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  1. My nieces apparently thought of me while out today. Can’t think why!
  2. Dad would have been about 22 but by the time of his story would probably have been quite experienced having been a soldier since the age of 18. He didn’t mention the age of the tank commander who managed to decorate the turret area. Dad said that particular crew member was known for leaving his lavatorial needs until the last possible moment before action.
  3. Dad told a similar story, except that the hood got pulled up inside the tank.
  4. I have seen that before but the conversation was between a WW1 British officer and a newly arrived Australian soldier.
  5. We were staying in a hotel in Austria and there was a group of young Germans staying there. One of them (they all were colleagues in a department store) congratulated me on my spoken English. I said it was probably because I was English. They were more used to hearing American accents. I suspect nowadays a more American rather than British accent is taught. Aditi’s younger cousins English is more American than British. Aditi has another cousin married to a banker. They have travelled and lived in many different countries. One of their sons has been educated in US style overseas schools, the other in the British system. Both have ended up in the US though.
  6. When we were on QM2 a helicopter had to fly out to pickup two people who had become unwell after leaving New York the day before. Our cabins were on deck 13 next to the place where the helicopter lowered whatever they lower to the deck. We had to vacate our rooms and go to a lounge 2 decks down for safety reasons. We couldn’t see anything as all the security blinds were down. We could certainly hear the helicopter though.
  7. A friend recently got married. His wife was from Singapore and was a graduate/qualified teacher. I was I am sure many people know various people like to compare the UK system with that of Singapore. After her residence here was approved she looked for a teaching job. She was told her qualifications were not recognised as being equivalent. Eventually she applied for a job in an independent school. There the admin said while her Singaporean qualifications were not automatically recognised she could apply for them to be recognised. No problem as it turned out.
  8. I have mentioned before but possibly not in this thread that my son had his application to study for a Masters (MRes) degree in Sweden declined as his English Language qualification was inadequate. At that time he had a BA from Leicester and an MSc from the LSE so presumably had some grasp of his native tongue, in spite of a less than impressive GCSE pass.
  9. I have mentioned before that on a flight from Southend to Dublin the women sitting behind us thought that the coast (approaching Dublin) they could see was America as “Ireland is joined to England”.
  10. We were having a Zoom meeting with our new bank manager earlier this week. It was the first time we had spoken. This was mainly a get to know each other session. Anyway she asked about my accent as she couldn’t quite place it. She asked if I was originally from Wales or Liverpool. I explained I was originally from Birmingham. Aditi said she had been brought up in Yorkshire but the manager said she wouldn’t have known that from her accent. Anyway it was a nice chat and we will have a more focussed financial chat next month.
  11. On my iPad the signatures show in portrait and landscape. iPadOS 15.0.2 with Edge as browser. Edit I have just checked and the signatures are not displayed on my Android phone, in either orientation.
  12. I can’t imagine rectangular saddles were popular with jockeys or cavalry troopers. Perhaps a howdah?
  13. When we went to Slovenia it was as if Yugoslavia had never existed apart from a tour we went on to Tito’s summer villa. Trips to Croatia did reveal signs of the 90s conflict. Matthew went to Republika Srpska which is part of Bosnia but acted as if it were independent. He had also visited Montenegro and Serbia on other trips for geography conferences.
  14. Although I hadn’t been even near the former East German border I had for much of my life read spy/thriller novels about those who did. So when driving into (in 2010 I think) what had been the DDR it did seem odd.
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