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  1. A little more steady progress to report, the body has been primed and sprayed in BR coach crimson, awaiting a decent roof colour and the black spray can to finally arrive (Clacton hobbies you know what I mean!). The underframe has been assembled and the clever bogie pivot system installed and working, it kind of works like a pony truck on a steam loco or a class 40 bogie so the wheelbase is shortened. I'm not going to go into a huge amount of detail on the underframe as its a basic solder and glue assembly, if a little short on detail, I have stopped at the basic detail for now as I want to
  2. In the area Drifflield and Nunthorpe spring to mind, Kirkham & Weaverthorpe have gates worked by a wheel, Kirkham 3:1 Weaverthorpe 2:1
  3. Looks good tho. I need to do a bit of research because it would appear when built these BZs had an extra lamp bracket in what would be the class 2 position on a steam engine (just under the chimney) although later photographs show the bracket as being removed and just a bit of a stump remaining.
  4. Finally managed to crack on a little bit with the build this afternoon, mainly body detailing - filling the guards door hinge holes, adding the locking bar handles to the relevant doors, some handrails, tail lamp brackets and the coach lighting jumpers. Really not that exciting, but these are details that can be added prior to painting (LNER luggage van bars are body coloured), just leaving off the brass T handles until the very end. I have also experimented with some slightly more prominent bump stops as the ones on the kit seem a little too small for me. The roof has had the torpedo vents
  5. I cheated and used a grinder on it so its mostly gone, I've reduced the thickness a little in places as well to give me a slot for the glazing to sit behind. I'm not using the glazing supplied as its ridiculously thick!
  6. Especially with an Annetts key in like those things, a good way to knock a bit off a tooth!
  7. Generations of signalmen carving their initials into the sandstone sills at Weaverthorpe SB between Malton and Seamer, unusual as most boxes in the area have cast iron sills rather than stone. If people are good more photos of the area will follow.
  8. I've managed to get to the point where I can fit the roof if I need to and fit glazing. I think that it might be a good idea (regardless of the instructions) to completely finish the body and I can think about priming it and applying the crimson and even go so far as glazing the body whilst working on the underframe seperately.
  9. I have finally made a little bit of progress with the kit again, a good 6 weeks off railway modelling with a painting commission coming in for a brigade of Austrians. The floor is quite straight forward, cut it to length and then solder the U-channel to the floor to give the solebars. Then you add the buffer beam brackets which also provide the jig to drill out the holes for the body brackets, then you can use the completed floor to line up the body mounts, solder on the retaining nuts and fasten the whole lot together with the screw provided. I found that coating the screws in a
  10. The Railway Train? Is that up there along with train station?
  11. Went to confession yesterday, my wife told the padre about the mess I made in the lavatory and I got 5 hail marys for sins of the flush

    1. Hroth


      You KNOW you should have put the lid down...


    2. Huw Griffiths

      Huw Griffiths

      Before or after?


      Never mind ... .

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