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  1. The Mk3s were, apparently, offered to the MNR so cheaply it would have been daft to not have them. Overall very little expense was involved.
  2. I phoned GA to check the online price. There weren't any cheaper available. To my mind for just over an hour on the train that's nuts!
  3. More than likely. But I'm not just comparing rail to air. For example I had a meeting in London a few weeks ago. I had three days notice. Checked rail fare (from Ipswich where I live) - £148 return standard class. In the car £22 of fuel. Even if you add in wear and tear etc the car wins on cost every time. No way my company would sanction rail travel. Times in my industry are incredibly tough, we're getting hammered by Brexit and the effects of Coronavirus. Against that background rail travel is frankly a luxury. I'm sure many other companies choose the cheapest travel option too. Be that air or road.
  4. There's also the fact that flying can be considerably cheaper than rail. Many companies insist on the cheapest method of travel. I know mine does. I may have an interest in rail but in a lot of cases it's just too expensive to consider.
  5. I'm well aware of that. As Pete75C above says it hasn't stopped FL (and before that BR) using it.
  6. I'd imagine the soon to be vacant fueling facilities in Ipswich could be re-jigged for use by GA.
  7. The 755s have also being doing lots of miles under the wires on diesel which should being done with the pans up on electric. That can't be helping planning the fuel load.
  8. Does anyone happen to know what paint would be a good match for the warning panel yellow on a BR blue Heljan 33? Both shades of Railmatch are far too light. The Heljan colour is a deeper, more orange affair. Thanks
  9. I find them fine. Much more comfortable than a 153/156/170 etc which really were uncomfortable. Guess we're all different shapes. Can't make a seat to fit everyone.
  10. Nah. In practice an unloaded air-sprung trailer rides a bit higher. I could tell you a sorry tale involving and air-sprung trailer, a 40' High-Cube container and a gated entrance to an old mill with a lovely brick arch over it......
  11. Thanks Brian! I shall have a hunt on ebay for suitable screws.
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