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  1. Latest addition to the fleet, what can I say Millers Dale has to have a Midland Pulman doesn't it .
  2. In lockdown I spent many an hour researching and I came across a dyeline print on the Midland Railway web site showing all of the station area dated 1906. What was particular useful was the notes someone had added in pencil, giving a wealth of information including the signs on the goods shed. So I set about building it from 30thou plasticard. The Silcocks sign was done by Sankey Scenics as a bespoke enlargement from their wagon labels.
  3. Well not wanting to steal all of Baz's thunder put me down for a spot as long as JW brings the obligatory box of Mrs JW cakes with him
  4. Well not wanting to steal all of Baz's thunder put me down for a spot as long as JW brings the obligatory box of Mrs JW cakes with him.
  5. OK I thought it was time I posted something on this thread. As Graham has already hinted I've spent a fair bit of time in lockdown working on some of the buildings for the layout. Some in the posted pictures aren't complete yet but I thought I would share a couple that are. The first build was the signal box, to be truthful I actually started it last year but wasn't happy with the results so started again. The walls are cut out using a Silhouette Cutter I use it to scribe the planking and door and window openings which are then cut out by hand. Each wall is then detail
  6. Yes Jubilees are what I need, got a couple of 4F's and Black 5's, cheers
  7. Hi Baz Yes please a list would be useful. Cheers
  8. Ideally 6 coaches but The Palantine runs with 7 but then it is a premier service. Mainly so that when the front of the train is on the viaduct, the rear end clears the tunnel. Although I have only tried a few loco's so far my Patriot and Black 5's have no problem hauling 6 up the bank. P
  9. Hi Baz The layout is looking good, and Iike the new name but not sure about the no grass idea, it will never catch on!
  10. Unfortunately due to the current situation we have had to cancel the 2020 show. But pandemics permitting we will be back in 2021 the dates will be 16th and 17th October.
  11. yes you are correct and one day I will get round to building one as a replacement.
  12. Wow that's superb thanks for posting it AY. As with a lot of the formations on Shap, this is based on a real photograph, it is titled Maiden Lane perishable goods. A particular favourite of mine since the majority of stock is mine.
  13. s orry for the delay in posting the list of exhibitors, but the show is well an truly sorted and we plan to be around for a few years yet, already started booking 2020. Traders Layouts Demonstration North Rd Models Shap Hills of the North - OO Wagon Building - Jonathan Weallans Digitrains Northallerton - N
  14. Just thought I would let the world know Hartlepool Show will be back again for another year,19th & 20th October 2019, Hartlepool College of Further Education, Stockton Street, Hartlepool TS24 7LB. Details to follow soon.
  15. Well I didn't want you to get bored!
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