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  1. Hi, several retailers will be stocking the Railfreight liveried wagons from the second batch which is due to go into production shortly. Trains 4U in the previous post and Rails being two of them.
  2. With CDAs, Cavalex has you covered!!
  3. Agreed Paul, no one is saying they are overpainted, the brown is to allow an easier weathering job rather than trying to get EWS maroon to look like a rusty 21 year old brown finish. Having crawled all over these at Scunthorpe when doing the model there was no sign at all of the maroon finish, or any other finish for that matter, they previously had.
  4. The brown ones (not bauxite) are a base for the weathered look currently seen on the prototype.
  5. Hi thats not the same issue as the other persons post however yes that doesn't look to be correct. It looks as though the bufferbeam has not been pushed down far enough over the subframe at the end. Please contact us via email at [email protected] and we will take a look.
  6. It should in theory just clip back down onto the pegs. I guess it depends on how it has come free as they are glued in place at the factory and stay in place unless levered up somehow. We did have a few rejects at the beginning which were put aside that had been packaged incorrectly with the deck not located under the blister packaging which when closed up pulled the decking off in places and bent it, we did however hand check every wagon in this batch and none left us in that condition so can't see that being the issue. Do you know how the deck came free? It may have broken the pe
  7. Hi, it looks like the deck has just become unclipped from it's locating pegs somehow.
  8. Yep another case for handbuilt track Duncan!
  9. Ah cool, well I have that exact flux and solder paint. You cant use that flux on electrics though and you get a green residue if not cleaned off thoroughly after soldering. I had a right mess when I tried that, shorted out componants and all sorts. Maybe its down to my solder choice. Having said that your soldering iron looks lovely and clean. Mine is just hard sooty black and heat effected blue further back.
  10. Well I thought it might be solder related, leaded is much better but I only have lead free nowadays.
  11. Are the 37/7 not just added ballast weight? Can't remember now without looking. I think the 5s were basically a 4 without train heat.
  12. Yes I'm puzzled, I use a 65W iron and yet still its a very frustrating experience. It's even a pig to solder wires or pcbs let alone pretty stuff.
  13. What wattage iron is it and what temperature do you use?
  14. Cheers Duncan, I am a bit perplexed to be honest. I have soldered for years with no issue and over the last year it appears that my soldering iron won't take solder and blackens almost instantly, I always use an additional flux as well, I bought new tips, same happens, bought a new iron (albeit a cheap one, but then I always had a cheap one with no issues) same happens. Tip cleaner used all that time, still horrible. I may have to try something else but I don't understand why all was well from 30 years ago until last year and now the laws of soldering have changed
  15. Looks great Duncan, can you tell me what solder and flux you are using as for some reason my soldering iron wont solder anything for toffee nowadays and neat soldering like that has become a thing of the past!
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