry-brushed grey so far.
  3. I have a greenwood turntable, and can't say I'm really looking forward to building it having read all this Neal!
  4. Here are the fruits of considerable tearing of hair and gnashing of teeth. For a number of reasons, mostly related to rampant bodgery, getting the horizontal and vertical alignment correct was a bit of a challenge. But we got there in the end and stock now runs smoothly onto and off both tracks. It seemed like a lot of effort to get just two tracks, so I'm going to add a small radius LH point to the closer track, which will give me one more siding about three feet long. I couldn't have a third track joining directly to the main layout and still use the alignment dowels.
  5. Tried it twice, and decided it's not for me!
  6. I grow herbs in pots on my balcony and they really improve my (otherwise abysmal) cooking.
  7. I suppose I'm about a month late for that really aren't I?
  8. It will be Frankenstein's weighbridge office <cackles>
  9. Looking a bit anaemic with its first coat of deck tan. That will form the basis for the mortar courses, and also acts as a primer for everything else. The MDF drinks it up like a sailor on shore leave! I think I need to scribe the end of the brick courses on the corner nearest to the camera before I do anything else...
  10. Take a look at Little Muddle (obviously) and also Hemborne.
  11. A bit ordinary perhaps, but how about a small lawn and a couple of flower beds?
  12. I've been under the cosh with work lately, but have managed to get a little bit of modelling done. Mostly I've been making (painfully) slow progress with sorting out the fiddle yard. This has mostly been an exercise in wishful thinking - as in wishing I had taken more care with baseboard building and track laying. Note to self for Chuffnell Regis Mk II - buy modular baseboards and don't try to be clever with having track on different levels! Slightly more success with the weighbridge office though. I relocated the gutters and downpipes as they were bothering me. I think they look better now, and so hopefully I will be able to start painting later today.
  13. I built one of those for Chuffnell Regis, it's a nice little kit.
  14. Did you check there was power getting to the rails? (I know that might seem obvious, but it's the sort of mistake that I've made more than once!)
  15. Damn, that looks very good. Think I need to revisit mine!
  16. I'd also be interested Chris. At the moment I clean wheels with a cotton bud and isopropyl while the loco is on the rolling road. Your solution looks easier!
  17. I have some as well, and will also be invoking Rule 1! (If I ever get round to building the station, that is...)
  18. Never let the truth get in the way of a good story!
  19. Should have happened on Friday the 13th though, surely?
  20. The old "don't make a model of a model" trap, I guess. Anyway, I think I am going to place them and the office as per the photo above. It will make the goods yard look bigger.
  21. Thanks very much. I know what you mean about that website - a touch busy!
  22. Great pictures, I always enjoy seeing your layout. Could you tell me where you got the station lamps from please?
  23. Soooo, don't stop the presses yet, but I think I may have had a slight burst of inspiration. How about putting the coal bins (whatever they are called) and office at the front of the layout, where there is a large empty space? The coal bins would be partly dug into a grassy bank extending across from next to the cattle dock. The weighbridge office goes where I originally intended - although hopefully without such a lean... The crane will go where the small white glue pot is, so the goods yard is left reasonably empty with room for vehicles to manoeuvre. And I'd build up between the rails of some of the sidings with cinder ballast to form vehicle access to the coal bins (I've seen that done on the prototype even!) Anyone spot any obvious howlers with that plan?
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