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  1. I've got to say that the rivets on the new version are rather too noticeable. That they catch the eye so much somehow takes away from rather than adds to the model.
  2. My thanks too. I would think what's painful for us as individuals must be worse when you're on the receiving end of the collective ire. I do appreciate the efforts you make on our behalf.
  3. Yes there is. If you use Firefox as your browser then as mentioned earlier there are settings which can be tweaked. Alternatively there is Adblock Plus (it's free) which gives an ad free experience. I have this and it's set to repel all adverts. Normally I set it to allow ads here as I know the revenue is part of how RMweb is funded. However while the pop ups are appearing I've had to activate for here as some of the ads were causing the pc to lock up. As soon as the pop ups go, I'll ret set the permissions.
  4. Last week I spent some time playing trains under the guise of testing reliability modifications completed earlier. By and large successful as issues were narrowed down to the adjustment of a couple of microswitches. While I played, sorry, tested, I took a few photos.
  5. I like the sense of space that the overall shots give and the 'other house' is one of those quiet masterpieces of model-making.
  6. Fourth option, Adblock Plus. I had it enabled for all browsing but set it to allow adverts here on RMweb as I believe that advertising revenue is an important source of funding for the forum. However the pop-ups are worrying as they're not always straightforward to shut down and on one occasion caused everything to lock up so I've turned on Adblock Plus for this site too as a temporary measure. It appears to successfully repulse the pop ups; but it's a blunt tool and suppresses all other adverts too. Hopefully the flirtation with pop ups will soon be over and more straightforward forms of adverts will take their place and I can reset Adblock Plus to how it was before.
  7. Yes I've been getting the pop up ad too. Ironically most have been for an ad blocker. They all seem to be reluctant to close, one of them locked up RMweb (yesterday Evening) to the extent that I had to close the tab and come back this morning to report. I realise that advertising revenue is important, which is why my ad blocker is set to allow ads here on RMweb. I really don't mind them when they don't interfere with the workings of the pc or laptop, but this present are a worry when the screen is greyed out like this and the ad is reluctant to close.
  8. Neil

    Mynydd Du

    So gravity trumps fancy engineering.
  9. I would guess (and it is a guess) that even if there was no onward traffic by the time the train had reached Cloughton it would have gone onto Scarborough for the return working.
  10. Neil

    EBay madness

    Thirty four pounds fifty for an empty box? Good news if you miss this bargain he does have another for sale. Careful, don't get trampled in the rush.
  11. Nice shade of blue on the Austerity, reminds me of this one at Smithywood  coking plant.
  12. Having spotted here that Monk Bar Models had the BR late livery version in stock I ordered one yesterday and it arrived this morning. Runs very nicely indeed. Here it is, looking far too clean, on the layout.
  13. Yesterday afternoon I placed an order with Monk Bar Models for an Oxford Rail J27 in late BR livery. I received a pleasant, personal e-mail at about four that day letting me know that my order was on its way. The loco arrived at around eleven this morning. That's less than twenty four hours from order to delivery. When I lived in York, Monk Bar Models was my local model shop and always offered outstanding and friendly service. Though I now live in mid Wales it's gratifying to see that the same level of customer care is present.
  14. Neil

    Mynydd Du

    I find that the last push to completion the hardest to do too. Weird as all that I consider to be hard work has been done by then. I wonder if in my case it's something to do with getting a bit complacent and taking my foot off the gas or perhaps it's the thought of the next interesting project to tackle?
  15. Neil

    Mynydd Du

    Another layout John. You seem to have some sort of finescale production line going. If you like bleak, down at heal Welsh colliery lines then I can recommend 'Visions of Steam - Peter Cavalier and Geoff Silcock - OPC' it's full of fabulously atmospheric photos.
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