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  1. Here is one before I refitted the body. Decoder sits on top of motor.
  2. Thank you. I won’t now have to take the body off again.
  3. As promised. Ruston with body removed, blanking plate removed, Gaugemaster DCC23 inserted. I unwound the tape from the socket after removing the blanking piece. Some I put on top of the motor and some inside the bonnet top (just in case). If I were less idle I would have looked for my supply of Kapton tape. I checked everything was ok and reprogrammed the decoder from 3 to my chosen number. I positioned the decoder on top of the motor and reattached the body. A sensible person would have taken this opportunity to somehow insert a driver. Hope this helps. Tony
  4. I will report back tomorrow. I now have the loco and the Gaugemaster decoder. Tony
  5. Try https://howesmodels.co.uk/product-category/model-railway/Heljan-uk/Heljan-oo-class-14-spares/
  6. I am really saddened to learn about Jack. He was always helpful and positive. I suspect I first saw his work before RMWeb on Carl Arendt’s website. Tony
  7. I went to an exhibition in Stafford and an exhibitor asked if I would like to see his sack of real Welsh steam coal. I have looked online at the BRM site and I can’t see how to cancel my quarterly print subscription. Is that possible to do when calling for Gold or do I need to make a separate call to someone else? Tony PS It was Stafford, Texas not the other one.
  8. I haven’t used mine quite some time but I used the low power solenoids made by Peco and a separate power supply rather than use track power for the accessory decoder once they had been programmed.
  9. I am hoping there is going to be a Phil Parker video of the upgrade, Day One, Andy is very confident...
  10. Looks great on my Android phone and iPad. Thank you.
  11. I had the same message as Fatadder for a JPEG photo from iOS. It was over the file size limit. Sending a smaller version removed the message and the image posted.
  12. My iPad informed me there were new YouTube videos. I then came to see what was on RMWeb. Congratulations.
  13. It is a 4 function decoder. No sound. mc1_tech_reference(1).pdf MC1 Users Guide.pdf
  14. My City of Birmingham arrived. It did need lubricating at the spots indicated on the leaflet and moves freely now. It can have a proper run in tomorrow on my garage layout. The short track across my computer desk isn't really a good run for such a loco. I used (long long ago) to see the full size loco when I went to the Science Museum in Birmingham.
  15. I have my discounted ticket. I just followed the instructions. I did it this week using L18 and my subscription number with the leading zeros removed.
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