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  1. Western Thunder topic will be of interest to NSWGR O Gauge modellers see "New South Wales Railways rolling stock" under S7 page. Take Care. James.
  2. I have in the last week or so issue 13 of the Australian Journal of Railway Modelling and a very interesting read it is. Copies can be ordered from https://stephenjohnsonmodels.com.au/shop/ajrm/magazine/australian-journal-of-railway-modelling-issue-13/ Cheers. James.
  3. Not a direct answer to your question but, nevertheless there may well be some info in all this that sets you on the right road, so to speak. Sorry if you already know of it. https://jbritton.pennsyrr.com/index.php/pennsy-modeler-index James.
  4. Hiya all. As a Pennsy modeller I have also been trying to source US paints here in the UK but have, so far been unable to find any. Yes, Model Junction stock some but as we know they will not be around much longer, sadly!! After ordering a Rapido RS11 from Rails of Sheffield have asked them if they are able to order Rapido's Proto-Paint. I have had a response from them which stated they have asked the question of Rapido and are waiting for a reply. Perhaps a few more enquires from others may well convince Rails to work a bit harder to bring the Paint into stock. Other than being a customer of Rail's I have connection with them. Happy Model Railroading and Stay Safe.
  5. Kevo. You may find this of help. I have recently found on the web, ordered two and fitted one into a Proto 1000 F3, an excellent Motherboard from https://nixtrainz.com/ I plan to then fit an ESU 5 sound decoder then add some extra detail to the body. I found this an easy install allowing the owner to choose from any number of decoders. Two or three chips should only cost about $15.00 from the US and Nick will/can send Paypal invoices. I have a Proto 2000 GP7 with sound by QSI which seems to be very poorly and I am thinking that will be my next project using these boards and an ESU 5 chip. I have no connections with this business other than as a satisfied customer. Happy Model Railroading. James.
  6. What an interesting question! Still believe there are more North American modellers out there than we think or know about. Shipping cost along with 'handling charges' are an issue regarding importing stuff. Club membership of all sorts and across the board is mostly dropping off as age overcomes more of us. And yes add to that computers and (anti) social media, things are looking very bleak indeed. But, boy am I enjoying my modelling nowadays, more than ever thanks to all the super models, from track to locos now being released! James.
  7. PMP. Do I note you have also removed the fitted coupler housing on the underside of the 7 plank? Very helpful topic. Thanks for sharing/asking Trainman2001 James.
  8. Chard. Thanks very much just what I was after. It would seem the sites I had saved are no longer 'up & running' for some reason. Now need to track down some early photos of them. Cheers. James.
  9. Hello. I hope, after a long search in a number of ‘old’ sites that someone out there can point me in the direction of a list of 08 depot allocations, since new. I have a need as I wish to renumber a couple. Thanks in anticipate. James.
  10. Mark. Many thanks for your information. I think I will stick with my plan of using Mulgrave as a sort of scheme for my NSWGR layout. But guys, please don't stop adding stuff to this post as no info is wasted. I would like to think other UK based modellers of Australian railways are reading this. Thanks again and keep up the good work. James.
  11. Ai. In an earlier post you said your interests are the Victoria Railways. I have a question regarding it's interchange with the NSWGR and if so was this standard gauge? Would have been freight and passenger service this happened on? Many thanks for any help/info offered as I find it all very interesting. It would be fun to have an Australian Railway's Day meet somewhere in the UK? Cheers.
  12. Just been wondering how many modellers of any Australian railway system there are here in the UK? I know not all of them will be members of RMweb but it would be interesting see just how much interest there is on the top half of the planet!! As I may have already said I find the New South Wales Government Railway so utterly mesmerizing, I guess its what comes from living so far from it!! It would be interesting to see your locations as well. I live just West of Bristol and I know of another modeller into the NSWGR, he lives in Clevedon. Thanks for any responses. James.
  13. Another vote from me. Whilst installing a sound chip in a pannier I damaged both balance pipes. After discussing with Chris on how and why, he was kind enough to mail me, at no charge, a pair of replacements. Very good service which is very much appreciated, more power to your elbow guys. I have no connection with this excellent company other than a satisfied customer. James.
  14. Hello. Having retired from work I now find myself with a “New Line manager”. A number of months ago I decided to try a bit of Italian modelling in HO. 2 baseboards were constructed and a bit of stock purchased. Only now my line manager has taken it upon herself to start tidying our garage which she hasn’t visited in a number of years!!! The upshot of all this is and joking aside I need to sale a few bits that I have imported from Italy. So if you guys know of anyone who may be interested in an LE Models 0-6-0 steam loco ep111 851 004 and/or a ViTrains 2 car dmu ALN 668 1449 1456, powered car and trailer ask them to contact me. Many thanks and I hope posting this is OK? James
  15. As you know F-UnitMad I have a set of Microscale O scale 48-666 in black if anyone else out there is interested!! James.
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