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  1. It's more of a case of easy change for variety in running but also locos on shed with detail both ends that you can then instantly change to something you can haul with.
  2. Contact the shop where you bought the model in the first instance.
  3. It's down to minimum run requirements. Adding a T to one makes it different enough that you require a minimum order from the factory for each livery. Keeping them the same with just a number change means the run can be spit and the customer has two options to choose from from one run.
  4. Yes always easier to add the Ts rather than remove them.
  5. Not the whole time it was in Dutch though.
  6. I know right. Head full of 60s at the mo. Lol
  7. Yes you are right, 31 and 32 had the full bufferbeam cowling like the Romanian ones. I'd forgotten that for a moment.
  8. I know, It's blasphemy! 🤣
  9. Well this one is an easy renumber to 032. https://railsofsheffield.com/products/cavalex-cm-56037-brb-class-56-br-blue-richard-trevithick-no-56037-diesel-locomotive
  10. The limited retailer network is intensional. We are purposely keeping our retailer base small in order to keep our products somewhat exclusive and manageable by our team (we are very small) and secondly to allow all of our retailers a fair bite of the cherry with regard to sales of our models. Our retailers are very very important to us and as such we have a duty of care to ensure that the outlay that the retailer makes to stock our models is returned by good sales during that financial year To help their cashflow. It helps to ensure that even the smallest retailer is likely to still achieve a return on their stock of our products as the more popular retailers sell out during the year ahead of them. This in turn allows us a better window to produce new batches of models without the previous batches hanging around on shelves for the smaller shops and tying up their capital for new models. That said we are looking to increase our retailer base a little in the near future, we certainly get enough enquiries but are trying to keep the stores geographically diverse, again to keep their exclusivity intact, and is not a simple process.
  11. Oh no don't get me wrong, I have no issue with customers choosing from both manufacturers that's their prerogative, it's the customers who simply state that they are making that choice based solely on price etc that frustrates us rather than weighing up what they are actually buying. I am fully aware of other reasons rather than quality such as memories etc, I've not heard very many comments on that for the 60 though tbf as I guess the loco is less nostalgic as a prototype, but I have seen quite a few dotted around citing that ours is too expensive so they ordered the alternative, or simply ordered the alternative because 'they are the best company' that's all. As Roy said further up the thread though, if you at in market for a Mondeo then you are obviously going to bork at the price of an Aston Martin. Our mantra of success has always been measured on how accurate and high end the model is and not on how many boxes that we can shift of it. Having said that the class 56 was a stellar success on both fronts and we were blown away by the positive reception of that all around. We try to be as friendly as possible with all manufacturers, after all we are all in it to provide models for our fellow hobbyists to enjoy. That said some make it easier than others and accept the olive branch, others don't and that's ok if that's your business model, it isn't ours. As far as announcing first, we were in February 2023 but apparently both companies were working on the model for around the same time it seems so it is what it is. The reasons for AS to delay their announcement of their model once ours broke cover about 18 months ago only they know. It's of no real consequence though and you are right, we know our market and it isn't the people who are focused on the lowest price point possible and a model looking the part from 6 feet away across the loft. We are conscious of the cost of living and we do keep our prices as low as we possibly can for what we are producing, but our ultimate goal is always the quality and accuracy of the model and not the price point. As you say, the modern market is difficult for both manufacturers and customers where model runs are generally based on retailer requirement and are ultimately low number meaning that trips to Beatties on a Saturday afternoon no longer get you the spoils. It means we have to get people to drink the coolade and pre sell our models up front to potential customers which is not an easy task and one that some companies are much better at than others.
  12. We are planning another run of those next year.
  13. No problem. We pride ourselves on customer service!
  14. That's understandable.
  15. Thanks for your support! It's very much appreciated. Does 028 in Cappagh not suit your period and region?
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