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  1. We feel the rotating fans are a must as the models are viewed 99% of the time from a roof down perspective, as such an important feature we feel that their operation should be somewhat prototypical as well (on DCC at least) with them spinning up when the 'engine' is warm enough or working hard enough to require them. We have the schematics of the real cooling system so hopefully their operation can be duplicated in model form. As for opening doors, we are not as convinced on their requirement and as such our model will not feature this. Rarely are doors left open on the real loco's especially if moving and this just over complicates the tooling and assembly whilst having an unnecessary join around the doors as well when closed. I don't think so. That's a pretty expensive tooling for one variant!
  2. Sorry to hear that, however I would like to say that in my experience its not limited to our paint finishes (we use the same paints as many RTR railway companies). From a personal modelling point of view I have used Humbrol acrylic matt varnish a few times in the past and never once was able, on any finish, to get it to go on without frosting (or looking like I'd covered it in powder of some kind rather than a smooth matt coat) and as such I never elected use it again. I do not rate the product at all from my experience.
  3. We are not trying to beat hormbys next run of their model to market, our class 56 is aimed at modellers who are looking for an improvement over what is currently available.
  4. We have no concern regarding how the NEM pocket operates, its a robust design on our stock, however minimum radius is likely to be recommended R3 but minimum potential R2 due to the prototypical limited clearance with the detail on the battery box area. This is something that will be assessed more definitively when the EP samples are produced.
  5. That last one is in my manor!
  6. The changed roof grilles are part of the first run yes.
  7. The pricing will be competitive and comparable to other current manufacturers.
  8. The livery list is not exhaustive at this stage. We will keep you updated with any news regarding further options.
  9. No problem Tom, I was just clarifying the situation thats all.
  10. This has been in the works for a few years now so just happened to coincide with the 69.
  11. Link to our blog page https://www.cavalexmodels.com/cavalex-class-56
  12. Its for when they fly off the shelves bud!
  13. The railfreight red is not correct, we will be using the same shade as our BBA on the production models.
  14. Hi, several retailers will be stocking the Railfreight liveried wagons from the second batch which is due to go into production shortly. Trains 4U in the previous post and Rails being two of them.
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