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  1. Hello John, yes it does, or rather a bit of it does, in the hands of the Edinburgh & Lothians MRC. Link here. It's one of my all time favourites too, particularly in it's early version.
  2. The screw that's gone through the bonnet; cut a slot in the exposed top and use a flat blade screwdriver to screw it back down where it came from and all the way out.
  3. Since the last update I've concentrated on building buildings. First up is my version of the old Army and Navy stores at the top end of Fossgate. Like all structures I attempt these days, I started with a sketch which helps me work out what goes where and which features I want to focus on. It is very much an impression as the model features only the corner third of the real thing. It's also at the other side of the river from my supposed location in the Bishophill area of York, but it's one of those bits of York that I wanted to have.
  4. If it helps to identify problems, earlier this morning the site locked up on 'all activity' for me. I had to leave and then re-enter and go through 'browse' and 'forums' to find the topic I was looking for.
  5. Further fun with the camera, this time coal arriving into Bishophill Yard. I was in the garage to check the composition of the view block buildings, the brown card specimens seen right at the start of the video, and while I had stock and camera out I thought I might as well have a go at another short film.
  6. I've finally got around to working out how to use the video function on my camera and have spent the day playing around with it and a simple editing program.
  7. Liked that lots; the layout has a rather lovely finished, well established look. It's made me realise I need to work a bit harder in this department with my own layouts.
  8. Thank you both. I've been told elsewhere that the Q6 was right hand drive and looking at footage from the NYMR the preserved example looks to be rhd. Interesting that there may have been differences.
  9. I've just started populating my loco cabs and while it's easy to work out who goes where for most I'm having trouble with my Hornby Q6. I believe that they were right hand drive but did the driver stand, perch on the box that Hornby have moulded under the cab side windows or was there a tip up seat? I've searched the internet but can't find a photo of the cab interior to give me a clue. Many thanks.
  10. There has been a sudden influx of railwaymen on Northern Town. A pair of them clambered aboard a 9F, the others await allocation.
  11. Excellent photos, but I wondered what the plural of grampus was? Are they like sheep where you can have a sheep or several sheep? Should it be grampi? According to one internet source their marine namesake in plural form should be grampuses; I rather like that.
  12. More from the BBC this morning on the extra costs to the customer or recipient of gifts.
  13. Ah yes, those pesky unelected Eurocrat's in Brussels making life easier and more affordable for us all.
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