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  1. Thanks for showing up and having a look at what we do. It's been too long since we have been able to mingle in person. Faceless social media is very impersonal. Back to 56's we are very pleased with how the model turned out and its great to be able to get a 3D print in your hand and appreciate the design design from any angle in the scale that the model will be. It's not always easy to appreciate the model on a pc monitor.
  2. Exactly, we don't want to promise something now and then have to backpeddle later. Always better to allow for a likely improvement than a possible disappointment.
  3. Those are fair comments, but in all fairness to us, our ethos is premium products with super high detail. It's not really possible to sit in both camps of mega realism and Tonka toy robustness as much as we'd like to. There shouldn't be any issues taking off and placing stock on the track though. I think that has to be a minimum spec to be honest.
  4. Yes, I am pretty confident that there will be no issues with R2 however if there are we will include instructions for any modifications necessary.
  5. I agree to a certain degree and we are, as I said, designing all stock based on R2. However Cavalex Models as a company are dedicated to the most accurate models on the market and as such we will do our best to make that a reality. Whether its a correct assumption or not R2 is a very tight radius at 438mm (personally, and again this is my preference as a modeller, I would never design any part of my layout with less than 3ft radius as even that looks incredibly tight). The schematic that I posted above shows that the 56 is ok at R2 in theory and at say 500mm radius would be 100% fine in practice. This would be fine for a vast majority of the market I would think. In a worse case scenario that the loco has any issues as R2, the detail in the battery box area would be a lot easier to remove than to add from a bag we feel and have seen many complaints before from customers who have to apply details from detail packs. The ViTrains 47 etc being prime examples. I personally loved them as separate as I could paint up and detail the models etc prior to fitting parts such as handrails etc but the model railway community is indeed filled with customers from all angles of the hobby. As a modeller myself from many different genres (I do railway, military, sci-fi, aviation and wargaming) I can see the uniqueness of the model railway world and the diversity of the people in it with regards to whether they are modellers, collectors, model train drivers or any combination of the above. The modern railway modeller as a whole appears to now expect a museum level piece straight from the box and that is what we are trying to deliver to allow everyone in the hobby to obtain the levels that only the elite modellers could enjoy a few years ago. Anyway, we welcome all feedback and take no comments lightly, its only with the voices of the customer base can products be improved and tailored to suit peoples wants and needs.
  6. Lets not get ahead of ourselves here. The model has been designed with 2nd radius in mind and manages it ok on the CAD's but with all of the correct prototype detail on the battery box/fuel tank area, and on the bogies themselves (which in both areas are not present on the Hornby model) it is quite tight and of course on a CAD drawing the model isn't running on an uneven track, we are comfortable at this stage to say it's designed for 2nd radius but guaranteed for 3rd radius . Once the EP samples have been produced and test run on the factory test track we will be in a better position to say 100% whether we are confident in the 2nd radius. Either way, if it causes any issues on 2nd radius, it will be possible for you to remove the offending added detail between the bogies and the battery boxes and still run the loco on 2nd radius should that be necessary as they are separately fitted parts in any case. We certainly don't want to fudge details which would ultimately make the model incorrect. Here you can see one end of the battery boxes on the prototype, not much room for bogie swing. On the CAD model with the bogies turned to simulate 2nd radius, it does miss, but it's close. The plan view is worse than it is really though as the brake actuator arms actually over sail the battery box tank and would only be an issue if the loco was entering a sudden gradient climb from level track on a 2nd radius curve.
  7. All lighting will be independently controlled so all of the configurations that you have listed will be possible. The lights will also be controllable on DC via a removable roof panel.
  8. Hi Tom, we always planned on delivering something for the present day modellers but didn't want to be premature before underlining the small print with the rail companies in question. Needless to say they have been very supportive of our project. As for price the standard model will be sub £200 with an additional charge for our custom factory fitted sound but we will confirm the final price once we have agreed final costs with the factory.
  9. Awesome, is there an interior planned and will you be adding the windows panes after painting?
  10. Yes it appears that Rails diagrams are incorrect. The large logo version will be as per the top ones in the 4mm version pictures below.
  11. Can you please expand on this?
  12. Hi Justin, we have always been very keen to do all of our models in 2mm scale and this remains our aim. The N gauge modellers were not as welcoming of our products in the beginning as the 4mm modellers were for one reason or another which unfortunately meant that the 2mm PGA project fell short of what we deemed a reasonable interest level at that point to give the project the green light. Now that we are better known as a company, we feel the time is right to try again. On this project we have been fortunate enough to have gotten Rails on board to support our push into N gauge. As we already had the design complete for the N PGA it made sense to use that as our stepping stone into the scale. We are very keen to push out other models that are in our range but of course that will very much depend on the reception of these wagons as to whether or not N gauge will prove popular enough to warrant the progression. As you may know I model N gauge and I am very much finger crossed that these will prove popular and allow us to progress further. Regards Cav
  13. We are pleased to announce that Cavalex Models are producing the PGA hopper wagon in N Gauge exclusively for Rails of Sheffield. Sold in sets of three and available to order in variety of liveries. Each wagon in each pack will feature a unique running number. Pre-order now https://railsofsheffield.com/collections/n-gauge-pga-hopper-wagons Specification Includes: •Accurately dimensioned prototypical design •Etched walkway, handrails and ladders •Highly detailed underframe •Close coupling mechanism Liveries Available: •Original Redland •Redland •Redland Large Logo •Lafarge Aggregates •Plain white with patch •Plain white
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