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  1. It's been quite a while since I've had any meaningful time for my hobby, in any form, so I was just passing through, so to speak. What a timely treat! Thanks Michael
  2. Thanks Colin. I was thinking of the Manchester-Bury Class 504 specifically but it's not something I'll tackle for a while yet because I'm still only mid-way through building a DC Kits one, after at least two years. One day though…
  3. vorsprung durch technik… mit weissbier
  4. Thanks Bachmann, what a good range of new models. It was inevitable that the Class 40 would still need a Shawplan windscreen etch and a few tickles here and there for us 'fussier' modellers (me) but I'm just grateful that, at first glance at least, we'll no longer need to hack about old Limas and mate them to Bachmann's older 40.
  5. Hmmm… tempting me to scratch-build a Manchester EMU. Must be so satisfying to build something this well from scatch, impressive work Colin.
  6. It was just speculation on my part but I'm wondering if there might be a double benefit for BM, as someone like me, for instance, who would like a hanful of Jubilees on my fleet. I would buy an EasiChas or two, for converting RTRs, then very probably buy the full kit for when I felt my skills were up to tackling it.
  7. Mike (mikemeg), looks like you'll have a few of us poring over your Jubilee conversion and I'll be another one. Unfortunately, Brassmasters appear to have dropped their plans (temporarily at least) for a Jubilee detailing kit but that could be because they didn't expect the Bachmann model to be so good - it's so much better than Hornby's Black 5 - or that they are now planning an EasyChas for it. So my Jubilee conversion from, you guessed it, Hong Kong, to 45634 Trinidad will have to wait a while too.
  8. Exquisite modelling Colin… once again you've provided proof that brass is not 'the only way'.
  9. I've been all in a twizzle, mixing me terms… pixellated for digital images being used too large - fuzzy, soft or grainy (delete as applicable) when the same is being done with conventional photographs. MRJ seems to be publishing an increasing number of them all, which sometimes can result in the printer, wrongly, getting the blame. I also mentioned in my post above that something looked like it had been 'badly scanned with a copy camera'… which is complete rubbish, as a copy camera doesn't 'scan' at all!
  10. You may well be right. I'm not sure how MRJ is produced but if it's anything like an old magazine that I used to work for many moons ago, I suspect that it could be typeset with an old computer onto paper 'galleys' which are then stuck onto page layouts using a waxing machine. Some of the regular bits, such as the issue number (above the editorial) would remain on the layout for issue after issue and would eventually become distorted if not replaced… and looking at a sample comparison issue (no. 177), said issue number is distorted in exactly the same way as 218. I can't explain the ragged type you refer to, such as the editorial itself, except that it looks like it's been badly scanned with a copy camera. Again, compared with issue 177, it does appear to be much worse in the two latest issues of MRJ that I skimmed through. Whilst I love MRJ I must admit that I'd like to get hold of it and, whilst retaining its visual identity and core values, just bring it into the 21st century production-wise… like having large, beautifully sharp images, crisp typography set to a grid, having paragraph breaks in enormously long captions and not having the ends of articles being shoved at the back of the mag.
  11. That V2 looks like a great donor for a weathering project
  12. To me it looks more photography-related than a print problem, particularly with the Brent Plus feature. It sometimes seems to be the case with MRJ, possibly with the increasing use of digital images enlarged beyond their optimum size, that the larger images appear to be slightly out of focus.
  13. Good to see you're getting back on track, so to speak… your modelling and photography just get better!
  14. Nowt so queer as folk, as they say in Yorkshire… but nowadays, someone's bound to complain about use of the word 'queer'. Looking forward to seeing New Hey (and its bogs) 'live' in the future.
  15. That image of the signal box on the gentle curve is pure Highlands railway atmosphere… a wonderful pic Richard.
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