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  1. That is what I keep telling myself and I am sure I could tie a lovely bow on my shoes without thinking. I never really wanted to go anywhere where formal dress was required to dine but it seemed mean not to when Aditi wanted to go on cruises where formal nights occurred ( I know about the cafeteria casual dress but Aditi liked her occasional opportunity to wear a posh frock).
  2. I wonder if Chris has considered buses. I am always amazed when in any reasonably sized town in Southern Europe that there are coaches departing for some quite long distance destinations. Not at the moment I suppose. There is normally an overnight coach from Paris to Madrid. When we have driven we now find what would have involved one overnight stop now has two or three.
  3. Aditi used to have to manage quite a few of those, (and counsellors too).
  4. Not another Led Zeppelin tribute band !
  5. Morning all. It is sunny here though the breeze is keeping it cooler than yesterday. Most of the rubbish has been collected, just the garden bin still to be emptied. I didn’t hear the earlier collections even though the windows are open. I may have been asleep. Tony
  6. https://www.warwickshirerailways.com/lms/halesowennorthfield.htm for some Joint Railway industrial scenery perhaps.
  7. I thought it was the answer to the Stationmaster Quiz of the week...
  8. I remember that milestone for Matthew too. Though with his dyspraxia if he didn’t frequently tie laces he would forget and have to learn again. I also remember one Christmas when we received a letter from acquaintances setting out all the educational, musical and sporting triumphs of their children, Matthew suggested replying they he had learned to tie shoelaces that year. Tony
  9. Morning all. It seems to be sunny and pleasantly warm already. The big event today is our food shopping arriving at about 11am. No bins today due to the Bank Holiday on Monday. I am confident that the doubled doses of medications I started yesterday is working. I had no trouble booking the blood test for a fortnights time either. Tony
  10. Ordinary slugs do quite a lot of damage whenever we try to grow hostas.
  11. I don’t have and apparently won’t require a pacemaker but after last night’s late night phonecall leap out of bed (Won’t do that again!) a normal BT ringtone could have the same effect as a class 373.
  12. By not making it an amendment to a constitution?
  13. The biggest ad on my page today is from Pocketmags and yes, I have ordered online magazines from them occasionally.
  14. Morning all. It is sunny and pleasantly warm at the moment. Aditi has done the shopping, that is, amended our order, and completed the payment details. Last night the payment portal was dead which after she had carefully completed everything was frustrating. I have set our phones to have a special ringtone for MiL in case she either accidentally rings late at night or early morning. However last night at 10.50 the phone rang with a non MiL ring tone I was half asleep,and Aditi was in the shower. Without thinking I got up too quickly to answer the phone. I won’t be doing that again, the effect on my heart was not pleasant. At least I will be able to tell the consultant that I have experienced some of the symptoms he said I need to look out for! And what was the call, neighbours ringing to say they hadn’t seen us out yesterday and were we OK. Tony
  15. All the cars we have had for ages now have had front fog lights. One day I was driving my present car when I realised I didn’t know where the front fog light switch was. It wasn’t where it was on the previous two Land Rovers. So when I reached the destination I went round the front and there were no fog lights. Problem solved. Tony
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