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    I generally model British Railways steam/diesel transition era, but I have active interest in the British railways scene from the 50's to the present day. I also enjoy visiting heritage sites and active in railway photography. I was a one time fitter for BR at Glasgow & Derby Loco' works then at Toton TMD. My avatar shows me in front of D8 (44008) one of Toton's long term allocation when I was there. My 'Last great project' is a long dreamed of portrayal of Dent station on the Settle-Carlisle line.

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  1. Cheers Mick.......... Your neck might feel better - my heads wrecked now haha.
  2. Hi Mick, As usual my friend you area a saviour! When the files were uploaded they were the correct orientation until they were added to the topic. I just could not find a method of turning them within the post, but as you are well aware technology is not my strong point. Once again I am indebted to you. How is Werrington Junction progressing? My friend John shows some updates on Youtube occasionally.
  3. Hi all, Hope you noticed the change of topic title from 'Dent Station' to 'DENT STATION with CHESTERGATE'. Rather than try to manage two separate topics I've decided to combine the two completely different layouts into one topic just like they are in the den. At the risk of repeating myself, just to confirm the status; Dent Station continues as it is now and following the old fiddleyard uplifting the new CHESTERGATE will be created in its place. This layout is a fictitious location and serves to provide me with a more challenging layout to operate plus the opportunity to view more items of stock on what will be a much busier layout than Dent could ever be. Here are a few shots of the current rebuild. All pointwork is copperclad sleepers with bullhead code 75 rail apart from the single and double slips which are PECO just to save time and sanity! Plain track is SMP 'J' track, same as Dent. Sorry don't know why these images have turned 90 degrees? The rearranged approach lines which will not be treated to any scenery. Temporary wiring to test operation as we go, this will all be tied into a new control panel. And just to finish a couple of new editions to the fleet... The Class 21 was a birthday present from the wife. The A2 was a birthday present to myself!!! Hope you enjoyed the quick insight to recent developments. Changes will be a bit slow due to this bleeding leg problem which is driving me insane! Cheers and thanks for looking in guys.
  4. 67A

    Hi Andy,


    You may have noticed I have a new project taking shape on DENT, rather than have two topics is it possible to rename 'DENT STATION' to 'DENT STATION with CHESTERGATE'.


    Please let me know mate, hope you and yours are doing okay in these difficult times.


    Best wishes,


    Mike McManus

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      AY Mod

      Hi Mike, all good here thanks chap! If you go to the first post in the topic and click on Edit you should be able to change it whenever you like. BTW, this came over as public message rather than a private one. ;)

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      And to your ‘old’ account. :lol:

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      @truffy - this one has probably arisen because I'd disabled PMs to the old account.  #theendlessbattle

  5. Hi Mark, Well you are a glutton for punishment! Seriously though, many thanks for taking the time to follow the progress to date, as you can imagine there is not a lot left to do on the modelling front with Dent itself and in the main I have recently been working on detailing of rolling stock etc. Of course there is the new project "CHESTERGATE" which I am just about to upload some images of the slow progress to date. I will probably rename this topic from 'Dent Station' to 'Dent Station with Chestergate'. Hope you enjoy the forthcoming posts, thanks once again.
  6. Hi all, Well its all 'start again'! I deliberated over a few days and was not that happy with the straight lines, I seldom build a layout without a curve so a curve it will be. The island platform I think will be changed to an 'Up' and 'Down' with a centre road and possibly a couple of bays, the whole station will not be featured in such a short and narrow space which should leave a bit of room for the depots and goods yard perhaps, but time will tell. I am also hoping it will not be so complicated looking - I've realised I'm getting too old for clambering under boards fiddling with point motors and wiring I'm sad to say.
  7. Hi all, Spent Sunday deliberating whilst wiring up the 'Up' main. Although I operate good old fashioned analogue DC my preferred method is to wire each separate section of rail with an independent supply therefore it takes much longer than usual but results in far better continuity and easy to locate fault finding. I have also decided to abandon the diesel depot altogether. No matter where it could fit it either looked wrong and took up too much space resulting in widening the layout to 3ft which I then have to reach over if required, as it stands only the each end is wider which I can work with. More to follow in the week, thanks for looking in.
  8. Hi all. Just a quick update to show the new 'proposed' diesel depot location... This is how it looked at the weekend Looking from the goods yard the two sidings on the far right are the depot arrival headshunt (left) and a stabling road far right. Looking now at the new location the arrival road is seen centrally, the headshunt is beyond the point and the stabling road is far right foreground. The two dead end sidings will be the fuelling point with the adjacent pair running into the depot building, the point on the right leads to the stabling road. This view just shows the steam depot has had the coal hole turned around I really did not want to position the diesel depot behind the MPD and neither did I want it isolated in the garage side of the wall so I think this makes it a bit more believable and less contrived. Let me know what you think guys and thanks for your input recently.
  9. Hi Brian, Yes I too feel it looks contrived to be honest. I don't really want to be going into the other side of the wall just to move a couple of diesels around so it will either go in the centre or not at all at the moment. Thanks for your input.
  10. Hi all, Above is the video link to the Chestergate developments. Thanks for the comments so far, as Ade commented on the positioning of the diesel depot I can only agree and its not set in stone (or wood). I could keep the full width of the extension boards and locate it more centrally between the MPD and goods yard, the only problem in doing this is the reduced width between both scenic sections, it can get quite crowded in the den in normal circumstances. Another option would be to locate it on the other side of the problem wall however this space was intended for simply fiddleyard operation without any scenics. Still deliberating! Thanks for your input guys.
  11. Hi all, Bit of a change of scene! I'm now showing the progress on the new scenic area which is to be entitled "CHESTERGATE EXCHANGE" this derives from my old layout called 'Chestergate & Milne' (C&M). The Milne section was featured in Model Rail back in 2008 but the Chestergate side never got completed due to the flood. The new version bears no similarity to the old other than in name. I visited Woodford Halse village a few weeks ago and it got me thinking along Great Central practices and therefore the track plan features a single island platform with a bay at each end, there will be goods facilities, an MPD, and I'm looking at squeezing in a small diesel servicing point. This is a return to my usual style of layout which I have modelled over decades whereby there is plenty of busy trackwork set in an urban environment. I will be using my scratchbuilt buildings made for C&M and other items perhaps from my exhibition layout 'Bermuda Road MPD' and to be honest I have boxes full of detailing items which will help greatly in the build process. Rather than scribble a proposed track plan I have photographed the layout proposals to give you an overall idea. Presently, looking from the far side the 'Up' relief, 'Up' main, 'Down' main and 'Down' relief have have been laid with points leading to a proposed bay platform either end. The main approach into the goods yard and MPD has been mostly laid and I have positioned track to show the current design. I will be uploading a version to YouTube describing all of this and you may wish to take a look there later. Starting at the 'Down' end... Due to the restriction posed by the wall this end is not too complicated. The unpainted area of baseboiard with the coach showing is the platform location, it looks massive here however its actually 150mm rail to rail allowing 130mm for platform surface; 50mm for a central building and 40mm each side of this. Looking at the 'Up' end the MPD area includes a 4 road engine shed, coal hole and turntable. In the distance can be seen the proposed Diesel servicing shed, in order to fit this in it can only be accessed from the turntable. This is not a certainty just yet. A general look along the whole length each way. The excess board width will be reduced once final track layout is confirmed. So that's it guys, let me know what you think!
  12. Hi Jeff, On Dent, I soaked the new granite ballast in a blend of cold tea and coffee then allowed it to dry, or in some cases dried it near the log burner when I was in a hurry! I thought it may run when the PVA was applied but no it seemed to retain the tone well. Just an idea mate.
  13. Hi Jeff, Now I'm back in the 'doing something' mode rather than running something I thought I would pop over to Gill Head and see your progress. Well, as Andy Peter's would have said for some weeks "where's the grass" well it's now adorning that fantastic fell side, you certainly have a knack of producing a fabulous looking landscape and I love that reverse curve. Keep up the good work.
  14. Hi all, Above is the link to episode 19 of the timetable sequence. There is also details of a couple of projects, the fuel tank wagon only needs some transfers applying and a dusting with some powders to take away the sheen. I'm very happy with the end result. Another project I have been working on is an etched fret to allow all 3 'L' type limestone containers to be restrained with turnbuckle shackles as a complete unit rather than applying 12 individual 5 piece links as I have done on two wagons which took so long I came up with this masterplan. I am hoping to offer these as a fret containing 6 No. enough for three wagons, if anyone is interested please PM me. This is the full A4 sheet for my own use Close-up of the main component which suits all 3 containers The etch removed ready to be fitted Treated with 'Brass Black' to age the metal The donor wagon ready to be fitted The unit fitted to the wagon floor.........to be continued...... I'll have to tease you with the finished item as I forgot to photo it! DOH. The reason I forgot is project No. 3... I got stuck in to uplifting the track in the fiddleyard and this is the 1st incarnation of the new design. I prefer to see a track plan full size like this rather than on paper. This may well change over the next few days so keep an eye on proceedings. Okay back to work..........on the layout of course!
  15. Hi all, Well then, three weeks on and I have actually completed filming the 10pm to 11pm timetable workings and they will be uploaded this weekend for sure. In the meantime there is major changes afoot! Don't panic though, it's not on the actual scenic section of the layout. Now that the layout runs to a timetable and each train is simply run through a couple of time for filming I don't see a need for a fiddleyard, therefore I have today decided to rip it up and reconfigure the area into a mainly motive power depot scene. The new section will not be based on any actual place and not in any way historically connected to Dent or even the S&C, the same trains timetabled to run through Dent will simply pass through this new creation however it will also be used independently just to have some shunting interest and fulfil my passion which is building layouts rather than running them. Computer is playing up so will continue this later or tomorrow...
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