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  1. That is about the size of our medium garden shed. The one that looks like a sentry box is smaller. Tony
  2. Morning all. It is quite misty here. Very Autumnal. Last year there were two flu vaccines available, one for over 65s and one for under 65s. I don’t think there was any competition between pharmacy and surgery. The pharmacist asked if I had had my jab and when I said yes , at the doctors, he said he was pleased. I haven’t ever had a bad reaction to flu vaccine and haven’t had flu since having them. I am not going anywhere today. Parcelforce should be delivering a small package. Tony
  3. The National Elf Service aren’t doing that sort of thing at present.
  4. I think when I was sent on a “management” course one of the strategies mentioned was top down planning. I suspect that does mean roof first then door.
  5. We have a small tool shed , visitors comment that it looks like an outside lavatory or a sentry box.
  6. Have you ever restored a hose before?
  7. My Grandfather told me that he used to wear his boots on the wrong feet to even up the heel wear. He walked from Acocks Green to the Longbridge Austin factory. He had a cobblers last too for diy shoe repairs. It ended up in my Dad’s shed and I as a small child was somewhat curious about its purpose. Tony
  8. I have a couple of Midland Red buses on my layout. Not on the bridges though. I have a model of the number 154 I used to catch to school. I also have a couple of Stratford Blue buses. They used to go to Stratford but there was a long distance service to Oxford. As I child I thought it would be exciting to go there on a bus but never did. The trip on the 154 was 4 1/2 d from the nearest stop to home. However it was only 4d (old pence for younger readers) from the next stop which wasn’t much further if you used footpaths near the park. Anyway these half pennies saved gave me enough for the occasional pack of crisps from the school tuck shop. Mum found a packet in my blazer pocket and made me reveal my source of cash. She said she would only give me enough for the bus fare for the 4d journey. My Dad did a “for goodness sake, he is walking a bit further, let him keep the money”. Mum replied that Dad was ignoring the extra cost of shoe leather. I think he gave up. Tony
  9. We used to stay in a nice hotel in Austria that weather permitting had a Grill Party in place of dinner. We had been to a few and enjoyed the food and the pleasant atmosphere in the garden. One year we had been out early one morning and returned as Robert the head waiter was putting all the staff through a rehearsal for the barbecue. It was quite a spectacle, he was like a choreographer. Tony
  10. I am not sure what our first non medical appointment day out since March will be. I suspect I am going to be encouraged to walk about. I will still need to avoid people. I suppose I could try and follow the route of the Canvey Monorail, no hills to worry about. However rather than try and find some ancient railway stuff I think walks round the bird reserve would be more sensible. We might even remember to take our binoculars, we have usually forgotten them.
  11. I thought it was the Eurovision Song Contest as I read the beginning of the pos
  12. I have a pannier; six-wheeler, scarlet painted, London Transport ...
  13. These are not super detailed models as they have to survive crashes. The Matra and Audi were body kits with chassis assembled to fit. The Oreca was painted but had bits missing so they had to be made from plasticard and filler. The chassis was for a 1950s Ford Fairlane. Tony
  14. Don’t be disappointed, it can be seen on the BBC iPlayer for a few more weeks.
  15. For that sort of thing I just assume it is in another strand of the multiverse and enjoy the general silliness.
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