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  1. To the best of my knowledge after 10 years delivering containers there are no 9' tall containers only 8'6" and 9'6". There are some 9'6" tall 20' containers about but not many, one removals company used them for a while a few years back but I haven't seen any in their colours for a while. Pete
  2. Just as a thought, could you try emailing MSC etc and asking them for the info? Pete
  3. Hi all I wish to fit sound to one of my 3 Hornby Merchant Navy locos 35025, 35028 and 35029. However there seems to be a bit of confusion, particularly around 35029 ( NRM collection) . In some places they state that the loco is dcc ready and in others dcc compatible. Unfortunately I seem to have mislaid the paperwork that came with the loco so am unable to confirm which is which. Can anyone confirm please either way? Tia Pete
  4. Hi all Can anyone tell me please just how accurate the livery on this wagon is? I've been looking round for pictures 3rd but can't find anything. TIA Pete
  5. I put both speaker (sugarcube) and decoder in the smokebox on my railroad Tornado. Works nicely too. Pete
  6. I have vague memories of seeing a rake of seacows with a shark at each end. Having read this thread I have my doubts now. Is this a possibility or a no no given the sharks habit of digging in? Pete
  7. Some container trains have a right royal mix of wagons in them, Fea-b, Fea-e Fea-s,Fla, Fsa, FTa, Kfa and Kta. others are mainly one type with an odd different wagon in the mix. I run FEA-B, FEA-E, FLA, KTA and KFA in my freightliner rake. Pete
  8. I have 12 of the clean ones here and an assortment of Class 37s to haul them with. Pete
  9. Hi all, I've just been watching container trains going in and out of Felixstowe and noticed that a good proportion of the wagons (mainly Fea, Fsa, Fta and one Kfa) have different coloured axlebox covers namely blue, green and yellow. Some of the yellow ones have a letter J stencilled on them. Is there any particular reason for this? Or is it just the first pot of paint you pay your hands on? One wagon actually had 3 different colour axleboxes. Tia Pete
  10. 5 now. Just acquired the BR blue single chimney version. That and the NRM black version have now had tts sound fitted. Pete
  11. A lot depends on exactly what you want to model and what company. I've seen Freightliner trains run out of Felixstowe that are mainly Maersk boxes with a few brown lease boxes ( Triton, TAL, Tex, Gold. etc). Other trains have a right royal mix of both containers and wagons. Some trains are mainly for example FEA spine wagons with a couple of KTA's and KFA's thrown in, having said that I haven't seen as many KTA pocket wagons there as there are in Southampton. Other trains have several different types of wagon in the consist. Youtube could well be of help to you, just look up "Felix
  12. Thanks Richard, I ordered a couple earlier. Pete
  13. Keith I hadn't actually seen that document but had looked and discarded the idea. But thank you anyway. Pete
  14. Richard, unfortunately the iPhone speaker doesn't fit on the smokebox, that was one of the things I looked at. I'm 99% certain a sugarcube will go as will one of your slim sugarcubes. Keith, I looked at that option as well but as the socket is at the front of the loco I decided to go with the smokebox option. Peter
  15. Hi all, I've been looking at fitting tts sound to my Railroad Tornado (ex Tornado Express set). Having taken the body off it looks like the decoder and a small speaker such as a sugarcube will both fit in the smokebox. Has anyone tried this and if so how well does it work? TIA Pete
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