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  1. As far as I can remember, you have to take the NEM housing off the front end which reveals another screw underneath. So one screw to release the housing - the bit with the 'V' shape in it, then another underneath. Two screws under the cab / back of tanks and one at the back I think.
  2. Me too - breakdown cranes, 'Unknown Warrior' and BR large logo 66 all cancelled.
  3. The instructions talk about a V2 PCB. There is also a list of various switches to control the headcodes and cab lighting. I haven't got a 73 from the original release so can't compare with this version.
  4. Well these two look great to me. Paint finish is excellent, all parts present and correct and smooth runners. There's a bag of extra detailing parts that I haven't fitted yet.
  5. A view of the other side (Bluebell railway model exhibition)
  6. While still on tour, this time at the Bluebell Railway model show - here's a couple of views with SR bogie wagons,
  7. And here's the full view of the Express Dairy van .........
  8. Thanks for posting the photo Mike
  9. Livery sample of Southern 'Sid' at the GCR model railway event. Quite tempted to add a 009 branch to the layout for this one ............
  10. Livery sample of the BR red version on the stand at the GCR model railway event. Looks great. A question though - would these have run with the departmental yellow coaches that have been available over the last few years ?
  11. Quick question for those that already have a J36. Is the coal load in the tender removable ? Thanks Sam
  12. The 50 inside the factory was 50036. Also in the factory were 55014, 37180 Outside the factory was 47500, 56037, 33025, 86209 Around the turntable were 50003, 47158, 31207 and at least another four 47s that I can't identify from my slightly shaky 110 format photos on the day. Hope this helps Sam
  13. Yes, seems to be a pragmatic approach given everything they are juggling at the moment. Looking forward to: Class 40 'Andania' Class 45 'Royal Tank Regiment' Patriot 'Unknown Warrior' (and of course all the other releases that I will find just too tempting when they are released !)
  14. Very similar dry marks on the tender of my 34050 - also going back. Not sure whether to swap or cancel at this stage though.
  15. Just found the same thing at one end of my 31 110 - luckily chassis stored with the body removed following 30+ pages of horror stores. Also, the grilles on all 3 of my 31s (31 110, 31 165 and 31 130) have a sort of white staining on top of the paint. It disappears if washed with soap or even limescale Cillit bang, but when dry it comes back again. Has anyone else seen this ?. Would be grateful for any tips to get rid of it to save me painting the grilles.
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