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  1. It is a site for the degenerates who want to see more of me than common decency (or common sense) normally allows.
  2. A number of the Facebook groups I am on lately are seeing people setting up crowdfunding pages and asking other people to donate towards the cost of building their layouts. What are members thoughts on this? I personally find it extremely cheeky asking for others to pay for you to indulge your hobby for your own enjoyment. Don't get me wrong I donated to the page to replace the layouts destroyed by those yobs at the exhibition a few years ago, I have no problem but that kind of thing but to me asking people to donate hard earned cash for your indulgence is wrong!
  3. Current news - Just finished a late shift and binged on red bull and biscuits, I feel great and I swear I can see the cat grow

  4. Mine seems to move really well, but I've opened the bearings right out so there's a bit of slop and put a bit of oil in there too, it seems to be ok so far.
  5. After a bit of a break I've got this kit to a point where I am happy with the basic result, it needs weathering to a good degree yet and I want to put some more detail on the underframe at some point, bits of extra rigging, and some more vacuum bits borrowed from my next project. I think I am also going to drop the wheels out and use my MMP drilling jig to add 4 lifting holes to each wheel, I'm not 100% sure if they had them or not, photos tend to disagree so its getting them whilst i am on with it. I also need to tame those wheelsets as they are BRIGHT silver and whilst running nicely are a
  6. I would agree it's definitely been used as something, especially seeing as its largely still in LNER sand/green which would indicate use post closure, I have a colleague at work who I can ask, he might know.
  7. That's not controlled by the ROC unfortunately. The derelict box was the original Seamer box before the existing Seamer East box was added and the old one became redundant about 1911ish, Seamer West was about half a mile further Up towards the Junction for the coast.
  8. Of course, I should have thought of using grey primer I have dozens of them in the cupboard. I'm using army painter matt black for my black areas, mainly on the grounds that I use it for most of my other projects as well. i hadn't reallu thought about painting the wheels, I was more inclined to chemically blacken them as my luck with painting wheels in the past has not been good.
  9. A little more steady progress to report, the body has been primed and sprayed in BR coach crimson, awaiting a decent roof colour and the black spray can to finally arrive (Clacton hobbies you know what I mean!). The underframe has been assembled and the clever bogie pivot system installed and working, it kind of works like a pony truck on a steam loco or a class 40 bogie so the wheelbase is shortened. I'm not going to go into a huge amount of detail on the underframe as its a basic solder and glue assembly, if a little short on detail, I have stopped at the basic detail for now as I want to
  10. In the area Drifflield and Nunthorpe spring to mind, Kirkham & Weaverthorpe have gates worked by a wheel, Kirkham 3:1 Weaverthorpe 2:1
  11. Looks good tho. I need to do a bit of research because it would appear when built these BZs had an extra lamp bracket in what would be the class 2 position on a steam engine (just under the chimney) although later photographs show the bracket as being removed and just a bit of a stump remaining.
  12. Finally managed to crack on a little bit with the build this afternoon, mainly body detailing - filling the guards door hinge holes, adding the locking bar handles to the relevant doors, some handrails, tail lamp brackets and the coach lighting jumpers. Really not that exciting, but these are details that can be added prior to painting (LNER luggage van bars are body coloured), just leaving off the brass T handles until the very end. I have also experimented with some slightly more prominent bump stops as the ones on the kit seem a little too small for me. The roof has had the torpedo vents
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