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    Interests include walking, reading, music, comedy, eating, travel, talking, shopping and driving....aka Life! My railway interests include BR Blue 1970-1980's, Motorail, Cross country services and the Rio Grande. I currently model in n scale and am constructing a layout of Kensington Olympia.

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  1. Yesterdays Diecast announcements are here......scroll to page 3.....then further down the page for 1/76 etc.
  2. Finally cracked it......the rest of the ODC announcements
  3. First quarter 2020 announcements. For us N gaugers not very much again. The National Express MW will be good for me. Can’t get the 1/76 scale to display for some reason.
  4. The baseboards have finally been correctly bolted together and the G clamps removed. Now to plan out the revised approach to the fiddle Yard. This is the Willesden end of the layout and the southbound side of the yard plus the revised crossovers and access to the Motorail loading platforms. Points laid out to see if it fits.
  5. Yes it is a shame, that’s rather down to me as I was late getting it to the publishers.
  6. One of my first jobs as a Relief Clerk at Brighton was being trained up to operate the switchboard. I vaguely remember Pullman car shed being on the board, although the Buffet cars calls went to Travellers Fare by then.
  7. As far as I know it was heading for Brighton as the Seagulls used it for the team transport attached to the main train. This is is my caption for the picture..... Taken from the now demolished Essex House at Croydon, an unidentified class 73 heads south with the 1330 Bricklayers Arms to Brighton vans. A Mk1 Metro-Cammell Pullman car is the first vehicle behind the loco. This is believed to be E315 'Heron' enroute to Brighton to convey the football team to an away game This part of Croydon has changed a lot over the years, looks quite nice here.
  8. 47258 Sonning 9/8/77. Unidentified class 73, East Croydon May 1979. Unidentified class 31 Basingstoke 1980
  9. My 5th regional BR book, The Scottish Region in the 1970s and 80s, will be published in mid March. The link is to a few photos from the book.
  10. Whilst the book isn’t due to be published until mid March my copies arrived at the weekend. Some pics from the inside.
  11. My Sturgeons arrived Friday, just in time for an outing at the Yorkshire NGS meeting on Saturday. Very very free running, great detail and finish. Thank you.
  12. Caboose Hobbies when they were in Denver CO. Central Hobbies Vancouver BC. BC Shaver and Hobbies Victoria BC.......repatriated two old but new Dapol HST sets from here for under £75 each. Shop even said where did you find them!
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