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    Interests include walking, reading, music, comedy, eating, travel, talking, shopping and driving....aka Life! My railway interests include BR Blue 1970-1980's, Motorail, Cross country services and the Rio Grande. I currently model in n scale and am constructing a layout of Kensington Olympia.

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  1. I really really am out of brick plasticard now......thought I’d found another partial sheet but it was 4mm! A little bit of progress with the monster that is Charles House. Four main external walls walls to build plus complete the top floor and add things like flag poles, access and Hvac.
  2. I do have an older jag model and a Capri so it wouldn’t be difficult. Both The Professionals and The Sweeny were filmed around the area too.
  3. A bit more research for photos of the Kensington Tavern I discovered via the excellent www.minder.org website that the pub had been the Bricklayers Arms with a rather horrid paint scheme. Arthur’s Jag nicely in the shot.
  4. So....not much modelling done, too hot...so sensibly we’ve been doing some gardening! We had this visitor to our garden today.
  5. On the third attempt last night I got to the head of the queue for an online chat........MrSite / TSOHOST are retaining the domain name side of things, you get a free year at Wordpress and you can transfer the domain names. I got them to give me instructions on how to do this as I’m not that tech savvy! So not a complete waste of an hour or so sat in an online queue. Watch this space.
  6. Thanks Nestor, I’m just doing some drawings for some more..........who made London so......urban!
  7. Just had an email from MrSite who host www.1S76.com and the Brightonmrc.com website to say they are closing down on the 30th of June. They are suggesting that people should move to Wordpress, who they have made a discounted deal with. I will certainly move the Brighton MRC site as it wouldn’t take too much to rebuild, not many pages.....but 1S76.com is a different matter. Any thoughts from anyone or do I close 1S76.com down.
  8. ...........ho ho ho.........I always try and avoid odd numbers when drinking!........pint of Harvey’s IPA followed the Best.
  9. Been another lovely day, so to finish off a pint of Harvey’s Sussex Best with dinner.
  10. The three walls now attached to Charles House....and two more walls cut out. I am now out of brick plasticard so an order is going in to Slaters.
  11. Another music connection for the layout... Franks was used for the album cover of Common People......this is in addition to the Queen connection for The Kensington pub, not yet built......
  12. Hi Grahame the frames are just an Evergreen strip, 110, 15 thou x 20 thou. I then ran over them with a black sharpie. The frosted bottom panes are just grey paint on the inside of the clear plasticard.
  13. Probably the smallest building for Kensington Olympia. Franks Sandwich Bar..........just the awnings to add.
  14. It was the 6th of May the last time I did any work on Charles House....it’s still a long way from finished. Got the three completed walls glazed and loading bay doors added. Just 7 more walls to complete for the main building plus all the top storey work.......................
  15. Open for business.................
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