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  1. I think you’ll find that boats have been sailing into wind for some time! Dave
  2. Except that's not how they were normally laid out! Dave
  3. I very much doubt that tiny, lightweight, plastic fishplates could ever be anything but cosmetic. Their ability to keep two rail ends aligned (e.g. on a curve) would be a triumph of optimism over mechanics. At best, they will look the part and keep adjacent rail lengths insulated from each other. Functional they ain't! Dave
  4. I think the cab is LHD and needs to be converted to RHD for UK roads where we sit on the right and drive on the left. Dave
  5. Hi Simon A definite improvement. The roof slates are just missing the starter row which would stop the brickwork below being visible through the slots in the bottom row which draws attention to the slot. As you say, the technology is unlikely to be able to produce a significant improvement beyond where you are. You have halved the width of the gaps and it looks much better for it. Wine bottle tinfoil capsules for flashing material? A labour of love collecting the raw material! Dave
  6. I got this from the Newark NJ airport fire service!
  7. Current practice is apparently 1-5mm with 3mm the norm. The edges are more pronounced with the bevelling effect of the edge cutting. Dave
  8. Hi Simon Except on a badly-done slate roof, I never saw gaps between slates on a real roof. Those slots are horrid! Dave
  9. And clearly enjoying one of the benefits of membership! Dave
  10. Please note that ScaleSeven Group Stores items may only be purchased by Members. https://www.scaleseven.org.uk/assets/downloads/members/S7 Membership Application Form 270919.pdf Dave
  11. If/when you put your own house on the market, you may discover just how many house tarts/tourists/time wasters there are. I now insist upon agents showing ALL viewings by appointment. That stops THEM wasting MY time and makes THEM work for their commission. Dave
  12. Adrian I stumbled on these yesterday. Don’t know if you’ve seen the Malmesbury photos. Potentially useful photos of some of the buildings. Dave
  13. According to Russell in ‘A Pictorial Record of Great Western Wagons’ OPC p99, Cordons were painted black all over with white lettering. Dave
  14. 28thou wire is almost certainly too lightweight for the job. 0.8 or 0.9mm piano wire or similar is generally considered appropriate for moving 7mm scale switch rails. Dave
  15. Hi Rod Probably no one knows better than me at the moment. I’m currently in hospital having had my fourth hip job done yesterday! I’m not a quadruped. The left has been done three times in the last 22 years. This time, the right is getting the treatment. I know all about supple and old age! Dave
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