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  1. I think we are all in the same position, ....
  2. Hello, I was hoping someone may be able to provide the following information .... What size and manufacturer's were the Turntables at the following three Southern region depots (in the era 1950-1965) , 70A - Nine Elms .... 71A - Eastleigh .... 72B - Salisbury .... Many thanks, Ian Bradford
  3. Thanks to the excellent response and help to a previous topic, ' ABS V4 Kit instructions', I was wondering if I could request more help. I am hoping to model 34004 Yeovil, 34005 Barnstaple and 34006 Bude. I have been successful with Bude and Barnstaple, but require another Westward W/C Original kit ? Anyone got one, two or more stashed away that they may be willing to part with ? Cheers, Ian
  4. Thanks to 'Merlin', I now have a set of instructions for the V4. Cheers, Ian
  5. To think, brand new out of the box a few weeks ago !! D842 Royal Oak .....
  6. As was I, waiting patiently for the 70' turntable ....
  7. Many thanks, let me know wen it arrives ... Thanks, Ian
  8. Hello, I am hoping that someone maybe able to help ... I have just purchased an 4mm ABS kit for the LNER/BR V4 locomotive, a kit I have been looking to source for a while. My problem is that the kit comes without Instructions, so I would be grateful if anyone with a set of instructions, could possibly help me by sending me a copy. Obviously postage costs etc will be re-imbursed. Thanks in advance, Ian Bradford
  9. The one on Ebay which sold a few days ago, apparently sold for £335, it looks from the Bids history as if there were initially three and then two buyers who really wanted it.
  10. Tony, could have your email address, as the one I am trying to use is obviously incorrect or it's my User error ! It was my mistake - apologies Cheers, Ian
  11. I hope you saw how much a wee Scottish Pug & tender (Anchoridge) went for on a popular auction site at the weekend !! Is the ABS V4 still available ?
  12. Hi, the Loco is a Martin Finney kit with a Korean brass Tender, powerful loco. I was lucky enough to purchase from a 'Gentleman' who was selling his collection. Photo of other loco (28xx) purchased which is from a Westward kit ... both beautifully built in my opinion ...
  13. One as the saying goes, made earlier ......
  14. Hello, I am hoping someone maybe able to answer a couple of questions, concerning Dorchester 34042 ? I want to model the loco in her original guise circa1958. My two questions are .... What colour would the Nameplate be , Red or Black ? What background colour would the Shield have , Cream or Blue ? Thanks in advance, Ian
  15. Just found this incredible thread - absolutely stunning ... Thank you for sharing ...
  16. Thought you may be interested in the attached photo, which is an Unrebuilt Royal Scot from an Alan Gibson kit ..... Cheers, Ian
  17. How about one of the High Footplate Caprotti Black 5's ??
  18. Apologies don't understand your reply ... so you are still going ahead with 15201 - 15203 ? Excuse if I have missed the obvious ... Ian
  19. But you are still intending to do a kit for SR Shunter 15201 -15203 ?? PLEASE .... Also a shame the Class 11 has been abandoned ... I would always have a couple .... Ian
  20. Still looking for ... Westward SR/BR West Country kit Also after a 'Modern Outline Kits' Class 14 diesel .... Please !
  21. Please excuse the question as to many I am sure it is obvious, but unfortunately not me .... I am having built a 4mm model of SR/BR G6 Class loco , The question is should it have 3-Link couplings or Screw Couplings ? With thanks, Ian
  22. There is at least another two completed Modern Outline Class 40's, I can confirm ..... Lovely kit ...
  23. Quick question regarding the FELL diesel, did the loco carry any works plates ? And if YES, where were they located ? Cheers, Ian
  24. Brilliant news about the progress of the SR 0-6-0 DE ..... Happy Christmas
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