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  1. I may have posted these before, but if you have a weathered WD but love the idea of a Hornby 71 in mint condition - just model the GC in the late 50s/early 60s era. These are screen grabs from a video of a grimy 2-8-0 hauling a brand new SR electric through Nottingham Victoria. The number appears to be E5021 which would date the footage to around July 1960.
  2. Whenever I look at current photos of Heckington, I am amazed by the amount of greenery surrounding the line. I lived in the village (fortunately with a back garden with faced towards the line) during the 1960s and things were much barer. This was how it looked, back in my day....
  3. It looks familiar, but I don't know why. Is it in the Forest Of Dean? Maybe Ruspidge?
  4. 60098 has just passed Loughborough station with an aggregates train in July 1995.
  5. Just over 29 years ago, 60004 is seen at Ashford on a stone train. 21st October 1991.
  6. I love Whernside as a backdrop to Ribblehead. It always strikes me as such a majestic mountain. This is my first instamatic photo of the location in 1971. Unfortunately the cloud covered the summit that day.
  7. Thanks for that explanation Bomag, I can't remember reading that kind of article; but as you say it was a long time ago. It does seem perfectly feasible to do it the way you describe. Personally, I am just happy to have a photo of one of the unclassified ones; even though it was an Ebay purchase. It only set me back £1.79. Some bargains appear by accident. I have decided to plump for Doncaster as the location, mainly because the Carr sidings area was so large and sprawling that it seems the most likely option.
  8. Possibly, but D3159 was not an 08. I'm not sure which class number it would have been listed under, had it not have been withdrawn early. Maybe class 10/1? Blackstone engined, but BTH traction motors. I saw lots of class 10s but never saw any of those Even more confusing for the shunter class designators (had the locos not been withdrawn early), would have been the Crossley engined ones with Crompton Parkinson motors; numbers D3117 to D3126. Never saw any of those either.
  9. This is 37421 running round the tour train on 21/5/94, and so I presume the location to be Redhill.
  10. This is the Medway Growler rail tour from May 21st 1994. The loco used throughout from Cardiff to Ramsgate via Redhill was 37421 seen here at Ramsgate.
  11. Yes, I remember being taken by a mate to a pub which sold 'real ale' in about 1974, so there were a few about. I think CAMRA was in its infancy back then. However, I didn't really fit in as most people in the pub had beards and wore corduroy jackets.
  12. I don't think Lincoln would have such a flat featureless horizon as that. I'm sure you would be able to see something of the city behind.
  13. Thanks for your thoughts. The loco which is next to D2407 has a barely readable number, but it looks like D2510 which was also cut up at Booths. However, it was a Rugby loco before withdrawal and confuses the issue even further.
  14. This negative is something of a mystery. I think it may be in the Sheffield area, purely because the two identifiable locos are D3159 and D2407 which were both cut up at CF Booths Rotherham. It may even be in their reception sidings, circa 1967.
  15. Thanks everyone for the Coventry info. If I had thought a little more, I could have ruled out Longbridge because it wouldn't have been electrified in that area in those days.
  16. This is 50037 'under the wires' on April 1st 1988. I am not sure precisely where this is, but given the large motor factory in the background I'm assuming it is in the Longbridge area?
  17. Under an increasing threatening sky, 50003 passes Clapham Junction with an Exeter to Waterloo service. In the distance 33016 and 33019 are creeping up on the Ascot lines with a cement train. 4th July 1988.
  18. Me too; except that there are still CBTC, ETCS, GSMR and GPRS to be explained.
  19. I love the catenary on this video. From that camera angle it really does look like the real thing.
  20. Another at Teignmouth. This time it's 50010 in 1986.
  21. 50003 pauses at Crewkerne sometime in the 1980s. The track work being undertaken may help to date the photo. Initially, the length of the train made me wonder if it was a enthusiasts special, but I can't see any further evidence.
  22. That is great info, thanks. It also explains why I have a photo of the working at Wareham behind 58025. I was beginning to wonder where it originated.
  23. Is it really almost 2 years since anyone added a photo to this thread? I can't allow this to go on any longer, and so although I don't know the precise working - here is 58011 in charge of a tank train passing Basingstoke in 1995.
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