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    Now available in Haxby, York.
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    Interests include walking, reading, music, comedy, eating, travel, talking, shopping and driving....aka Life! My railway interests include BR Blue 1970-1980's, Motorail, Cross country services and the Rio Grande. I currently model in n scale and am constructing a layout of Kensington Olympia.

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  1. Hopefully not, I think most photos will be taken from a low angle……..and it’s a bit of advertising for the address…..OK we don’t do beer! The board will be powered so that DCC equipped stock can have its lights on etc.
  2. Thanks…….Maybe a little more than 10 mins…..
  3. Nothing done to the layout this week as I’ve been at work in the shop and have more or less completed a project for them. There is a new website and EPOS system coming…so to avoid having to use stock photos for the website an N gauge and OO gauge diorama are being made…….Guess who’s building the n gauge one! This is progress so far. Chipboard shelf off-cut 47 cm x 23 cm, a scrap bit of battern used for the embankment and covered in papermache ( best thing to do with an old Sunday Express ). Ratio fencing and telegraph poles. Spare code 55 track. Woodland scenics for the greenery an
  4. Yes it’s not far off. I remember moaning when it went over a £1 a litre!
  5. I used the smaller wheels on this trailer.
  6. I raided my wife’s stash of dressmakers pins……these have different coloured tops. This is N gauge but they are overscale.
  7. My copy arrived at the weekend. Very enjoyable read thank you Grahame……and printed on decent paper too!
  8. acg5324

    Farish Class 319

    Might have to get one…even though Olympia is set in 1980-6. Spent many years commuting on them, firstly to Kings X then Croydon, Blackfriars, Croydon again and finally Three Bridges. Even been evacuated from one via the nose end cab door.
  9. Thank you very much for the comments……couldn’t leave my Dad out! Next book is table 51 the NE-SW route, I’m in the process of finishing the Olympia book.
  10. The LNER Azumas are in stock at Monk Bar Modelshop in York.
  11. .....a walk round the corner from work to Boyes in York to see if they had the Vallejo skin tone paint set in stock....to no avail.....however they did have this non PC set of skin tones which are more than adequate! not sure I’ll find this kind of fairy on the streets of West London.......but then again......
  12. Nothing done on the layout this week, but some supplies have arrived......some 3D figures from Modelu.
  13. .....and from RailNscale 1990 Chrysler Voyager, Dodge Caravan and 1997 VW Golf Mk4.
  14. That’ll make painting the chassis easier too.
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