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  1. It does make me wonder how much work there actually is for the the 89 though? Preserving and conserving the loco i can quite understand. But pouring lots of money into getting it mainline fit I'm not so sure about. The real issue with electric locos is that you're never going to be able to run them on a preserved line.
  2. admiles

    Dapol 08

    Yes indeed. I'm more than a bit annoyed about this rather moronic error. Anyone got any good ideas how to safely remove said bird from the model?
  3. I'd imagine the US builders of commercial vehicle bodies are not going to be happy....
  4. As far as I'm aware (and I'm happy to be proved wrong) the MM1 kit hasn't been available for many years.
  5. Errr absolutely nothing wrong with what Simon has said there. He's simply mulling over layout ideas. Nothing more.
  6. Well presumably the "shiny new trains" will be there even if Abellio hand in the keys and bail out. So from a East Anglian passengers point of view its a win, win. The problem seems to be DFT. If bidders don't promise the earth and high premium payments they don't stand a chance of winning however unrealistic and detached from passenger numbers those projections maybe.
  7. You may have worked in the field of road safely but you do like to tar us (parents) all with the same brush. Quite wrongly too IMHO.
  8. The waft of warm creosote from my back garden (raised beds built with genuine railway sleepers complete with indents and bolts holes from the chairs, ballast marks and steel bands to repair the split ends!) brings back memories...
  9. Perhaps Messers BoJo & Co realise that the country could be even shorter of cash than it is now after a certain upcoming political event?
  10. Because a 153 has the interior ambiance of the Ritz I suppose? Personally the Stadler units look rather good to me. Well done GA! Times change, things move on whether you like it or not. Sure we'd all prefer EE power bolted to Mk2s but that was never going to last was it? Or does your dislike spring solely from the fact they weren't built in the UK? I rather suspect it is...
  11. As far as I can see it says "Autumn 2019" on Tower Models website. Flip a coin I guess!
  12. Nope! I believe several NRW - GYM services were buses today.
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