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  1. Next I painted the inside and put figures in. Next painted sides in intercity colours (a lot of masking, spraying and drying.) Added lighting
  2. I had my inspection saloon at Preston repainted in intercity colours in the late 80's. Since the Bachmann Saloon has not been produced in these colours I have finally got around to a paint job. As purchased First take the saloon apart. Lots of bits
  3. My 4705 was waiting for me when I got home tonight. Supplied by Rails of Sheffield in packaging designed to withstand a nuclear blast it took a while to open. Superb model in perfect condition. Keep finding more and more nice details on it. Bag of bits which someone may be able to identify? (2 spare whistles!?) Polished wheels with grass fibre brush and onto the tracks. Runs perfectly. Performance through speed range excellent. I'm one very happy man. Now packed away again for a Fathers day present, now that is what I call timing.
  4. PeterH, That lighting installation you made is fabulous. I'm right behind you. Have taken coach apart and bought lighting strip. Some help please. Did you put in a circuit to light carriage in both directions? Any details of what you did would be very much appreciated. thanks peter jf
  5. Hi Mikkel, 3245 looks great. I am building one myself. Some help please I have most of the transfers I require but... Where did you source the numbers on the rear splasher? Peter
  6. yes, that's the photo Interestingly page 124 of Russell Great Western Engines shows a similar loco with "GWR" on the side tanks but in an odd position
  7. Quite Right, but my HMRS transfer was too big, having allowed for numbe rplate. When I can find a smaller "GREAT WESTERN" I will replace them. The actual photo I worked from for 1467 just had a number plate at tank centre. Still researching for more photos Peter
  8. Hi All, Fascinated to read all the issues and ideas for a 517, I decide to follow you and have ago. Hers my effort below, to be numbered GWR 1467 Thanks to all Peter
  9. Hi Rob, Inspired by your model I decided to have ago. Followed your instructions but used 1mm plastic instead of brass sheet. Delighted with finished model. Peter
  10. Hi Ken, Very interesting discussion between you and Harold. Seems you have solved a problem I am grappling with. I understand the use of a LTYT70 and how to wire it in parallel to bulbs. But I an intrigued about your reference to a dimmer in post #19. I assume it is to vary the light intensity of the bulbs. I would be very grateful if you let me know what dimmer you bought and how it was wired into circuit. Also do you have resisters wired in series with each bulb and if so what value. Thanks in anticipation. Peter
  11. Hi Michael, Now that looks really good. Love all the extra detail. Where did you source all the bits? Peter
  12. Jan project completed couple of coats of satin varnish Bits added Pipes amended as per mikes comments Handrails repainted as per Davids comments All that remains is to thank L49 for making the 3d model. I am absolutely delighted to have this unusual GWR loco added to my fleet.
  13. 69843 - photo attached. Tom - Bought a job lot of Hornby spares wire and handrail knobs off ebay some years ago. 0.55mm diameter wire. Dave - Not sure if true scale. Painted handrails originally then thought they might look better shinny. Not so sure now! Mike - not sure, but I thick you are right. Cannot find close up of detail on internet. Came as a 3D purchase and I don't have skill to alter
  14. gr king don't wish to hijack excellent thread. I worked out that perforations where two holes of 2mm and 1.6 mm diameter. Printed diagram onto sticky paper and attached to 1mm styrene sheet. Set up in my unimat and drilled all the holes and the cut between holes to correct size. Then cut styrene sheet to shade as attached half way through process
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