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  1. All interesting info thank you. I had noticed the numbers under the cab window. I'd be modelling it in it's last year of life. The sliding cab windows could be an issue if Heljan don't do this type. Are thy the same as the 26s?
  2. Thank you! It was the last vac only 27 to be withdrawn I believe.
  3. Could any of the wise heads on the site tell me if 27014 was boiler fitted? I want to pre-order a Heljan 7mm 27 to model this specific loco and I’m not sure on which variant to get. I’d be modelling it right at the end of its life if that makes a difference. Any info gratefully received!
  4. As good an excuse as any to tell the wife/partner/significant other!
  5. I suspect HMG aren't too worried about reviving UK toy production (though that would no doubt be a welcome bonus) more that they interested in the revenue generated from the tax. The school of thought is that so many Chinese toys are imported at such cheap prices the importers can afford the extra duties and still make a reasonable profit. Whether they can or are prepared to take the financial hit or will just up prices to the consumer is open to debate.
  6. This thread is all rather interesting to me as I'm a Customs consultant and forwarding agent so this is basically a large part of what I do for a living. The real fun will (might!) come if HMG decide, as is rumored, to impose an anti-dumping duty on Chinese made "toys". Anyone fancy paying 48-90% extra in duties? And VAT on the value of the goods and the anti-dumping duty of course. Be interesting to see where that one goes. The price of our hobby could rise considerably. Of course that might tip the economics in favor of manufacturing in the UK again.
  7. I guess on the plus side you didn't fry anything vital!
  8. Without getting too political.....it's what "they" voted for so not one shred of sympathy from me I'm afraid.
  9. Thanks for the answers and info everyone. Most interesting! I'll go with both lit and yes they'll be dimmed down to a suitable level.
  10. Agreed. They're been very poor for years. Never again is all I'm saying...
  11. Trying to find out if class 37/0s in the late 80's / early 90's had one or two tail lights operational. Obviously there are two fittings but were both illuminated at the same time? Any one know for sure? I know class 50's for example although fitted with two only ever had one lit and it could be switched between drivers and secondmans side. Were the 37/0s the same?
  12. It's really disappointing that none of the errors pointed out have been corrected. I'd hoped the new people at Heljan UK would have put a stop (or at least reduced) these daft errors creeping in to what are in most respects decent models.
  13. The Mk3s were, apparently, offered to the MNR so cheaply it would have been daft to not have them. Overall very little expense was involved.
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