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  1. 50003 in LLB with black roof and orange cant rail stripe please! (and I don't even model OO)
  2. Cab does come off but the amount of glue used to secure one to t'other varies considerably from model to model. Cab slides upward from the body from memory.
  3. Nope so what's the answer? Drivers have to be happy and the employing company has to be viable. Sometimes the two just don't meet in the middle.
  4. Tricky one that and a problem I've had direct experience of from the other side of the fence. What happens is you end up paying to train other companies drivers and it really isn't cheap. You'll pay to put a driver through his tests and then he leaves a month later to work for someone else paying 5p per hour more or because the other company uses Scanias instead of DAFs, etc etc. or just finds out driving isn't for them. You end up with a classic catch 22 situation where companies only want trained and experienced drivers. Insurance for newly qualified drivers is also horrific too which only adds to the problem.
  5. Not all class 1 & 2 drivers are badly paid. In a lot of cases "the company" can't afford to pay more otherwise they don't get the job and if they don't get enough jobs the company ceases to be and employs no one. Things aren't always as black and white as they may appear!
  6. You'd do well to split that rake of wagons without unloading it first!
  7. The post offices near to us are only ever open when I'm at work so that rather hurls a spanner into the works when trying to use one. I haven't been into one in years! So not something I'd miss though I'm sure they work for some people.
  8. No! Manea is nowhere near the GEML....
  9. I rather suspect anything written or quoted by that rather unpleasant and bigoted organization (Get Britian Out) can be safely dismissed as complete "testicles".
  10. Strangely enough I spend most to the weekend doing the same for EU cargo into the UK with exactly the same problems! The lack of COO declaration on suppliers invoices is costing UK imports a huge amount of money....
  11. I've never known the industry to be in such chaos and everyone you speak to be to so stressed, angry and downright depressed. Just like being back in 1992 again before the borders came down. Retirement (20ish years to go) or escape from this awful country can't come soon enough.
  12. Matter of wording I suspect as he should be paying 20% VAT to the UK government for orders under £135 in value.
  13. Well technically he's charging UK VAT as he's collecting it on behalf of HMG and paying it to them!
  14. The clarifiy the UK currently charges no import duty on "scale model trains" so only VAT (and a handling fee to pay)
  15. Goods are free of import duty (providing certain rules of origin are met) but not free of VAT, or the need to complete a Customs declaration, which is what tales the time and produces the hold ups at the borders European - UK trade are now seeing.
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