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  1. I'm sure that is no picnic Duncan and I hope that you and Janet get well soon. I guess you have to get home deliveries?
  2. This looks great however. I need to get some roof grilles for my fleet I think.
  3. I wouldn't worry too much, a friend of mine got stuck in traffic on the way to her test and didn't make it there to get it done, still got a positive through the post a couple of days later. The results of these tests are sketchy at best.
  4. Yes I am planning on getting hold of a new farish petroleum one when it lands in the next few months.
  5. Ah ok. I'm scratchbuilding mine so I'll see how that goes
  6. What did you use for the feather? I am planning to use tiny smd leds for mine but wondered if you had an easier way?
  7. Hi Peter, the recent events bare no relevance to our project. We are pleased to announce that our HAA/CDA project remains unchanged. We are extremely proud of what we have designed for our HAA and the subsequent variants and we can assure you, our customers, that the usual stops have been pulled out to make our model the finest and most detailed HAA/CDA available. The model is currently well progressed in tooling and continues our ethos of producing the absolute best quality scale models possible. Regards Cav
  8. I may well do at some point. Modelling has taken a back seat at the moment with other pressures and there lots of other things that need doing on BoT to get the whole layout upto speed when the exhibitions reopen, not least a redo of the station car park following an accident where I spilt glue all over the place. Such is life.
  9. Haha very nice indeed, my 190 also has a lamp iron as do all my 47's . You'll have to excuse the unweathered freightliners on this picture!
  10. I would agree there Duncan. Rub downs are a pain to apply I simply tape over them with masking tape to hold them firm while rubbing them down with a sharp pencil. You are right though its easier to push waterslide transfers around to get things lined up. You must also make sure the surface you are applying waterslide decals to has a very glossy finish or you will end up with carrier silvering which will look even worse once the varnish coat is on.
  11. Its no different to a 4mm scale loco. Gently rub the factory numbers off with a cotton bud soaked in a little white spirit or thinners then use decals of choice for the numbers. I like rub down versions to eliminate any carrier film but for waterslide I prefer Railtec as the carrier film is very thin.
  12. The body doesn't need lowering on the later batches, the high riding was only present on a few of the initial release locos. The 47 looks great Duncan, maybe an opportune moment for me to drop a pic of my railfreight 47, although mines a full respray as RTR wasn't available at the time. I would recommend replacing the moulded handrails with wire though, makes a massive difference.
  13. haha I thought that but couldn't link it to 47210!! Cheers Mick, I actually found the pm since that showed who I sold it to. Sent a PM but no reply yet though.
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