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  1. From memory the fork lift trucks at York Carriageworks in the late seventies were yellow and filth, Horizontal propane tank across the rear and without roll cage/bars. One of the drivers was a short bloke, as round as he was tall. Stood behind him in the queue at the works canteen I remember him saying, "extra spam fritter with me chips love, wife's got me on a diet so I can't have a pudding".
  2. I note that we're six months in, so it would seem that the difficulties and expense are not teething troubles but here to stay. Ironic really as the bit those responsible said they liked was the bit that facilitated easy trade between the rest of the EU and the UK. One thing that isn't clear to me is what would be the situation if sending a home made gift from the UK to an EU country, one which had no easily attributable monetary value? I used to make and sell a small range of narrow gauge resin kits. There have been times when I've sent them as gifts to friends. OK they had a mark
  3. Hello Dennis, another fan of Belgian railways here. My layout is significantly smaller than yours though, and set earlier in time. A friend of mine uses Tillig track for his UK set layout. A word of advice if I may, be careful of the metal tags for connecting wires to the point frogs. We have had multiple failures where the tag has come loose from the point. We now turn the point upside down, clean the rail and the tag and reinforce the joint with solder before laying the point. I'm looking forward to seeing your layout develop; Belgium is a lovely country,
  4. Just a thought, have we actually seen a production model in the flesh yet?
  5. As the title implies I'm part way through a build of the Parkside kit for this wagon. In BR maroon should the ends be maroon or black? All the photos I can find have been inconclusive. Many thanks.
  6. The Triang Nellie chassis block has an 8'6" wheelbase.
  7. While there are no white lines there are places where the road surface has been patched which would help break up the expanse of tarmac.
  8. I sent them an email about six weeks ago; as yet no reply.
  9. Excellent stuff Ian and so well presented. Like it lots.
  10. Here's a rather lovely slice of inspiration found on youtube, enjoy.
  11. Thanks Jon, since the photos were taken I've done a bit of sign writing and toned down the roof of the long block of buildings on the right hand side.
  12. Though the recent set of buildings were constructed to hide the hole that marks the transition from fiddle yard to scenic section I was aware that it was still just visible from some angles and particularly in photos. I've spent the last week or so modifying a pair of Triang Hornby bridges to plug the gap. To further camouflage the join I've scratchbuilt the rear side of a poster hoarding to sit on top. The weeds growing between the parapet and hoarding are the first bits of greenery on the layout. I've also been playing about with the positioning of some
  13. The roof sections look mightily impressive. Can I ask if the glazed sections will cover the entire roof or just a portion of the ends? I can see why you might want to have a less obscured view for the majority of the covered area but it would equally be a shame not to have the glazing continue for the full length.
  14. Thanks John, I've pretty wide ranging tastes in music but I've always liked this Oasis number and I thought it sort of fitted the video. Certainly a lot better than the dehumidifier clattering away in the background and me clomping about.
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