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  1. Proportion of S7 vs FS - probably. When you build in S7, you quickly find out where there are opportunities to run your stock. Dave
  2. There are suppliers of S7 wheels other than Slater's. e.g. Peartree. I suspect that Tower might supply kits without wheels if asked - especially if you are buying several kits. The S7 Group supplies a number of locomotive wheels through the S7 stores (to members only). Loco wheels that are not in the S7 Stores range can be routed from Slater's or Walsall, Mark Wood wheel ranges etc. to e.g. Colin Dowling who will reprofile, thin and chemically blacken them and then send them on to you. Just how many locos will you be building? Western Thunder is home to some of the best modelling on the web with contributions from modellers all over the world. No adverts. No politics. Recommended. Dave
  3. Have you phoned Peco to ask them? PD would always supply kits with S7 wheels and Peco initially said that they would continue to do so when they took on the PD range of kits. Alternatively buy the kits without any wheels and get the S7 wheels from Slater’s. Dave
  4. The list of Traders Websites is a totally different facility. The Product Directory is a searchable index of c40,000 products which may be of use/interest to GOG members. It is a compilation of products from most of the traders listed on the Traders Websites page. As one of the members who input some of the data into the Product Directory, I’m reluctant to offer the data to 7mm modellers who either won’t join the Guild or can’t be bothered to look at the Product Directory. Dave
  5. OK then: Finney7 Warren Shephard Modelu You might want to try 88D Models too.
  6. https://www.gaugeoguild.com/membership/appform.aspx Dave
  7. Reference to the GOG Products Directory will yield three possibilities! Dave
  8. The approximate length of the race rail is pi*d. So, for a 70" diameter turntable, (the race rail is not quite at the extremity so the diameter of the race rail will be slightly less) the circumference is pi*70' on the prototype. For a 7mm scale model, this becomes pi*70*12(inches)*25.4(inches to mm)/43.5(scaled). That's 1540mm. With a chair every 4deg as you propose, that's 17.11mm chair centres not 5.45mm! Dave
  9. You might want to revisit your flawed mathematics! The scale of the error in your calculation has been calculated to over 50 trillion places of decimals! Dave
  10. You might have to go back to Darley Dale - the 3'7" spoked coach wheels (7127) are FS not S7! Or was that deliberate? Dave
  11. Neither am I. Link from the video, not from the page. Dave
  12. John Is this the link? https://www.facebook.com/BritishModelRailwayMontreal/videos/508460853702174/ Dave
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