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  1. Although Oxford Diecasts Transits have plastic bodies the metal bases really put up the weight. For an older period the Rietze Ford Transit vans in 1/160 are really light and available cheaply from a couple of Ebay sellers in Germany at the moment ….les than £3.50 each. Suits my continental car carriers. A 3D printed replacement chassis for the Oxford vans would be a useful alternative for UK operations.
  2. Looking very impressive Paul. Sorry my efforts never matured in 1/76, but at least I ended up with 4 different versions in N.
  3. I use the Tomytec/Tomix wide tram and sectional roadway for the moving buses system. These can be integrated into a layout fairly easily. The video shows a few Oxford Diecast London buses on a four-leaf clover shaped layout using the (now defunct) automated features of the second generation Tomytec motorised bus chassis in a 3D printed adapter. . s
  4. Couple of N items showing at the moment.
  5. Kato make a set of wrapped cars in 1:150. While on the subject of wrapping, HFR160 in France is bringing out the Peugeot 206 and Renault Clio as a clear moulded body but wrapped in a full colour detailed transfer to represent the body colour and fittings. These are intended to be used on Gefco and STVA car transporters in 1:160 and will be about 5 euros each when released in late summer. These are being made currently. I think that adding the one piece transfer might be a bit like putting in a contact lens until you get used to doing it. Someone has been trained specially for the job. This is a photo from the topic on the French N gauge Forum. The cars will be sold fully finished.
  6. The Peco rail is Code 83 with a code 55 visible railhead so a better match for the Tillig rail height. I know some N gauge modellers face challenges matching Peco Code 55 with Peco Code 80 seamlessly.
  7. @The Evil Bus Driver A small batch is going on sale on Saturday morning on the Revolution website at standard price.
  8. I wonder how many people are anxiously wanting to know the DCC interface details before Révolution have the full details nailed down. Will knowing the details mean they go out and buy decoders even before ordering the train?
  9. The instruction leaflet for the 9 car LNER Azuma Class 800/1 is now available to view and download on the Kato webpage. Kato 9 car LNER Azuma Choose the ASSY Table button.
  10. There is another risk related to the Dapol JHAs. If they are run without a spacing washer eventually the paint will wear off the underside of the metal chassis. The wheels can then create a short circuit through the chassis.
  11. Rivarossi produced the Nord 231 Chapelon in N as well in the early days of the scale. Admittedly not an SNCF locomotive although inherited in 1938.
  12. You might have 2 unpowered cars. 🙂
  13. Typical Kato. Scheduled release date for the Paddington Bear set is 29 February 2024. As i type this it is 29 February in Japan. :-)🙂
  14. Gaugemaster have published some photos showing the variations incorporated in the new coaches for the 9 car sets. https://mailchi.mp/gaugemaster/kato-release-new-images-for-9-car-class-800?e=dd155d2c05
  15. N’Tastic seems to have become a very useful conduit for getting some talented designers work to the market. Some excellent choices in these 2024 new releases.
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