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  1. You'd do well to split that rake of wagons without unloading it first!
  2. The post offices near to us are only ever open when I'm at work so that rather hurls a spanner into the works when trying to use one. I haven't been into one in years! So not something I'd miss though I'm sure they work for some people.
  3. No! Manea is nowhere near the GEML....
  4. I rather suspect anything written or quoted by that rather unpleasant and bigoted organization (Get Britian Out) can be safely dismissed as complete "testicles".
  5. Strangely enough I spend most to the weekend doing the same for EU cargo into the UK with exactly the same problems! The lack of COO declaration on suppliers invoices is costing UK imports a huge amount of money....
  6. I've never known the industry to be in such chaos and everyone you speak to be to so stressed, angry and downright depressed. Just like being back in 1992 again before the borders came down. Retirement (20ish years to go) or escape from this awful country can't come soon enough.
  7. Matter of wording I suspect as he should be paying 20% VAT to the UK government for orders under £135 in value.
  8. Well technically he's charging UK VAT as he's collecting it on behalf of HMG and paying it to them!
  9. The clarifiy the UK currently charges no import duty on "scale model trains" so only VAT (and a handling fee to pay)
  10. Goods are free of import duty (providing certain rules of origin are met) but not free of VAT, or the need to complete a Customs declaration, which is what tales the time and produces the hold ups at the borders European - UK trade are now seeing.
  11. This Belgian supplier has it spot-on. For sales below £135.00 he must be registered for VAT with the UK Government and collect VAT on their behalf (many EU suppliers are refusing to do this). This means UK VAT is included in his invoice to the customer and no further VAT (in theory!) will be collect at point of import. For sales over £135.00 the UK Government doesn't require the supplier to collect the UK VAT so he can deduct the Belgian VAT and send the goods. The UK VAT will then be collected at point of import in the UK. I suspect he's dropping UK shows because
  12. Bernard, I've potentially being split up from my family too. I have a German mother who has had her settled status application rejected (no reason given). This despite living in the UK since 1967, being given indefinite leave to stay (which is now not recognized by HMG), having worked her entire career in the UK as a teacher, so in effect for the local authority, and having been married to a UK national. She now faces being separated from her children and grandchildren at the age of 76 and is terrified. She is now trying to appeal the decision at great cost both financially and em
  13. No the "deal", such as it is, only covers import duty not VAT. VAT will be collect at point of entry in the UK. In theory overseas suppliers (EU or otherwise) can deduct the VAT from their own country. Not all will or know how to however. The need to collect VAT at import or postpone it (long, boring story) is currently hammering the freight industry hugely and causing massive delays to cargo from the EU.
  14. No problems here using my ipad (obviously using Safari as a browser). Software version 14.3
  15. Would have to check when home from work this evening. It'll be whatever the latest is I suspect as I tend to do all the updates it asks for.
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