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    I generally model British Railways steam/diesel transition era, but I have active interest in the British railways scene from the 50's to the present day. I also enjoy visiting heritage sites and active in railway photography. I was a one time fitter for BR at Glasgow & Derby Loco' works then at Toton TMD. My avatar shows me in front of D8 (44008) one of Toton's long term allocation when I was there. My 'Last great project' is a long dreamed of portrayal of Dent station on the Settle-Carlisle line.

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  1. Hi all, Just a note to say still having some problems to deal with, I did attempt to film some movements on Sunday but found the a SDHC card was full. I had no intention of going out to queue for god knows how long to get one so have ordered a couple on ebay so hopefully will film again at the weekend. I have also ordered the bespoke transfers from Railtec to complete the breakdown train so that should feature over the next few weeks all being well. Good news is I finally got my 3 printers to work and now have a spare due to panic buying! I am really getting fed up with tech troubles!
  2. Apologies for delay in replying, I'm suffering tech problems due to a Windows 10 update myself. Sadly I'm not the person to help you access the videos as I can just about load them! Try searching 'Mikes Dent Station' or just 'Dent Station' see if that helps.
  3. Thanks Jukebox, I'll have a go at that hopefully at the weekend. Apologies only just seen this as technology has driven me suicidal these past few weeks as my printers have all apparently developed faults and following all manner of uploads, reboots, head scratching etc. I find there has been issues with a Windows 10 update and guess what - 'they are working toward a solution'. Regards Mike
  4. I would do Ade but embarrassingly I don't know how to. DOH
  5. Hi all,trains Just to let you know 2 more YouTube episodes have been uploaded today and feature WTT trains between 09.00 and 10.00. They are entitled Episode 7 and Episode 8. Hope you enjoy them. Had an electrical gremlin attack yesterday and had some rewiring issues on the control panel but all is well now. Still no sign of my transfers from Railtec so can't show the finished breakdown train as yet, I suppose they are inundated with most people having a lot of spare time presently.
  6. Apologies guys, the next session actually covers 08.00-09.00 and should be viewable tomorrow late on.
  7. I don't know if any of you guys have had the chance to look at my initial efforts on YouTube. If you search Dent Station there are 4 episodes to date with the first being entitled 'Dent Station Introduction' and the other just start 'Episode'. The next filming session will cover 09.00 - 10.00 with a nice selection of freight workings. I was hoping to show the completed breakdown train by now but have not finished the transfers as yet, I have emailed Steve at Railtec Transfers to supply some specials but still awaiting a reply so you shall have to be patient.
  8. Many thanks for your kind comments, glad you enjoyed the article. I have been filming trains for this weekend and setting up others for the following week. I may get better at this filming malarkey with time but it does take up much more time than I initially anticipated - but fun none the less.
  9. Hi James, I know the problems well, this hobby is more akin to a full time job than anything like a relaxing hobby. I had an electrical fault which I was tracing for a while only to find the D-Sub connector was not connected! DOH!!! P.S. The 1S68 headcode is for the northbound Thames-Clyde Express.
  10. Hi Steve, I'll look forward to seeing your interpretation, as you are probably aware my storage roads started underneath but proved problematic so I wish you good luck. If there is any information you need which I may be able to help with just ask! Best wishes.
  11. Hi Tony, Thanks for the observation. I did think about this but just a couple of shots of a train means I have to keep setting up different trains just for a 5 or 10 second clip which sort of defeats the object as it was meant to to give me some operating potential where I can actually run some trains, in fact the train just runs the full circuit perhaps 5 or 6 times and is filmed at various points to allow the viewer a different view. I'll try to polish it a bit in episode 4 as episode 3 is well underway. Thanks again, feedback is appreciated.
  12. Hi Steve, In the following hour it seems the opposite are they are all 'UP' trains - very strange indeed. Have you featured your layout in layout topics?
  13. Cheers Steve, I have been compiling part 3 today, it's much more difficult than I anticipated but quite enjoyable as I actually run some trains which I tend not to do when I'm on my own.
  14. Hi all, Just a quick note to say I have uploaded a couple of videos of the layout to YouTube, the first is a basic introduction followed by a run through an actual summer Working Time Table (WTT) from the 1960's starting at 06.00 through to 06.59. I am planning and hoping to produce a one hour WTT segment each week but please be patient as its all new to me and I'm no Cecil B DeMille. Each train is formed to represent an actual working and a loco is chosen to match the WTT requirements as close as possible, some of the information is based on actual records taken and if for instance an actual Black 5 say 44688 is noted then I will substitute an equivalent from my loco stock and hopefully I will have enough to complete the full sequence from 06.00 through to 22.00 The return workings are based on reasonable calculations for loco turnaround in real time and in an attempt to balance the roster. You can find the current two videos on YouTube under: Dent Station - Introduction Dent Station - Episode 2 I will be compiling Episode 3 for next weekend all being well. Please let me know what you think.
  15. Hi Terry, Thanks for your kind comments, you are more than welcome. I hope you enjoy the topic and follow the progress which is a bit slow at the moment I'm afraid however if you read the following post there is a new angle!
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