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    Now available in Haxby.
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    Interests include walking, reading, music, comedy, eating, travel, talking, shopping and driving....aka Life! My railway interests include BR Blue 1970-1980's, Motorail, Cross country services and the Rio Grande. I currently model in n scale and am constructing a layout of Kensington Olympia.

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  1. Not much progress this week but have managed to find time to sort out the last bit of retaining walls. Just one pillar to complete........and the copping stones.
  2. Does anyone know if R Parker are still supplying? Not seen any adverts for ages.
  3. As has been said the c31s worked the BTM to BTN..... I was duty Train service Manager for the Sussex Coast area when one of the Locos was reported out of fuel at Worthing. The second loco ran out of fuel at Southwick. All around it class 377s. We had one 4VEP at Lovers Walk and this was sent wrong road to Southwick to drag the train into Hove and clear the line. This duly happened with the grids on the 4VEP glowing a bit! A couple of days later the 4VEP blew up whilst on an East Grinstead working bring the job to a stand still......can’t remember the unit number.
  4. A little delivery this week included five Lemke Minis....Opel Rekord. Two estates, two saloons and a coupe. 1/160 scale but by careful placement they’ll be fine. From a distance the shape is a bit Vauxhall Vivaesque.......is that a word?........It is now. As usual they are far to shiny......and why do manufacturers make revolving wheels on n gauge cars?
  5. I’ve just arrived from Hawaii....... Honalulu? No on a surf board! I’ll get my coat.........
  6. Would like to see the D series cab and Mk1 Transit come to fruition.
  7. The Scania cab is now available as a Skip lorry There also seems to be a Modern tractor and a 1970s? MF tractor
  8. There’s never a groan button when you want one.
  9. Well 107 1/2 got us a top 3 placing....9 points behind the winners though. Music round included the BBC Cricket theme music....which I got right. I do know some crap!
  10. Got one set of jumpers installed today...poor. I did at least get the last images scanned and files reordered for the next book....as a treat this is the last image scanned but No 69 in the book. 1009 Western Invader at Bristol Temple Meeds. Working 1M26 the 1320SO Weymouth to Derby. 14/8/76.
  11. Best laid plans...got nothing done on the layout, other than dig out the next interboard jumper to fit and clear the room out a bit. I did finish scanning the slides for the Table 51 book, just the captions to complete! Hopefully better luck today, need to get the retaining walls finished at least.
  12. This is the n scale buddleia. A very grey morning here in Yorkshire and it’s raining.....again. Other than waiting in for the Velux engineer to arrive and replace a glazing unit that has a thermal crack right through the inner pane it looks like I’ll have time to do some modelling! Charity Curry Night quiz tonight too...first one since lockdown in March. I’m hoping for a decent score.
  13. until
    Brighton Model Railway Club will be holding another sales day at their clubroom on Saturday the 21st of September 2020. 1000 to 1400. This will replace the exhibition that should have been the same weekend. On sale will be collections of secondhand locomotives, rolling stock track and accessories etc. I expect the huge pile of magazines will be available to help yourself to. If you are interested in joining the club, members will be there to have a chat to and show you our facilities. This will of course be subject to any social distancing restrictions that maybe in force at the time. No admission charge. The clubrooms are in London Road Railway station Shaftesbury Place, Brighton BN1 4QS
  14. Yesterday’s Metcalfe delivery at the shop included my last pack of retaining walls. These have been assembled to do the western side of the station the rest will be on the eastern side.
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