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  1. A little more fun with the goods shed over this weekend. The crane has been modifed to fit and helps suppoer the roof, although nothing is fastened in at the moment which is why it looks a little wonky, the roof trusses require cutting back to the correct length and they have been modified to accept the different roof on the viewing side. The roof on the far side has been turned round so the light sits in a slightly better place and the viewing side roof has been cut back and a blank piece put in ready to be tiled over otherwise it does not have much in the way of strength. Still not sure about the office personally, but I am pleased with the way this is coming together.
  2. If you want people to naff off, might I suggest scatching vigourously and exclaiming "damn cat has given me fleas again", failing that the old fallback of scratching ones nuts and complaining of crabs also works. To kill an unwanted conversation try also exclaiming "I haven't had a poo for a week", if that doesn't work then try reaching for your phone and saying "you should have seen the size of it the last time this happened, it were so big I took a photo of it"
  3. We have been making steady progress with the layout despite appearances! The track was all basecoated with Railmatch Sleeper Grime and then the rails themselves painted with Vallejo Leather Brown. The usual colour is Humbrol red leather which is a pain in the butt to obtain locally, but we do have a supplier of Vallejo paints and a supplier of GW paints, a quick comparison shewed that the Vallejo colour is definitely close enough. Another deciding factor in this decision was the drying time, with Humbrol enamels usually being a couple of hours and Vallejo being considerably shorter as they are an acrylic - useful on a club night where you can get 2 coats on comfortably, cleaning brushes is also a lot easier as no chemicals are required. It took about 3 weeks but both sides of the rail have been painted, a useful tip is to go round the rail with a very strong light, such as that on a mobile phone, so you can see where the paint coverage might be a little bit thin. Once this was done the railhead was scraped off and cleaned with a sanding block and all the points etc tested before we start doing anything drastic like throwing ballast around. One final thing to note was the obtaining of a part build goods shed kit for the layout very cheaply on Ebay, unfortunately it is about an inch too wide for the layout so it will be cut down and the side facing the public will be left open with a nice bit of detailing placed in the shed itself giving a 4 th wall effect, an interesting view should also be obtainable by leaning down slightly and looking through the goods shed windows onto the running line beyond.
  4. The noises from the HRA indicated that some form of heritage cooperative may be the answer where preserved railways join to make it cost effective to import coal, bearing in mind that this DEFRA measure will likely lead to the collapse of the current domestic coal distribution network it will still be quite difficult. Six years is a long time though.
  5. Quite a lot of progress has recently been made on the layout with the cosmetic fish plates having been fitted to all boards, and track painting started in earnest. Masking off the important areas of the points the track has been sprayed with railmatch sleeper grime and will now be painted with a suitable rail colour (tba). Once that has been completed the fun of ballasting begins. In other news Mrs Boris has declared the signal box to be completed, including the cat at the top of the stairs trying to get in!
  6. Many fish Filming job With more fish
  7. Comrade Wurzell had a full head of hair this morning, now look what I've done to him
  8. You can admire my fine cleavage from up there
  9. Don't forget that the snow plough goes on the coal drops.....
  10. Lighting test number 1, definitely has promise.
  11. I haven't made it to the club for a few weeks because of work, but in the meantime Mrs Boris has been extremely busy with the signal box, the roof is now finished aside from a couple of finishing touches and work has started on the interior and lighting. Some of the furniture is in as is the clock and stove, to date she has finished about half the lever frame which so far includes a detonator placer correctly painted for a bidirectional single line and a cut down electric ground frame lever! I think I saw a tensioning wheel for the distant as well somewhere. There is still a figure to be sculpted and painted, the rest of the lever frame, a block shelf and a diagram that I know of. She seems quite keen to have a 'bus phone near the desk and some form of SPT on the block shelf. The back wall isn't quite as rough as it looks, its a really bad angle on the camera with the flash!
  12. Something big and important fell off it (one of the waggly bits in the middle I think) in February so the NYMR have repaired it. It's off to New Bridge Monday afternoon to be stuck on a roofrack to get it home.
  13. Mrs Boris has been busy replacing the moulded tiles on the signal box roof with something a little more three dimensional. Doesn't look too bad.
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