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  1. Sorry to make extra work for you Giles but it would be worse to find out later! Dave
  2. It's probably a photographic illusion but it looks as if the top of the platform edge would foul the van doors if you tried to open them. The platform surface should be 2'9" - 3' (19 - 21mm) above the top of the rail. Dave
  3. Methinks John's rods are already articulated! Dave
  4. I’m afraid not. The 74xx and 64xx classes had the same size driving wheels - the 54xx were bigger. The difference in TE is down to the different boiler pressures of the 74xx and 64xx classes. Dave
  5. How about using a phosphor bronze strip material for wiping which should prevent the sideways motion? Better and easier might be to reduce the length of the n/s wipers by having attachment points much closer to the wheels. Dave
  6. The makers name is laser-etched onto the boards in the photos! Dave
  7. David I suspect that you've already done the hard work previously when you customised your list of threads that you followed on the old RMWeb. At the top of this page are 4 tabs: Home, Browse, Activity and Info. Hover the cursor over Activity and a drop-down menu appears containing the item 'Content I Follow'. Click on that option and the threads that you used to follow should appear. Clicking on the black dot or star at the left should take you to the first unread message. Fingers crossed! Dave
  8. Try http://mrlforum.co.uk/forums/index.php?app=forums&controller=topic&id=2465&page=2 Dave
  9. Have you taken the trouble to search on 'Minerva Pannier' or 'Dapol Pannier'? There are countless comments to be read on RMWeb, Western Thunder, G0G website and many other places. When you have finished reading all of those you can then ask for more specific information or comments if you need to. Dave
  10. No website. Contact details listed in the G0G Traders Directory. Dave
  11. daifly

    Dock Green

    I think your question has been anticipated and answered already!
  12. Whilst I recognise that the foam weighs virtually nothing, does the construction need it? With a beam of 2 x 6mm ply, just make the spacer thinner and you have something stronger than you’ll ever need. As I recall, Barry Norman used 4mm ply with 3/8” spacers. Dave
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