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  1. I went to an exhibition in Stafford and an exhibitor asked if I would like to see his sack of real Welsh steam coal. I have looked online at the BRM site and I can’t see how to cancel my quarterly print subscription. Is that possible to do when calling for Gold or do I need to make a separate call to someone else? Tony PS It was Stafford, Texas not the other one.
  2. I haven’t used mine quite some time but I used the low power solenoids made by Peco and a separate power supply rather than use track power for the accessory decoder once they had been programmed.
  3. I am hoping there is going to be a Phil Parker video of the upgrade, Day One, Andy is very confident...
  4. Looks great on my Android phone and iPad. Thank you.
  5. I had the same message as Fatadder for a JPEG photo from iOS. It was over the file size limit. Sending a smaller version removed the message and the image posted.
  6. My iPad informed me there were new YouTube videos. I then came to see what was on RMWeb. Congratulations.
  7. It is a 4 function decoder. No sound. mc1_tech_reference(1).pdf MC1 Users Guide.pdf
  8. My City of Birmingham arrived. It did need lubricating at the spots indicated on the leaflet and moves freely now. It can have a proper run in tomorrow on my garage layout. The short track across my computer desk isn't really a good run for such a loco. I used (long long ago) to see the full size loco when I went to the Science Museum in Birmingham.
  9. I have my discounted ticket. I just followed the instructions. I did it this week using L18 and my subscription number with the leading zeros removed.
  10. Looking online suggests the Piko product is compatible with the Marklin system. So it will produce a short if put on a 2 rail DC or DCC system as the left and right wheels are connected, not insulated from each other.
  11. I am happy to give you an opinion on Lenz. I bought mine as that was the system used at a club I was a member of for a few years. I also have a few Multimaus handsets attached to my Lenz system and have the USB and ethernet interfaces. I never use the Lenz system for programming decoders, I have a separate Sprog system. Now I don't have a problem using the Lenz handset or the Multimaus (insert plural!) to drive trains but I do tend to use the Multimaus to operate points. I even managed to use it to control my Heljan turntable, I dont think i even considered the Lenz handset for that task. So, I am happy with it. It does everything I want. However if I were buying a new system I would consider some new updated fully featured system. Unfortunately I am not sure what they are! Your final sentence is the best idea, look at what people are using and try some. Best wishes Tony
  12. Mine has a Lenz Silver 21. It has five functions and works perfectly. Some retailers incorrectly describe the Silver 21 as being 4 functions but it is 5.
  13. http://steamlocomotive.info/vlocomotive.cfm?Display=580 is a contender!
  14. I have the Heljan turntable. It can cope with any of my Pacific locos.
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