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  1. Recycling your ebay receipts is commendable but be aware that your address is clearly visible, as are the details of the Parkside SR wagon that you bought! Dave
  2. Just to elaborate on my earlier post, I have taken a photo of the rail joiners that I referred to earlier. I emphasise that these are FUNCTIONAL fishplates not the easily-obtained ABS or brass COSMETIC offerings from C&L and Exactoscale. They fit superbly and are inconspicuous too. A tad too long so, fit to one rail, cut to length with side-cutters, push further onto the rail to re-open slot, job done! Dave
  3. Just checked and not currently in stock with UK suppliers and silly-money postage from US. Sorry. Dave
  4. You might want to source some of these which fit code 125 rail really well. Don’t be put off by the HO labelling! I bought some on UK eBay. Dave
  5. They aren’t (supposed to be) kits! Dave
  6. I think you'll find that it does say! You are correct - it's Ireland. Dave
  7. I've attached the kit list from c2011 Dave (and I may still be wrong!) Edit - I am! Several of the old Mallard kits were either dropped or presumably available only in small batches. There was a LSWR and MR steam railmotor, a GER Claude Hamilton loco and no doubt a few other kits in addition to those listed below. Blacksmith kit list.pdf
  8. Neither Mallard nor Blacksmith listed any 7mm scale LNWR vehicles if any type. Dave
  9. Is that anything like crêpe paper? Dave
  10. I've been to Beijing and Shanghai many times - they are definitely smaller than us! Dave
  11. Clearly just assembled from a kit, here's 544: Dave
  12. No you can’t. Anything that is carried by air, whether in baggage or as freight is subject to strict rules. It is a condition of your airline ticket that you comply. Maybe for the first time in your life, read the restrictions here - scroll down to the ‘Prohibited Items’ https://www.britishairways.com/en-gb/information/baggage-essentials/liquids-and-restrictions Dave (50 years working safely as an Airline Pilot, Instructor and Examiner)
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