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  1. This seems to have been a continual problem, I have a couple of photos taken by a family member in about 1964 of a train in Scarbados with an EE3 and a relief/excursion set composed almost entirely of mixed dmu trailer vehicles! When I finally buy a slide scanner I'll upload them, there's some fun stuff in the collection.
  2. At 6:05 unless my eyesight is playing tricks on me there is a 101 dmu with a green trailing car, and a blue leading car which still has a green roof above the cantrail!
  3. And you obviously didn't pick-up on the point I made in my post, a movement made in this circumstances is made in a controlled manner, which wasn't the case in the thread we are in. Getting out and having a look isn't always practical in a railway environment where other movements are being made. This is where permissive platform working comes in, it is the signallers responsibility to make sure that there is sufficient space for the train being signalled into the occupied platform before the movement is made, then the driver needs to make sure he doesn't hit the stock in the platform and proceed at a safe speed in case of restricted visibility. Stop within the distance you can see, which you'll be familiar with from the Highway Code.
  4. And I would also assume in the absence of a banksman reverse at a speed that meant, should you collide with anything no major damage will occur?
  5. What annoys me as an NYMR member and volunteer is that the NYMR has 1-2 people who are paid full time to deal with exactly this stuff and making sure one of your inspectors has up to date paperwork before they accompany/sign off anyone else is quite fundamental. I can understand it with smaller railways who rely on volunteers to look after this kind of thing but when you have staff who are employed 36 hours a week to look after it there has got to be a performance issue there.
  6. Health and safety, the minimum age requirement for NYMR station staff is 150, they can't lift the sponge nevermind the bucket.
  7. To be honest mate for the time and heartache you are going to spend finding a shade that may or may not be right you are better off spending £20 on an airbrush and using that with either the railmatch or phoenix offerings
  8. It's the grade of the person on duty that the NYMR uses, rules passed and qualified to fire steam locos as opposed to secondmen who may well be rules passed but don't fire steam locos due to being in the diesel of promotion rather than steam. So you could get a fireman rostered on a diesel but not a secondman rostered on a steam loco. It's the same sort of thing with platform staff, you have a grade Station Foreman who is passed to assist with train despatch and Station Staff who shut doors, assist passengers and lick windows but aren't passed to assist with the departure process. I dunno why the NRM couldn't honour the certificates for Flying Dustman as one of the first places it ran after the NRM money pit overhaul was the NYMR. Smells like preservation politics to me.
  9. 3 winds to the sheep

    1. mike morley

      mike morley

      As nissed as a pewt.

    2. Boris


      Drunk enough to think my wife was Claudia Black, and too drunk to do anything about it.  

  10. That backing disc looks inconveniently close to the crossing!
  11. Rumour has it some engineering stuff will be going in/out via Seamer up to Saturday
  12. More fun and games on the Moors https://www.gazetteherald.co.uk/news/19669876.firefighters-called-train-fire-grosmont-near-whitby/?fbclid=IwAR2VFNO6T7M7SvX-lTAs9OkNWnOQ70j216aLwVNE-0DOJhqf_VTz1abjeY4
  13. There has been some route learning done via Seamer as well in case the trains have had to go out that way, some of the spent ballast has previously gone out that way and reversed at Seamer)
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