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  1. Thanks for the link. I've always thought that the Bing tank engines had bags of charm but I'm also taken with the printed tinplate wagons in the Trix Express set. The electrics do look lethal though.
  2. Dunk in warm water perhaps? Maybe try a few before submerging the lot in a hot bath.
  3. More on the transfers, those on the wagons are part way through the weathering process and it'll be several days before they're finished. However I can show you those which I designed to re-brand the ice cream van. Please bear in mind you'll be seeing them about four times larger than they really are.
  4. Works for me now. I notice that the original link had a full stop at the end which once I removed brought up the page. I see that the second link given doesn't have the full stop. Mystery solved I think.
  5. I'm afraid that the link tells me that it's "sorry this page does not exist".
  6. Here's how I do painted signs on buildings; fading is easy just apply less paint and more weathering.
  7. I have noticed that the home made transfers are a little thicker than those by Modelmaster and Fox. This might be because of the varnish layers on top; I need to experiment some more with this. If you look at the applied transfer at an oblique angle a feint white line is just apparent but this will go once the weathering kicks in. I'll try to illustrate this once I've properly finished one of the wagons.
  8. Spot on Rich, I should have mentioned that I used white transfer paper. I also stocked up on clear at the same time, though I doubt that it will prove to be as useful.
  9. As we've had some grey and wet days recently I've not been as motivated as I might to go out and work in the garage. Instead I've spent a lot of time at the computer putting together some artwork for home made transfers. So far I've drawn up advertising boards for a set of narrow gauge trams, graphics to re brand an Oxford diecast ice cream van and some wagon numbers for a batch of coke hoppers that have just been through the paint shop. The artwork was drawn up on Inkscape. It's only a little more complicated than MS Paint but it's far more versatile and because it's
  10. Costs of raw materials and energy costs also boil down to wages for those extracting/processing/transporting the raw materials and the profits extracted by shareholders; similarly for energy production.
  11. Trying to solve a problem that isn't there? I've only had one instance where fishplates failed to effectively conduct current and that was on a large 20' x 20' layout with handbuilt track using fishplates not designed for the rail section I was using. Cured with single stands taken from flex soldered across the joint. My current layout, garage sized, uses matching Peco track and fishplates. As I don't like wires soldered to the sides of the rails, power is fed to the fishplates, but only one for each section. Despite the tracks being spray painted, misted with water then flooded with dilute gl
  12. Not just appropriate for industrial use, it looks as though three made it to the GWR (via a couple of the South Wales companies) and then onto BR.
  13. The first house I bought was in the Groves about a mile and a half away from the station and sheds. It needed a new ceiling in the front bedroom. I couldn't believe how much filthy black soot came down when the old ceiling came down. Conversely our last house was a converted chapel in the middle of nowhere, when one of the 150 year old ceilings was replaced there was relatively little mess.
  14. Last week I finished wiring up the main control panel for the layout. The section diagram is temporary until I do a more workmanlike job. Happy with what I'd done I took some boxes of trains out to the garage to play and test the layout at the same time. Turns out that the microswitch on one of the points was stopping the blades moving full over. A quick five minute job to reposition it but I'm glad that the fault showed itself before I'd started to stick buildings and scenery down.
  15. Excellent, I look forward to it. This rather charming colour film from the fifties might help with the ambience of the city. https://player.bfi.org.uk/free/film/watch-historic-york-1950-online
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