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  1. The link is now working properly. Thanks Bill.
  2. That's great news. I presume you mean Shapeways for the roof? The link in the text goes to a place called showme.
  3. Ordered a rake from Mousa. Have to source roofs and bogies but now I will be aquiring somewhere to build the layout in the new year. So layout planning is now on the go. Something like Bicester perhaps?
  4. I have a Bachmann O4 sitting in my cupboard. What I would like are nice simple step by step instructions in how to backdate it to a 1913's condition GCR 8K. Anyone done this?
  5. Looks like Mousa can provide etchings for the entire 5 coach matchboard set which is great. So if I order the entire train I presume I will still need to source roofs, underframes and bogies
  6. Based on my proposed 1913 setting it looks like 50' bogie and early matchboard stock for the bulk of my coaching needs with perhaps an occasional GCR clerestory. Part of the advantage of this route is how short, relatively speaking GCR passenger trains were. Thanks for the links Bill. Looks like I'll be putting an order in for a couple in the next week or so to start myself up. I still have to deicde on the make up of the rain though. Any ideas for a reasonable set?
  7. I have a number of GCR loco and wagon kits in my metal mountain plus a Bachmann 04 which I intend to backdate. The Bachmann D11 is a bit too late for me, I can just about use a D10. But coaching stock is the most difficult. I have a fair number of the old Hornby/Triang short clerestories so will probably do some GCRish stock from that source. As for the locos from Great Central models though I had expressed interest in some of these they now appear to be out of production an the site states they will not be redone. The information and directions you have given is very useful to me though and it is much appreciated.
  8. Looks like some scratch building then as it looks like I will need a lot of Robinson types.
  9. Hi Earlswood, Not really what I was after, which was basically an explanation of the codes used for example Mousa has a GCR coach kit for a D.1Y2 ZB but I have not found anywhere in my resources what this means. Also an approximate list of when various coaches may have appeared on the GWR/GCR Joint Railway
  10. I am wondering if anyone can help me. I am trying to find out which GCR coach types would have been running over the GWR/GCR joint railway just prior to WW1. Also if anyone can point me in the direction of something which will explain how the GCR classified their coaches and the years they were in service it would be very helpful in working out what kits etc. to aquire.
  11. These are really good. Sadly I'm not likely to get one as I would want them in pre WW1 condition.
  12. Now is there something similar for GCR colours available in Australia?
  13. Thankyou for all the help. Now I need to design the layout then determine how many signals I need, then build them.
  14. If I have it right when I finally build my layout (scheduled for the end of this year) I should use GWR lower quadrant signals for pre 1914. Next question then is what sort of construction, does anyone make 4mm kits for this period? Are any of the Ration kits suitable, most appear to be for a later peiod.
  15. As I seem to have misplaced all my railway books, could someone please advise what types of signals would have been installed on this line prior to 1914.
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