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  1. Really impressed with this pair. Both turned up today (thanks Kernow team). A initial panic with 21C7 when it just sat still and buzzed when power was first applied - no drive whatsoever. Luckily I spotted a short universal coupling loose in the ice cube tray. With the body off, it was clear that it belonged between the flywheel and worm drive and was easily fitted back into place, and 21C7 is now smooth as silk. It must have worked loose in transit or maybe wasn't quite ciipped in properly when first assembled. Just 35017 to turn up now ..........
  2. This arrived at the depot this evening - presumably ready for a railtour duty tomorrow. The shed master was very complimentary about the shade of green, and I have to agree it looks very good. The air turned blue though when the fitters attempted to connect the tender to the loco. It's the old design of a metal bar with a small peg under the tender for it to engage with. The coupling bar is very loose at the loco end so a right fiddle to get it to engage and then turn the whole lot upright again without it letting go again. Seems Ok once on the track though.
  3. Yes, this was indeed the 'Excalibur Express'. From 'Empire Mail Order Catalogue' in 2004 for £96.
  4. A very nice set with the full spec A4 and coaches. I have one of these and my list says it was from 'Choice Catalogue' in 2011 for a very reasonable £117.
  5. I haven't seen a photo of the Churchill version in the thread so far, so here's mine which turned up today. Very nice.
  6. Five packs of freightliner versions checked (some supplied with containers, some not) and all OK. Four packs of Fastline versions - three Ok, but pack J has a long crack along the top of the spine on one and 'mazak failure' like distortion on the other one.
  7. Thanks for posting this. I had exactly the same issue with my 20306 which arrived this morning. After a few mins of trial and error with the thickness of the folded paper, it was all sorted and is now an almost silent runner.
  8. Good to know that they'll be be working out of Tonbridge. We could be seeing them on the Mountfield Gypsum trains then.
  9. Spotted this GBRf tweet this afternoon. That's a livery I'd not ever expected to see on a class 66, but looks really good IMHO.
  10. Pleased to receive mine this morning after what seems to have been a while since I ordered it. A lovely model, flawless blue finish and runs super smoothly. Mine also has the front lamps pointing upwards, so I expect this is a general assembly error across all of them. I've tweaked the lamp brackets (very carefully) to be more upright which sort of disguises the lamps not being vertical. Not a big deal, and here's hoping Hornby can fix it before Aberdeen Commonwealth (I think Belgian Marine is already on the way. I hadn't realised that the Hornby red boxes a
  11. One of my 56s (R2647) 56128 'West Burton Power Station', has decided to eject 3 of 4 buffers around the layout. I've found three springs but only 2 buffer heads so far - more searching later. I can't work out what keeps the buffer and spring retained into the shank itself - do they just push back in and click into place somehow ?. Also, I can't find any spares in stock anywhere, so if anyone has a pack of X6192, X9790 going spare I'd be interested. (also accessory pack X10029 which seem equally elusive at the moment). Thanks Sam
  12. The Peak takeover continues. Seriously tempted to place an order for 45040 as well.
  13. Just received my 45041 too - a very nice model. A question though, did 45041 run in-service with a crest on one side only as per the model ?. My photos of the preserved 45041 shows a crest on both sides.
  14. Very pleased with my 45022 that turned up this morning. Already on shed with class mate 45120.
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