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  1. Click the picture to play the video! Welcome to part 3 and the continuing story of restoring my Terrier that dad made for me back in 1976. In this penultimate video we look at the detailed steps I had to undertake to get 2636 back in running order. Cutting broaches, press fit bearings, brass soldering and press fix transfers and paint are all used. Will she be ok? Watch now to find out.
  2. Hi guys So far so good. I'm pleased to report that as the broaches worked they did indeed make the hole perfectly round again :) Bearing bushed were a firm push fit and have been soldered in place (after checking alignment of course) as suggested. Used a high temp epoxy to fix the crank pins in place, dad had used normal epoxy after all. And when it comes to resoldering the nuts on, I intend to use low melt point solder so the glue should be safe. If this all works it will be time for the livery sort out. Here are some photos from today's activities.
  3. HI and thanks for the input. Yes this is my first big modelling step. The axel holes are slightly elliptical on the centre driven wheels. Since fitting the new axels Richard kindly sent me with the bushes, it's clear I won't need to bush the outer wheels as they are now snug. I've begun using the broach as suggested above, going very carefully indeed. Given what's been said above I plan to uses one of the spare axles placed in the new bearings to try and ensure alignment. Hope this works, it's scary stuff lol
  4. So just starting to try and open up the bearings ready for the bushes using the suggested broaches. I've selected the smallest that fits and have twisted it around. Quite hard going. Will it really self centre?
  5. Hi, changed the axles wow what a difference. Got high temperature epoxy to fix crank pins. Still looking for help with transfers. Thanks
  6. Hi all, fixing the crank pins and finding replacement transfers. I'm having a go at fixing the crank pins using thread locker, not sure how it will do as there are no threads? Didn't work As you saw the number on one side and the Southern logo are very poor. I've been searching through dad's stock of transfers (of which there are 1000s) but most seem to be the wrong ones with loads of Maunsell/LSWR types, these seem too dark? I found these very old ones at the bottom that look more like the colour but there are no 'Southern' s The best ones I have found are these, however there is not enough '2's but the 'Southern' fits perfectly. I've also found some Carrs Transfix in dad's tool box, nearly a full bottle. Should I go with these gold ones?
  7. It's ok I marked the rods and only took off the hot side wheels so at worse front and back might be swapped.
  8. In this video we take a look at the next steps along the probably long road of restoring my Terrier scratch built for me by dad in 1976. I’ve come across some odd assembly with the crank pins being a particular puzzle. Thanks for the help.
  9. Oh that's really kind of you thank you 😌 🙂 and these are the right size for the axels? Are they press fit or solder
  10. Wow that seems almost too easy lol. How would I ensure alignment given the existing holes may be elliptical? Also I checked for the bushes but can't find any
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