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  1. So this runs... There’s a few jobs left, I have to glue the balance weights on and solder the washers on for the side rods, and tidy the wiring up, but other than that this is ready for the paint shop. Best finish the body!! Lots to do Simon
  2. Haha yep I found that trying to solder a balance weight on... what’s the best way to solder things onto the new wheels (next time)?
  3. Hi Nigel, Sorry for the delay getting back to you! Work went crazy after I was last on here! It’s be really interesting to see how you did the underframe - I know there are one or two options for unfitted wagons/vans using the generic underframe. (I guess the easiest thing would be for the assoc to do another run of 10’ chassis, but there’s probably not enough demand!) Today’s modelling activity is this: I chickened out of soldering the washers in until I’d been able to test it with the motor - when I test fit the motor I realised I’d glued it too f
  4. Thanks Simon, I was taking a bit of a punt putting it under the van TBH - it had been destined for a Parkwood Highfit until I saw it in the book with a 10ft chassis and I thought a van might be a safer bet... I’ve got another van body I could use, it’s the NGS one with the vertical planks and either ventilated or unventilated ends - I’m guessing that’s nothing like the LMS banana van? It’s not stuck down yet so still plenty of time for changes. How similar is the LMS banana van to the PECO one is previously used as a basis for a load of other banana vans? Is t
  5. Hello everybody! Bit of post came yesterday: Obviously had to give it a run, with some other bits... The blue 156 has gone back in the box until I source some NORTHERNs. The 142 is next on the repaint list. I’m please with the 92, but need to see if there’s a way of turning out the lights in the cab... There’s also been doing some 2mm over the Bank Holiday weekend. Finally got the brake shoes started for the 060; I was going to go further then I realised I needed to fit and quarter the wheels before being able
  6. Looks great Matt! What did you use to finescale it? Is there a kit or is it a combination of kits/scratchbuilt? Thanks Simon
  7. Hello everybody! Hope everyone is well after the Christmas break? I had a dreaded attack of the transfers over the weekend and started numbering units... (transfers being the thing I reeeeeally dislike doing for those new to the thread) The whole 108 was numbered, and two middle cars were lined too... there’s just a bit of painting (including the roof and the window bars on this coach) and it’s complete - ready for use on Croft Spa when exhibitions get started again... The railtec numbers sheet is a boon - the plain blue 156 is numbered (vehicle
  8. Thanks Dave! Hope you had a very Happy Christmas! It’s been a crazy year on my workbench, not least having to keep clearing it for work calls, but I’ve really enjoyed exploring 2mm more and keeping the N for running. For the last few years there’s been a rail tour at Christmas on Gresby, even though Gresby’s in storage I could still run the tour. Today’s stock includes five of the first six wagons for the Gypsum train (with a substitute class 66 after the GBRF one failed), a DMU I can’t remember detailing, the Pipe Train, and the first run of the
  9. Morning everybody! Two more 2mm wagons finished this morning: Two ex-LNER fitted vans, one I started probably 12-15 years ago! The planked side one is BR coloured, the other is LNER bauxide. I need a bit more powder on the door of the ply sided one after the marking started looking rude when I varnished it... Oops haha! Simon
  10. Thanks Duncan, I’m pleased with how they’ve turned out - I’ve got 15-16 weathered and with couplings now (with nowhere to run them yet!) Hope you and Janet have a very merry tier 3 Christmas! Simon
  11. Thanks Nigel, I think I’ve just got the brakes to do, I was putting it off a little but now I’m in Tier 4 I’m sure they’ll be done in no time! Just to catch the thread up on what I’ve been upto, the answer is not a lot! I made a stock tray for the 2mm wagons and then set about finishing the wagons that go in it: I also finished the paint/detail job on the turned-down J94: The crew and lamp are Modelu (since taking this picture I’ve finished painting the lamp, and glazed it). I’m pleased with how it’s
  12. Looking good! And congratulations on the Maids Morton shot in BRM Cheers Simon
  13. I know what you mean on this - it’s the element of my layout I’ve really struggled with: stuff that’s not man-made! Can’t wait to see how you get on (and can’t wait to copy your techniques ) The gantries above look amazing! Cheers Simon
  14. Hello everyone, I sorted the clicking, I realised it was happening every time the smallest gear went round once, so I popped the gear out and rubbed each tooth with wet’n’dry (like I probably should have before sticking them on the muffs) and the clicking went I’ll give it another go with the cif and the drill and then I think it might be time to get the wheels fitted Lots to do! Simon
  15. Hi Ben, great news that they’re available to order again. Just to confirm: this time there’s no different options for DC/non-DCC as they’re all DCC ready? Will I need to do anything/remove anything to run it as DC or is it literally ready to go? Thanks Simon
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