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  1. Brilliant Bernard, many thanks for that.
  2. I've found this image of a 4mm (ish I believe) model caravan. Despite a spell of googling I can't work out who made/makes it or what it's based on. Can anyone help me identify the model and hopefully the prototype too. Thank you.
  3. I've no idea of the actual figures but some time ago (it might have been quite a while ago) I remember reading that the UK's top hobby was angling followed by railways in second place. Now I'm not sure if railways encompassed a general enthusiasm or models in particular but given that most who are interested in real railways are also interested in their small scale counterparts it probably doesn't matter much.
  4. The lowering mods look to be a partial success though compared with images of the real thing there's still some way to go to capture the look of the thing settling down on top of its bogies. Unfortunately there look to be other issues in the cab/exhaust area. I've borrowed Justin's excellent photo as it's clear and just at the right angle to illustrate what I mean. There's a gap top and bottom of the exhaust cover which shouldn't be there. It looks as though the cab can't seat properly which might account for some excess height and the gap at the bottom, not sure why there's a gap at the top though.
  5. Given that the current government have a world beating record of over promising and under delivery (is DJ one of Dominic Cumming's group of odd ball misfits?) then I think holding out hopes for mass testing is a fools game.
  6. I've just been reacquainting myself with the rather lovely BTF film Cyclists Special. Early on they describe how the need to transport lots of bikes safely was accomplished. The commentary says 'just take some of the cycle vans from the runs to the continental ports and put them in those'. The film shows a rake of PMVs in crimson with the cycle stencil familiar from the Bachmann model but intriguingly this screen grab shows the chalk marking 'via Calais'. Did these vans reach continental rails?
  7. Close but to a pedant (what me) no cigar. Maybe we need a big P button for 'you're being pedantic now'.
  8. When I scrapped Morfa before our last house move there was a lot of sentiment expressed about saving the layout but absolutely no takers for my tongue in cheek suggestion that I'd sell it with the chapel it was housed in. I salvaged buildings and bits, anything that was combustible went in our log boiler and the rest to the council skips.
  9. Ah a button wishlist. Excellent, could I have one for interesting/thought provoking please. None of the others quite fit this purpose.
  10. I absolutely love it. The last image has a touch of Magritte about it, perhaps it's the standard man in the hat or the dark background. There's some other worldly quality to the layout and it's brilliant.
  11. Since the last post matters have moved on some. Going back all the way to June I showed the rough outline for an industrial complex in the far corner. Since then I've built its sub base, installed and wired track followed by setting the rails into concrete (DAS clay). Here's the finished section fully fixed in place and ready to be connected up to the rest of the layout. Over on the other side of the layout I had a go at blocking in the height of the structures, roads and hardstanding to get an idea of the terrain. Once happy I cleared the area and have started the ballasting process. I'm using tinted sieved sharp sand, misted with a water and screenwash mix and glued with dilute Copydex dropped in place with a pipette. Unfortunately some of the colour has leached out of the sand so I think I'll be giving it all a waft over with some more black spray paint.
  12. That's a very neat re-purposing Al. I'd never have thought of the building over the track dodge, most ingenious.
  13. The more I look the more I'm inclined to believe that it's a Frankenstein chop job. Take a look at the C4 photo posted by Phil above and notice how the bonnet hinge line matches that of the bodyside beading now take a look at the cropped image of the Spanish van below and notice the mismatch. Also is it my imagination or does it have suicide doors like this Hispano Suiza van?
  14. I'd agree that the Citroen is the most likely candidate but there are differences in the shape of the doors, rake of the windscreen and the sides of the wings which follow the arc of the wheel to give a more closed appearance than all the other photos of Citroens where the side sweeps back parallel with the top. Could it be a local coachbuilt example where all the body from the scuttle back is bespoke?
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