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  1. Hi, Dapol N Gauge D1015 'Western Champion' Golden Ochre With Small Yellow Panels Limited Edition: https://www.cheltenhammodelcentre.com/locomotives~1069-c/Dapol-n-gauge-d1015-western-champion-golden-ochre-with-small-yellow-panels-limited-edition~d1015-p.html?fbclid=IwAR1EjDxCfp_mdWMA7HvG4-wXkDpwgtvxsYenwOWcRCAW1QREkq40O_QcLzc Osborn Exclusive OSB012 Dapol Western D1000 Western Enterprise Desert Sand small yellow e(weathered): https://www.osbornsmodels.com/osborn-exclusive-osb012-Dapol-western-d1000-western-enterprise-desert-sand-small-yellow-eweathered-48518-p.asp Regards, Gerry.
  2. Hi, Well, I can see three there I'd like to add to the existing fleet members, and another from here: https://digest.Dapol.co.uk/forum/n-gauge-models/diesel/class-52-aa/8946-2020-n-gauge-class-52-westerns Regards, Gerry.
  3. Hi, Order book closes for N wagons Midnight 31st January: http://www.revolutiontrains.com/ipa-d-day/ Regards, Gerry.
  4. Hi, On the item topic there is this quickly found post: https://www.rmweb.co.uk/community/index.php?/topic/139427-revolution-announce-mmajna-in-oo/&do=findComment&comment=3679421 With link to the diagrams on the RevolutioN website: https://www.revolutiontrains.com/batteries-not-included/ The floor pushes out from underneath - HTH. Regards, Gerry.
  5. Hi Ben, I knew I'd seen something on this, looking back on this topic purely at Ben A posts I found: https://www.rmweb.co.uk/community/index.php?/topic/139428-revolution-announce-56xx-in-n/&do=findComment&comment=3516224 With clarification promptly following: https://www.rmweb.co.uk/community/index.php?/topic/139428-revolution-announce-56xx-in-n/&do=findComment&comment=3521895 HTH Regards, Gerry.
  6. Hi, It seems to me that at least some people are either confused, or maybe clutching at straws, when it comes to the Arnold Brighton Belle. Simon Kohler made it very clear just after the BB was announced that it had: Well, with Hornby back at Margate and SK back at Hornby I am certain the prospect of a sudden turn around from there is among the most unlikely of things that can be expected to happen. The recent BB re-issue being more about return on investment than any fundamental change in attitude towards N. It could be seen to signal to other manufacturers that the way is almost certainly clear to develop their own, but who will want to risk the level of investment solely in an N gauge APT-P project? I can't help wondering if Kato, having announced the Class 800 as an almost inevitable opening for them into British Prototypes, might be tempted by a big project as iconic as anything that has operated on British rails? They have a history with multiple units, and might just possibly see it as a way to raise their brand name in this country to a higher degree than the, to outsiders at least, bewildering number of important but notionally mundane mu subjects to follow on from the Class 800. They probably could create quite a spread of interest in their already established world wide market, their Japan-centric mu sets do have such a following. At present, although it isn't a r-t-r project, progress has continued on a 3D printed set and may deliver a viable 'one piece at a time' certain solution for those willing to take on that challenge. Regards, Gerry.
  7. Hi, When the steam-driven boy saw the topic title his first thought was about having to add OO to his addiction. He's relieved to see it's only resulted in a much needed Monday morning outburst of laughter and a feeling of sadness for the beloved B-L brand name. Regards, Gerry.
  8. Hi, Although I no longer have a copy of the mag my old 'puter magazine database shows there was an article of 3.5 pages in the August '06 Model Rail by Robert Stephens, one of a series on wagon scratchbuilds, comprising 4mm templates for the major parts along with prototype and model photos. There are regular 4mm plans, including a larger scale side view of the end latching mechanism, in Railway Wagon Plans 1960s to the Present by John L Fox. Regards, Gerry.
  9. Hi Charlie, Impressively smooth, I guess I'll benefit even more with the inevitable add on, bigger, order - only a matter of time (and finances!). Thanks in part to yesterday it already is a Happy Christmas, but "right back at you" and to all Regards, Gerry.
  10. Hi, My order just arrived, excellent! Regards, Gerry.
  11. Hi, Deposits now paid https://www.revolutiontrains.com/product/pfa-4-wheel-container-flat/ Regards, Gerry.
  12. Hi, Accurascale Fran has posted a formation guide here: https://www.rmweb.co.uk/community/index.php?/topic/143313-pfa-by-accurascale/&do=findComment&comment=3762220 Regards, Gerry.
  13. Hi, Delighted to see these truly fabulous looking N PCAs in person at the Warley show last weekend, really looking forward to receiving my order Regards, Gerry.
  14. Hi Tom, From Mike on the NGF 27/11/19: HTH. Regards, Gerry.
  15. Hi, In the hope of helping out Ben and Mike just a teensiest bit you might find the following of help. Ben replying to the query on the NGF 24/11/19: Mike replying to the query on the NGF 26/11/19: HTH. Regards, Gerry.
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