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  1. One foot between levels sounds a bit excessive! It might be worth looking to see if that can be practicably be reduced although the gradient reduction will not be huge with a length of only 25-30' to play with. You will certainly struggle to get a worthwhile train up such a slope! Dave
  2. Hmm. 0.9mm is equivalent to over 1.5" in 7mm! From 1913 on, the GW used 3/4" gas pipe (o.d.1 1/16") for handrails - which is a little over 0.6mm in 7mm scale. Dave
  3. I use Templot on my Mac (via Crossover) Small radius Y points look like what they are - a horrid compromise of modelling space vs reality! Dave
  4. Instead of enlarging 4mm scale plans, why not use the 7mm scale plans that Peco provide here? At least you are not scaling up the very narrow gauge 4mm product to an unrepresentative 7mm scale gauge. In the 7mm scale product descriptions, Peco claim a nominal radius of 1828mm (approx 72") for their medium radius points. You should be able to run any commercially-produced locos and stock through them without problems. Dave
  5. You might want to read through this thread Dave
  6. Zach I've sent you a Haywood catalogue by PM Dave
  7. There is a large variety of names - clearance bar, depression bar, fouling bar, locking bar and no doubt several others but they perform the function described above. Dave
  8. Furness, Midland Carriage Works, Gladiator & NMRS for starters Dave
  9. Simon Give yourself a good talking to. Dave
  10. https://www.graphicsdirect.co.uk/collections/frisk-film Dave
  11. Not entirely accurate. They do produce slide chairs and bridge chairs. Available to ScaleSeven Group members https://www.scaleseven.org.uk/index.php?id=334 Dave
  12. Geoff Gill (proprietor of Haywood Railway) has never had a website but does respond to emails and phone calls. He was at the Kettering show last month. Dave
  13. Ragstone also have Motion Brackets on their parts list - the first two items! Andy also did a 9F kit so may be able to help. Dave
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