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  1. Cheers Richard. We chose the prototype because they were in service in the late 80s and are still in use today. They as such can be used with both the older Bachmann TEAs and Revolutions more modern wagons.
  2. Design work on our 4mm PHA/JGA bogie hopper wagon is now complete. Look out for a full update next month together with our other ongoing projects. Regards Cav
  3. The presence of a hole that the handle fits into is no evidence of a sample as the CAD model will also have the hole. I am however convinced at this stage that it is a sample due to other things that I've spotted.
  4. Cheers buddy, will be great to get out and about again and see some friendly faces.
  5. Yes agreed, We are now at a point where we can do photoreal renders which is great to see what the final model will look like but does fool a lot of people into thinking painted EP samples are ready when in reality they are not.
  6. I've looked again on the big screen rather than my phone and I'm not 100% sure on whether its a CAD render or not tbh at this point. There are things on it that make me think it is then some things that make me doubt a little. They do pretty good renders to be fair.
  7. Do they have a painted sample? All the pictures on those links look like 3D renders to me. I can't find a picture of a painted sample.
  8. It'll be out and about next year, virtually all my shows have been rearranged to next year.
  9. Yes it has a fair bit but there are some finishing touches to be done, especially around the station car park area. I have a lot of under the bonnet stuff to get sorted as well.
  10. Agreed. We will get the 2mm stuff going its just a matter of getting the right model out to break into it.
  11. Yes we were somewhat confused also. If you believe what the retailers tell you N gauge is dead and not worth selling, yet Dapol, Farish and Revolution all seem to do ok. Frustrating.
  12. I saw those when I came up to see Shirebrook and I would be more than happy to run them. As for wagon prices, our Cavalex 2mm PGA hopper wagon was priced at £25 and although we had lots of interest we struggled to get retailers on board. At £25 we were barely breaking even on it. I would like to see it come back at some point as I would love for Cavalex to break the 2mm market.
  13. Madness, I'd hand carve one from diamonds first.
  14. I am buddy yes. The lockdown and cancelled exhibitions has allowed me to start getting the final bits of Burton on Trent sorted and all the stock finished, hopefully before next season.
  15. Should try full daytime job + Cavalex Models work + family and house commitments + modelling and any other hobbies you fancy! I need a time machine!
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