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    Interests include walking, reading, music, comedy, eating, travel, talking, shopping and driving....aka Life! My railway interests include BR Blue 1970-1980's, Motorail, Cross country services and the Rio Grande. I currently model in n scale and am constructing a layout of Kensington Olympia.

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  1. My undercoat Transit has also lost a wing mirror (nearside) but the print lines don’t seem as pronounced as yours.....although I can feel them under my fingernail. I’m going smooth mine, I’ve done two of the marinas and the roofs are a lot better, snapped the wing mirrors off them. They are very, very fragile. I did post an upside picture of the painted cars and van on the previous page.
  2. I’ve found a couple of my CWNs. From the Central division 1981. SO no train Numbers listed 0540 ECS Fratton Yard to Eastbourne via Haywards Heath 3SK 1BSK 5SK 1NAV 0849 Eastbourne to Newcastle ditto 0720 Newcastle to Eastbourne ditto 1845 ECS Eastbourne to Margate ditto 1984 SO 5F98: 0536 Fratton Yard to Eastbourne via Haywards Heath 1BSK 3TSO 1BSK 5TSO 1NDV ( dual heat 90mph BG) stables up siding then forms 1E12: 1010 Eastbourne to Newcastle ditto runs until 30/6 them from 8/9. 1O43: 0810 Newcastle to Eastbourne ditto
  3. 3rd Boxcar Models on Shapeways do a 63 stock cab. This just plugs into the end of a Farish Blue Riband Mk1 once the existing end has been cut out BR 63 stock cab Sandy also does the intermediate 63 stock gangways these are a straight replacement for the existing Mk1 gangway. 63 stock gangway I used these on my 4TC.
  4. I’ve found that if you ask RailNscale to resize things for 1/148 they will do so.
  5. This is the Rover SD1 again in primer.
  6. Not much done or the weekend, on one of the board joints the tracks are miles out for some reason. I might have to desolder and refix them. We spent today stripping wallpaper in a bedroom......., our decorator rang Saturday night to say he’d had a cancellation and could start with us on Monday. We weren’t expecting him for a month or so.
  7. My order arrived yesterday including a Rover SD1....I’ll pop some pictures up tomorrow. The seller has increased the number of items available again, including some twin packs.
  8. Very nice.......The base should be stainless steel finish...certainly on the Quickfare machine. Black for the PERTIS I think.
  9. I’ve had a quite a few bits and bobs from Peedie Models too....good items and super quick postage. I spent a few years on BR installing the Quickfare machines as I worked for BR Business Systems and prior to that as Brighton area ticket machine coordinator. They are very heavy and had to have a deep concrete base to support them. The moving and lifting but was done by a London firm Fox Brothers? who normally moved and installed safes. We had a machine like these, a B8050 stolen from Cholsey station, completely gone, no trace. At BRBS we had an internal newsletter
  10. N is the type in this case the BG....N is probably for Newspaper. A is the sub type......A version will be the standard type B version will have some modification and so on.... V is the brake type, vacuum in this case.
  11. Well apart from the Control panel the wiring is complete.....hopefully!!!! I have a few Dapol signals to add but these will get their own wiring circuit or I’ll power them with a 9v battery. It’s been such a nice day today that I’ve had the chance to take two baseboards out in the garden and spray paint the ballast. Despite what I thought was a decent amount of masking the track colour still got through in a few places so there is a bit of remedial painting to do. The boards have now all been reattached, but need levelling up. Tomorrow will be a tidy up day
  12. I’m hoping that’s the case. I left some constructive feedback with the seller who is aware of the issue. I should get my next order over the weekend. For the price they are pretty good...and only £2.50 for the unpainted ones.
  13. Just managed to watch the episode in full...series 3 is on the ITV hub. Superb episode and one in which the Sweeney don’t get their man.
  14. I’ve recently come across this new range of 3D printed 1/148 vehicles......they come either ready painted or in undercoat for you to paint yourself. They are on eBay, seller redandy767 So far vehicles include Mk2 and Mk3 Escorts, Morris Marina, Rover 3500, Mk1 Ford Transit and coming soon Rover SD1. Link to more details on the road vehicles HERE
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