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  1. Yes they have but not actually in contact with each other on straight track which is what I was referring to.
  2. I dont agree I've had my 156 pull itself off the track with the corridor on many occation. I now run it with a bigger gap than I'd like so that its reliable. Just my experience.
  3. Don't worry we have plans regarding the corridors.
  4. Yes I understand your point. I also am not a fan of gaps. The issue that we as manufacturers face is that everyones layouts are different and what works on one may not work on another. We have to build in a contingency for this so it work on 'almost' all layouts. As I said though. We are looking at the design of this.
  5. They are not currently open for order. We will open our pre-order forms once we have confirmation on manufacturing costs from the factory. Hopefully this will be at the end of the month.
  6. Hi John, we did receive your order thank you. Moving forward we will be using a google form system to order future products, this makes the process easier for all. Regards Cav
  7. I can confirm that there will be close coupling for the coaching stock and between the loco and the TSOE. In all fairness to the manufacturers, I think that your wish for corridors (or even vestibule rubbing plates on locos for that matter) to actually be touching when the vehicles are coupled is a little wishful thinking for a model train to actually work. Model trains have to contend with much sharper curves, the corridors are rigid not super flexible, and the stock weighs a fraction that of a real coach. Cams will allow the coupler to pull out on tight curves but on a sweeping curve they wouldn't pull out at all and if one coach is rigidly up against the next they will derail. Add to that the slop in a tension lock coupler or even a Kadee and you can't account for it. Its better to have tolerance built in than the stock being intolerant of staying on the track. That said we are looking at reliable close coupling that allows for good scale speed propelling as well and pulling with good stock gaps so watch this space. We will also be looking at retracted buffers when coupled to coaching stock.
  8. Probably. We design all our stock to take P4 wheels without modification.
  9. Yes it really does put away the comments like, Bachmann and revolution have done a TEA already. Thats what really drove this project for us. Tank trains are varied beasts. Our TEA can add variety and cross eras.
  10. We are looking at a highly detailed interior with lighting but of course that depends on cost v desirability. Do people want to pay the extra for that? We have a close coupling solution in hand.
  11. Yes I can't remember seeing cast ones but I was just saying that the gauge was fine.
  12. Proper times those. Sad they are over.
  13. Mk4s are 2730mm wide at the waist, maximum body width allowed in the loading gauge is 2946mm approx so a bit of clearance.
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