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  1. Also progressing alongside the hopper has been an ex-LMS steel van from the Cambrian kit. I built it six or seven years ago but never got round to finishing it. Originally built for EM gauge I had to replace a missing buffer and brake lever, pop in some OO wheelsets and equip it with tension lock couplings. The body already had a coat of grey applied but everything else was in virgin plastic. Yesterday after the basic paintwork was in place I embarked on weathering the van. I thought I'd use the opportunity to describe the simple process I use for vehicles that rust. The left side and the door show the first stage where I apply small amounts of a home brewed dark rust shade (a mix of Humbrol 100 rust and 33 black) applied neat. By the time I've worked round the van it should have dried sufficiently for the next stage shown at the right hand side. I use a quite stubby, thick brush, lightly dampened with white spirit to pull the rust patches down the side of the van. The keys to this technique are that there should be very little white spirit on the brush, that the brush must be kept clean and that overworking the area should be avoided. It's not a precise technique that can be measured and planned, it works best when you're tuned in to exploiting the happy accidents when a rust patch begins to look 'right'. You might also notice that the run off nicely stains and darkens the underlying base coat a shade or two; for this reason I always paint wagons a shade lighter than I intend them to end up.
  2. It's always cheering to finish off a project. Today I was fortunate to have an easy win to ward off the gloom with the ex NER hopper ready for its transfers. Last night I'd gloss varnished the patches where the numbers were to be applied so this morning it was out with the transfers, followed by a coat of matt varnish. Once dry a splodge of thinned grey over the transfers toned them down and helped blend them into the body. It's not perfect or particularly finescale but it is a pleasing wagon which I can use to vary the appearance of coal trains on my layout.
  3. Pre-ordering or crowd funding isn't marketed as an investment but as an opportunity to purchase. As such it must have seemed a safer bet than stocks and shares where we expect volatility and uncertainty. I think it's reasonable to expect that payments made in good faith are managed competently and prudently.
  4. Sounds like you need to visit the Old Maps website. Enter the name of the place you wish to view in the search box. You will then get a list of the maps by date and their scales. You need to choose one of the larger scale examples as without subscribing to the site you're only allowed one zoom or increase in magnification; I'd suggest 1:2500 or 1:1250 will give the resolution you require. Here's a quick screen grab of the York Corporation yard which should show what you can get.
  5. I clean badly corroded or filthy wheels by putting leads directly to the motor and cleaning the spinning wheels with a Peco track rubber sharpened to a chisel tip. Take care not to put too much pressure on the track rubber to avoid motor burn out or disturbing the quartering of the wheels.
  6. Absolutely; though the colours have drifted some way from the original I did it to highlight the shape and regularity of the red patch. I'd obviously not recommend my doctored image as a painting guide but I find that playing about with saturation and contrast can bring out hidden shapes and detail.
  7. I've tweaked the image (contrast and saturation) which shows just how straight and even the bottom edge is. I'm pretty sure its paint rather than rust. The top edge I believe just shows the usual grime which accumulates in corners which if I'm right would suggest it's had the red top for some time. If you zoom into the photo there's a hint that the corresponding section of the two upper vertical handrails may also be the same colour as the bunker top. Haven't a clue why though.
  8. Just time for a quick round up of progress as tea is almost ready. First up refurbishment of a Slaters NER hopper, a ready built gift from Martin Wales, I've reset some of the joints, done a bit of filling, attached handrails and tension locks and at the moment it's part way through the paint shop. The photo shows it at an earlier stage of completion. Secondly I've made a start on installing the point levers shown a few posts earlier. They still await the associated micro switches fixing in position. The screws only arrived a couple of hours ago.
  9. I've fallen for Whitby's Bog Hall box. It's the right size, style and configuration for my 'Northern Town' layout. I have a drawing for the S4 box and I could attempt to alter the windows to the earlier style but I'm not confident of gettingb the proportions correct. Does anyone have a drawing that they would be willing to share with me or be able to point me at a source of one? Many thanks.
  10. Neil

    MRJ 275

    Does that make the Railway Modeller a gateway drug?
  11. I believe that 'making things up' is in vogue right now.
  12. If it helps any with fault finding I'm getting the odd out of order erratic post in my version of view new content. They seem to be limited to blog posts rather than forum content. This screenshot should illustrate what's happening for me ... .... and this one should show what filters I use to get my take on 'view new content'.
  13. Yorkshire would most likely be hut with the 'h' optional.
  14. Nice to see the green stuff growing over the layout CK. The simple card former technique for hedges can work well for trees too.
  15. This is a pretty sad reflection of how the prospect of Brexit has damaged life in the UK. It's polarised us to the extent that an upfront statement from Rapido, by the very people steering the company is not believed because it doesn't fit with one's currently held world view. If we're to make rational choices then we must start to trust others who have no particular axe to grind and then be honest with ourselves and others.
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