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  1. Apparently, the Spanish Navy have extended the service life of their American designed and built AV8B Harrier ll’s beyond 2025, because of lack of funds to replace them. They disposed of their earlier, British built Harrier mk1’s, about a quarter of a century ago The Italian Navy AV8B’s are in the process of being retired (if they haven’t already gone?). They have been replaced by the F-35B The Indian Navy operated the British built Sea Harrier. They lost 2 thirds of them in accidents. The remains of their surviving fleet of these aircraft, were retired 8 years ago. .
  2. Absolutely. It's very healthy and good for sporting ethos to see others challenging, even if the EPL is currently being dominated by a football and wealthy juggernaut in the shape of Man City. I'm not a Villa or Spurs fan, but I'm a little sad that they couldn't get closer to this season's top 3, even if they've had pretty decent seasons, particularly in Villa's case. I'm confident that Chelsea will start to get their act together under the new regime and be in the frame next season. That's the power and marketability of the EPL. It's no hype to say that it's the top and toughest league in the world. As you say, success breeds success when it comes to fans and following successful clubs. Look at Man City, a team that most of the world had never heard of. An also-ran team bobbing up and down between the league tables, suddenly transformed by huge investment and subsequent on--field success. From almost zero global presence to challenging Liverpool and Chelsea in the international support rankings, in the space of just over 10 years. .
  3. 115 charges. They say this is a more complicated and more serious set of charges and will take longer to process. The Premier League and FA are also up against a battery of very highly paid lawyers and a total lack of cooperation. Everton and Forest admitted their transgressions, which are far more straightforward than the charges against City. They also cooperated with the football authorities. Those were FSP breaches. City are being charged with a wider range of offences, including the more serious ones of false accounting, fraud, illegal payments and consistently and repeatedly failing to cooperate with the football authorities. There's a remote possibility the fraud and false accounting charges could ultimately lead to investigation by HMRC and being charged under criminal law. As a lot of the financial shenanigans were carried out completely "off-shore" and outside the jurisdiction of UK authorities (football or otherwise), it will be very difficult to find out the whole truth of what went on. I doubt it would ever reach criminal charges. .
  4. Ample evidence, from the consistently highest attendances over decades, to the world's largest official membership scheme, the global sales reach, the global TV audiences, the highest domestic viewing figures and the highest social media following across multiple platforms. Why is it stories and news about the club tends to dominate the sports pages, as well as the TV and Radio football media? The demand for match coverage, meaning their fixtures attract a very high number of televised games, speaks for itself. Social media interest alone, accounts for.... Over 80 million followers on Facebook alone. An estimated 183 million across Twitter/X.com, Facebook and Instagram. Outside of the top 6 EPL teams, the other 14 clubs only have interest from about 28 million in total. Ranking agencies, who have an interest in selling commercial analytical data, consistently estimate a global fan base of upwards of 660 million. The club gives a much higher figure (up to double that), based on media viewing figures, club merchandise sales, registered email accounts, use of the club's own social media platforms and regular user web site traffic. The other top 6 EPL clubs have also been doing very well, but they still fall well short of Man Utd's following on an individual club basis. Like Real Madrid etc, this is a different level and why these clubs are being valued as worth $$$billions. .
  5. With a fan base bigger than most of the rest of the PL added together, I wonder who "most" are ?
  6. Not much coverage of the Women’s FA Cup final, which took place at Wembley on Sunday afternoon, in front of 72,000 fans. Man Utd women, thrashed Spurs 4-0 Meanwhile, the Man Utd Under-18’s completed a domestic treble in Premier League youth football, beating Chelsea at Stamford Bridge last night, to win the Premier League Under-18 national final, after already being crowned champions of the PL18 League north (Chelsea winning the south division) and winning the Premier League Cup final, last week. A contrast to the senior team’s woeful season. .
  7. Last night, Spurs blew their last faint hope of Champions League football next season and a chance of handing their bitter North London rivals the chance to snatch the Premier League title on the final day. Their 0-2 home defeat to Man City has effectively given City the League victory, barring an unlikely upset on the final day. Son’s failure to score, when one-on-one with the keeper near the end, with the score at 0-1, was a tragic blow for Arsenal. Spurs fans conflicted, but resigned to preferring Arsenal being dealt a fatal blow and ending the season with nothing, rather than their own team cementing a Europa League place, or a last gasp hope of Champions League football. Top 4 (Champions League) and bottom 4 (relegation) decided. .
  8. More than upgraded Jim. It's a brand new formation, built roughly along the old alignment. There's also a 2nd curve , between that one and HS2, that will carry the southern access link from the HS2 infrastructure depot, across E-W Rail, to join HS2 to the south. https://assets.publishing.service.gov.uk/media/5a7eb9c9ed915d74e33f2084/C222-ATK-CV-DPL-020-000016_0.pdf (Zoom right in for more detail) .
  9. The unloading point has long gone. So has all the track north of Quainton, with the whole of the old formation excavated and cleared away. A new Calvert unloading terminal (waste transfer siding) is planned, but in a different location, on the east side of the new HS2 and Aylesbury link alignments,. A new road bridge will provide a connection with the Calvert waste site. .
  10. Hi Tim You'd be better off requesting in the "DCC Fitting Guides" section. In fact, you question might have been already answered there. Ron
  11. 30% off the Aegis today at RoS. £349.95 https://railsofsheffield.com/products/esp-ψ-aegis-5-amp-wireless-system-for-powercab?utm_source=Klaviyo&utm_medium=campaign&utm_campaign=DCC Concepts Aegis Bargain&utm_id=01HXHEZSDC7J88RJY9WF16GKFJ&_kx=RmoK_J0LXwQuyo5UDsKNyzeYX4sJ1G8KTA3ffy30XyU.RXkVMS .
  12. It does seem crazy, that having raised the bar and made so many improvements and enhancements to an already good Model 3, they do something so off-the-wall as removing the steering wheel mounted stalks. Hopefully they’ll have a change of heart and don’t drop the stalks on the forthcoming Model Y facelift (Juniper). .
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