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  1. I have had trains running today. Yesterday while putting tools away I thought that the turntable on the layout was in a silly place so I removed the board it was on. I will repurpose it as some sort of engine shed module to play with indoors. The turntable board was replaced with a curve joining fiddle yard sidings which were previously unconnected. I am afraid to mention that there was no precise model engineering. I just connected some flexitrack so it looked right. I haven’t made it too fixed yet as I want to check that mist thing s run. On the main layout I had a Jinty with a few brake va
  2. I had a look on their website and they suggest the Crows Lane route for coaches and another route (Hackmans Lane) for cars. I had a look on Google maps streetview and the coach route looks a bit narrow and muddy.
  3. Aditi’s colleague said just because his mother gave birth to him in Haverfordwest didn’t make him Welsh.
  4. Was that the neighbour who mowed your new hedging or the nice ones who supply cake?
  5. Apparently St Davids in Pembrokeshire was a city once, then stopped being one ( it wasn't when we visited) but had its status restored in the 1990s.
  6. While camping near St David’s (camping shows how long ago it was) we bumped into Aditi’s work colleague who was in the area also camping with his dogs and two cousins from South Africa. He mentioned that he had been born in Haverfordwest. I innocently mentioned that I never knew he was Welsh. He was really indignant and insisted he wasn’t.
  7. We don’t have any Alexa devices so I thought I would try Siri on my iPad. “Can’t translate Welsh yet”
  8. I have mentioned this before but a GP Brother in law was driving to work when he heard a thump from the passenger side and saw something fall. He stopped and got out and found an old chap in the road being berated by his wife for not looking while he crossed the road. Anyway BiL goes over and the chap said “hello, Doc, I was in my way to see you, why are you here now?” He explained it was his car. He was concerned about the chap and called for an ambulance. The police arrived as well and the poor policeman got confused as why was his GP first on the scene. So he had it explained too, while t
  9. I have just checked and my compressor goes up to 4.5 bar and has a partial cage round the cylinder. It has a German safety certificate! Tony
  10. We planted one once, it is now everywhere requiring frequent hacking back. I was surprised that for something so easy to grow how expensive they were. But as the man there said “you only sell one to each customer. “
  11. Do you think they will be claiming on the guarantee? It was made in England.
  12. When we went on our first cruise in 2012 the person greeting us as we boarded asked if we had sailed with them before. Aditi said yes, in 1959 from Bombay to Tilbury. We were told their records didn’t go back that far.
  13. Not at all. Some ROSLA generation kids just resented being in school. The child in question was probably convinced if he exhibited stomach pains he would be excused the lesson. When nothing happened his friends suggested more Exlax and I believe he took rather a lot. Between asking to go , he had just enough time to get to the laboratory but not the lavatory door. His “friends” thought it was hilarious.
  14. That does remind me of one the more spectacular events from my time as a science teacher when one teenager was so keen to escape my science lesson he took a “friends” advice and swallowed a considerable amount of Ex-Lax.
  15. My nephew has recently transferred his German driving licence and car registration to Swiss. He said the process looked quite daunting but in fact it was very straightforward. It was the reverse for Matthew when he had to register in The Netherlands. Everyone said how easy it was but it was very complicated, well it was for him. The town hall kept moving his appointment so it was over a month after he arrived and his bank froze his temporary account until he had a resident number. This of course affected his mobile phone account and so on….
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