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  1. Great work as always George, craftsman at work.
  2. All looking good though buddy! Always a pleasure to see what you are upto.
  3. Hi all. I feel that hearsay has reared its head again. At this point we have not decided on how the coaching stock will be sold as yet. Our latest thoughts are that the dvt, buffet and TSOE would be sold as a set, as each train would need one each of these, then the TSOs and TFOs would be available seperately with enough differing running numbers of each to form a full rake if necessary. Of course that way you can build up a rake of any length that you require. As mentioned previously we will be issuing an update on project 225 this weekend. Regards Cav
  4. Hi Rich, I am sure that we will be running further batches of wagons at some point however the liveries and running numbers etc for that have not been finalised at this point. We are still dealing with this run. If you are looking at RF black and red then this batch offers 7 numbers, 6 from Rails in two three packs and one different number direct from us or through other retailers once they land. The running numbers are not really 'in your face' on these wagons anyway though as they are only present in a small font within the wagons data panel. Regards Cav
  5. Ah well, chuck it in the bin and use the exquisite screw links instead!
  6. Great to meet you today Oliver. Was a good chat and always a pleasure being able to discuss our models with customers.
  7. I said we would make models that the bigger companies wouldn't given the desire for the customers to back them. I didn't say we would exclusively release models that the bigger companies wouldn't. As mentioned before regarding the class 91 we will make a statement regarding our position next week.
  8. The quote you mention was more regarding our general mission statement and refers to models that aren't necessarily on the larger companies radar due to risk of the unknown or no desire to pursue for whatever reason. It also refers to the quality and detail levels that our method of operation can offer which may be a stretch for a large company to acheive with their inherent overheads and product range. The finer details of the 91 again is not something that we wish to discuss at this time. As for your view on Jack, I feel it is a little presumptious. Jack knows us personally in the respect that he has attended our stands at a few shows, asked questions, discussed our projects in depth and viewed and handled our samples first hand. He has also followed and discussed our modelling projects outside of Cavalex for a while too. Whilst he knows us personally in that respect, it is not in a manner other than that he has put in the time and effort to get to know how we operate and come to appreciate what we do both on our modelling and in our business as Cavalex. Does that make his views biased or simply informed based on his experience?
  9. As a side note made by Mike we do indeed offer a 10% discount for anyone who supports us via pre order on every model.
  10. Hi all and a happy new year. I do not wish to address the Hornby issue at this point, we will do that next week when we have taken stock with our official statement. However I would like to address some comments on here regarding Cavalex in general. Sailing close to the wind here I will start off by saying that the class 91 project was not entered into lightly, research was undertaken well before we announced our intentions and our money has been spent for information and laser scans so we have taken a degree of risk before asking anyone else to be involved. With that out of the way I feel that I have to clarify again our position with regard to 'crowdfinding'. It is unfortunate that the issues faced by customers of DJM have marred the experience and spoiled the potential that the format has to offer for other companies such as ourselves and the modelling community in general. The allowance for the customer to put his money where his mouth is to bring models to market that the main manufacturers would never look at is a powerful tool and one that seems a perfect fit for our company. As we have always maintained, we are modellers ourselves and want nothing more than to provide the very highest quality and detailled models of locos and rolling stock that the modelling community wants. In order to do that we need to grow as a company with the support of the modelling community behind us and as much transparency at all stages in the project. Up to this point I think that we have acheived that for better or worse, no one is buying into something that they have never seen and in all cases should be able to follow at every stage of the process. With regard to risk we are about minimising it for all people involved us and customers alike. Due to the nature of the projects that we are keen to undertake (models that are currently being ignored by the big manufacturers) we naturally need some kind of indication that the sales of these products are going to be fruitful. Asking for a pre order commitment is a way of ensuring that. As our company does all of its design work in house we do not need to secure funds at the design stage and as such will only ask for money at the point where enough pre orders have been secured to make the project worthwhile and the tooling it about to be cut. If we ask you to pay then you will be seeing a model produced. All monies taken are spent on that project. We do not cross fund with other projects. Whilst we apreciate the concerns of some individuals who have had a bad experience with other companies we are at heart trying to make this hobby better by bringing models to market that a) The community wants and b) to a standard previously unseen in british RTR. In order to do that we need your support and mutual trust. Whether people wish to support us or not is of course their decision and their entitlement also, however we would like people to judge us on our merits and their own experience in dealing with us as a company and not be swayed by the opinions of others that have been stung previously by other companies with no experience of dealing with ours. Both myself and Alex have a great passion for railway modelling and for things being right. We apply that to all of our models and we apply that to how we treat customers and competitor alike. That comes above all else. Again thank you to everyone who has supported us so far in making Cavalex what it is today. Regards Cav
  11. Hi John and thanks for your support. We are are currently working through how to make the flying scotsman available. It may be direct through us or through a retailer, we still need to bottom out the details. As soon as we know we will send out an update. As for the Mk4s, we don't have a firm price yet however we envisage around the £50 to £60 mark per coach and somewhere around £80 for the dvt without sound. Of course these are only estimates at this stage. Regards Cav
  12. Yes we aim to produce all of the current 4mm liveries on the 2mm model as well.
  13. We met today to preview the second run of our PGA wagon, which comes in additional livery variations. Please let us know your thoughts below. https://youtu.be/X2UWkVX-FuQ
  14. Hi the £180 is a provisional figure for the RRP until the final design has been quoted by the factory. We don't expect this to increase but we cannot set the final price in stone at this stage in the project. If the figures turn out lower we will of course revise the RRP to suit at that time. However once the prices are finalised the pre order price will be 10% off of the final RRP price for the loco. I hope that helps. Regards Cav
  15. Thanks Brian, I understand your logic however not mentioning our model despite its 'runner subject to orders' status leads the public reading this thread to believe that there is not class 91 or Mk4s in the pipeline. Since we have been in this business it has become painfully clear that getting the word out to the masses despite posting news and threads all over the place in the media both social and printed is incredibly difficult. Polls such as this are a great place for those not in the know to realise that a model that they have wanted for a while is in fact available to order. Being 'subject to orders' isn't a problem for anyone if those orders get placed. Keeping people in the dark about its existence makes it more likely that such a model doesn't do well and as such fails to get produced. As a small news update our class 91 is doing very well for orders so far but as with everything more would still be better. If anyone reading this voted for a class 91 and hasn't ordered one of ours please visit out website or drop us an email or PM and see if what we are offering fits your bill. Regards Cav
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