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    Now available in Haxby, York.
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    Interests include walking, reading, music, comedy, eating, travel, talking, shopping and driving....aka Life! My railway interests include BR Blue 1970-1980's, Motorail, Cross country services and the Rio Grande. I currently model in n scale and am constructing a layout of Kensington Olympia.

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  1. ….it’s Addison Bridge Place.
  2. A little building completed today. This is an electricity sub station that blocks off the road….I’ve forgotten it’s name… that runs past Franks Cafe and parallels the railway line at the south end of the station. Card frame, plasticard outer and roof.
  3. Yes Grahame’s London Bridge buildings have been an inspiration. So much so that I’ve adopted his card shell method of construction. Yes I’m from Brighton only moved from the city just over four years ago, my wife is the Yorkie.
  4. Thanks for the comments about Olympia…..it’s Andy Gibbs by the way. Superbly atmospheric photos. I remember a few visits to Shirebrook back in the day….grim was the word….but oh so many locos especially at the weekend.
  5. The samples were at the PECO event at Monk Bar Modelshop in York. Loco expected in January. link will take you to some pictures.
  6. The PECO event at Monk Bar Model Shop in York brought samples of the expanding Bullhead range…its not far off being released. Clicking on the picture will take you to some pictures.
  7. From the Model Bus Zone website…… Special EFE Model For Bachmann Collectors Club Event Bachmann are organizing a special Practically Perfect Sale event for members of the Bachmann Collectors Club on Sunday 26th September at Great Central Railway, Quorn & Woodhouse Station, Woodhouse Road, Quorn, Leicestershire. Entrance to the event is free to club members only, although non-members can gain instant access by joining the club on the day. Bachmann will have a wide selection of returned or refurbished Bachmann Branchline, Graham Farish and Bachmann Narrow Gauge models on sale, all at exceptional prices. Additionally they will also have an "EFE model for sale which has never previously been offered for sale – a true collectors item!" There's no further information regarding what type of EFE model is being offered, so it could be a bus, lorry or something else!
  8. …and EPBs, SUBs, could argue HAPs and SAPs…..then there’s the DEMUs…….if anyone ever does a 6L or a 6B……which operated on all three divisions….I’m in!
  9. They are a 3D printed item from Smart models https://www.smartmodels.co.uk/index.html
  10. I just work at MBMS part time. they aren’t on the website yet so give the shop a call 01904 659423 the order can be taken that way £3.95 postage.
  11. Hi

    Re the PC90 kits.  do you have two for sale please ?

    I can make a card or BACS payment if necessary.


    Many thanks


    1. woodenhead


      Why not visit the shop site and order from there:



  12. As they say you learn something new every day.
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