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  1. Thanks, makes sense reading it again, but wasn’t sure if you meant the real motive power or yours.
  2. Where do you have the info on the motive power from? I've done LOADS of digging into this proposal, seen the documents lodged with the Board of Trade that are now in the National Archives, but never found any firm information on the motive power. There was provision for steam or electric, and it was 3'6", but I've never seen anything on the HLR relating to motive power.
  3. I own a copy of the Rural Transport committee documents describing those lines. There's definitely some modelling potential in there!
  4. I am, Ken, though I VERY rarely post on here nowadays. In answer to the question, been there, done that, exhibited it, got the t shirt Although, my version went the other way - the plans were for a 3'6" gauge line, and I modelled it in 2'6" gauge using 009. My layout is the one that features in the photos in the RM article. There were several proposals for a railway line on Skye, so you needn't model the narrow gauge one when there was actually a standard gauge proposal - opposite the Kyle station and operating up to Portree. It was proposed by the Highland Railway, so if you went for that you could have the fun I've had and imagine what could have been for one of the other proposals. More info on what I got up to on my website: https://hlrco.wordpress.com Here's a teaser: image by invercloy, on Flickr
  5. We've just launched a Narrow Planet Facebook page. https://www.facebook...027?sk=timeline Obviously we'll continue to update you with developments here, but if you want another way of seeing what we're up to please like and share our page.
  6. We've just launched a Narrow Planet Facebook page. https://www.facebook...027?sk=timeline Obviously we'll continue to update you with developments here, but if you want another way of seeing what we're up to please like and share our page.
  7. Noted, Mike. There used to be a 'splash' page to do just that on a previous incarnation of the forum, but it must have disappeared when it was upgraded. I'll suggest it gets reinstated to the owners Halton Boy, I'll pass that on and see what we can do. PM me in a few days if you've not heard anything.
  8. As a moderator of NGRM I can confirm the question was put in place to avoid excess spam attacks, there's nothing sinister behind it. Far from it, it's trying to retain a friendly, lively forum dedicated to narrow gauge modellers. I've asked Matt who runs the techy side of things to look into it. Halton Boy - is that the username you registered with on NGRM? Just in case that helps us narrow down the problem. Thanks, Tom
  9. Regretfully I've had to withdraw Isle Ornsay from appearing at the show. Due to the continued bad weather I'm likely to be staying on shift patterns at work for the foreseeable future. Apologies to anyone who was expecting to see it there. The layout will be appearing next at Narrow Gauge South at Sparsholt in April (if the b****y rain stops!).
  10. Thank you, Rick, I'm really pleased with how its going so far.
  11. More progress on rocks and water... Inspired by a visit from my mate Chris to discuss a micro layout project, I decided to fish two of the boards out of the loft to continue the rock painting. To do this I also needed to add a couple of small patches of plaster to the base of the rock casting at the rear of the layout. Once this had largely dried I cracked out the acrylic paints. I've added the first coat of dark acrylic paint to the next sections of rock and stone walling. The paints used are acrylics by Windsor & Newton, and the colour used is a mix of roughly 60% Payne's Gray and 40% Raw Umber in quite a thick mix. This is applied over the entire surface, stippled into all the recesses, to give a dark colour to act as shadows. This will then be matched into the section I've already completed dry brushing and adding washes with the acrylics, and finally using pastel pencils as before. As you may have spotted, the sea has gotten a bit whiter in front of the pier. This is just some Woodland Scenics 'Water Effects' that's been added to give a bit more texture. I applied small blobs of the product across the flatter areas of sea. I then stippled the surface with my finger to pull small peaks up across the entire surface. If i need to repeat this process to get the desired finish that should be ok. It will dry clear, so the paint effects should show through well. The black was completely dried this morning so I moved on to the dry brushing. Here's the colour palette I have used: Its a mix of pale umber, burnt umber and raw sienna in varying amounts. This was then dry brushed sparingly onto the blackened rocks to give the base colour to work from. When this has dried well I'll add some washes of varying colours and perhaps a little more dry brushing after that before cracking out the pastel pencils to detail. Here are the results of the Woodland Scenics 'Realistic Water' being applied to the areas between the waves... I'm quite happy with them. The varying surface is quite reflective and catches the light at different angles, so it actually sparkles a little now, just like the real sea which is a very pleasing result
  12. Shunting is definitely possible - see this thread on NGRM for tips: http://ngrm-online.com/forums/index.php?/topic/8880-shunting-in-009-is-it-a-bad-idea
  13. Heljan kindly provided the details to the 009 Society for display at the Convention, which I pulled together into the display along with the CAD images. They mentioned that the the price is APPROXIMATE, but all other mentions of price have been in the same ballpark. £185 seems perfectly reasonable to me when you consider that a Backwoods Miniatures kit (which is the most comparable in terms of quality based on the details Heljan have provided to date) costs £92 and that requires lots of soldering of bodywork and chassis and lots of time invested in it before you get it to run, let along paint, details etc. It's a bold venture by Heljan, and from the details provided so far they seem to be heading in a very good direction in my opinion.
  14. I've done a little more tonight. The paper mache that Emma did the other day has now dried, so it's received the first coat of brown paint. When this is dry I'll need to add a little more plaster around the edges of the rear plaster castings to blend them into the surrounding ground/coast/baseboard edge. More interestingly, I've been adding some 'wavelets'. This is done using some clear artist's gel. I like using artist's materials, they seem to suit my way of doing things on the layout. A thin coating of this was applied to the entire sea surface that I've painted so far. I stippled it on to gives a gloss coating with a little texture. I then piped on some thin sections of the gel and shaped them into a few small waves to add some additional texture to the surface between the main waves. We'll see how it dries...At the moment it's a bit of a fight to keep them in the right shape as it dries...
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