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  1. Neil

    New forum software

    I may have solved the above problem, still a little early to tell but since I set notifications preferences the 'followed topics' box seems to be giving a true indication.
  2. Neil

    New forum software

    I'm still having issues with the 'followed topics' box which appears at the right hand side of the activity page. Most times it's full of random stuff but once in a while it has topics I genuinely follow. It's the IT equivalent of Russian roulette but without the risk of harmful consequences.
  3. Neil

    Bachmann USA Thomas 2019

    I imagine that the N gauge Percy will be of interest to those whose choice of scale and gauge is 009 or HOe.
  4. I've set up four bookmark categories, I may be doing something stupid, but some of the posts I've bookmarked show up in more than one category.
  5. Neil

    New forum software

    Further thought, much the same as Cornelius above. I wonder if it's like the public/private options for bookmarks?
  6. Neil

    New forum software

    My followed topics appears in 'activity' but not in 'browse'; not sure if this is a fault or not as I can see some logic why it would do so. Like Miss P it's full of random stuff which bears no relation to what I actually follow. However all is not lost because I can still get to all my genuine followed topics through the 'manage followed topics' function.
  7. Neil

    View New Content

    Try my suggestion one post from the bottom of page one; it seems to work just like the old forum's 'view new content'. Creating it as a custom stream and then saving it as your default has the advantage that it's always available wherever you are in the forum.
  8. Neil

    View New Content

    I seem to have created a reasonable 'view new content' facsimile as a custom stream. Click on 'unread content' from the white bar at the top of the page. From the filter bar, the white bar which starts 'show me' and ends 'sorting', click on 'read status'. In read status click on the first option 'everything' (I also changed time period from '7 days' to 'any time' but this is pure personal preference) Next click on 'save as new stream' (the box below sorting) Change the stream's name from 'unread content' to your choice of new name Then click on 'create stream' You should now notice that the stream title has changed to your choice of new name To the right of the new title are three dots, hover over the right hand one and the message 'set as your default stream' appears. Click on this and a direct link to your new custom stream appears above 'recent status updates' on the right hand side of the screen. Early days for me but it seems to behave in almost the same way as the old view new content.
  9. Neil

    NEW OO gauge Crowdfunded Class 92 initiative

    To be fair Lima and Hornby have also done Victor Hugo; might as well have a full house.
  10. Neil

    NEW OO gauge Crowdfunded Class 92 initiative

    I believe that your anger is misplaced. If the DJM 92 goes down the pan, then it's the decisions that DJM have taken that will be to blame. From time to time I've read the hard luck stories and excuses for delays, but others work with the same range of choices and manage to deliver models in a reasonable time frame.
  11. Neil

    New forum software

    Apologies if I've missed this but will the archived 2007 - 2009 forum pages be available eventually? I realise that this will be down the list of priorities and possibly an unrealistic expectation given the amount of traffic and storage the current forum must take up.
  12. A couple of suggestions from me. First the 'all activity' is cluttered with reactions and follows, I'd prefer just a list of posts and blog entries in chronological order. Secondly, my default activity stream 'content I posted in' is located differently from all the other activity stuff. I can understand why as it's accessible from both Browse and Activity. Would it be possible to nominate a couple of activity streams, I tend to swap from content I posted in, to content I started in a bid to keep up to date with my own contributions.
  13. Here, at the bottom to the right of 'Next unread topic'
  14. You should see a grey box with an up arrow, in the margin, bottom right of the screen. This takes you to the top.
  15. Neil

    Life in a Northern Town

    It was John Shaw who unwittingly set my train of thought off. I remember some remark about a proposed Clementhorpe layout, which as far as I know never materialised. Of course I wondered what route the rails might take to get there which brought me to the tunnelled link to Bishophill and beyond. The more I though about it the more it seemed to fit with the space I had and it allows me to build in some of my favourite bits of York, some of which still exist and some of which have been bulldozed and redeveloped in the period between my childhood and today. I have to admit to not thinking of Gallows Hill until you mentioned it, but yes in my minds eye it has a very close resemblance; thank you that's dialled up the believability a notch or two.

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