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  1. Just pondering, whilst browsing the groups this morning, (idly waiting for the gasman,- anytime between 0800 and 2000!), and with a quick glance at the current survey results, how many of those in favour of groups would actually be quite happy with just sub-fora in the normal part of the board that fit their special interest. This is not meant to be a dig at Andy or anyone, I now think I understand what he was trying to do, just wondering if there's a more coherent way to do things.
  2. I thought that's exactly what I was doing with my last post. Functionality and focus. Both need to be improved. A lot.
  3. Andy, it's nothing to do with disenchantment, it's to do with functionality. Blogs have been around for what, two years now, and still are not properly integrated with the main system. Showcase and Groups are new, and yet still don't play nicely with everything else. Access is getting slower and slower as the forum tries to do more and more, and instead of discussing modelling, there are a plethora of posts discussing how to tweak settings to try and find the stuff people want to read. After six months away, I'd expect to see lots of new faces with interesting projects. I don't. Is that b
  4. Just popped in after a few months away, and frankly, I'm not impressed. The whole site is a fragmented mess, I've no idea where to find anything, and if I had something new to contribute, where to post it. The forum has lost it's focus, is far too complicated to navigate, slow, and is very user unfriendly. Sorry Andy, you know I've always supported you and the site, but at the moment, the only improvement I can think of is to go back to the previous version of the S/W. It may have been buggy, but it facilitated communication in a way the current set-up doesn't, and that's the aim isn't it?
  5. Contract to supply services - civil. Get all the forms for the small claims court, fill them in, then photocopy them and send him the copies. If he is made aware of pending court action, and all the issues involved, such as the trashing of his credit score, then you may well get the result you want without any court involvement.
  6. Lower than I would have thought, but checks with my measurement of 20ohm for the set I have here Like the transistor idea, though I'm not used to designing noise into a circuit... .
  7. Or perhaps try the drivers from cheap and nasty in-ear headphones that pound shops seem to have an abundance of. I have a set somewhere, I'll stick them on the meter later.
  8. What's that bit in the Ten Commandments about coveting thy neighbours 4MT?
  9. B****r! My brain was fixated on "something" Arms...
  10. Nope. I came from calculating a passive RIAA network for my new phono amp, looked at the question, solved the clue puzzle, and I'm no better off. I think I'll go do something easy, like create workable fusion power, or solve the Middle East problem...
  11. 20 minutes to do puzzle, then just confused. Frankly, by the end of this quiz I'll be dead chuffed just to have worked out one answer, (or even worked out what the link is between the question and answer once the solution is announced! ). Sir, you have a twisted, evil mind!!!
  12. Hmm, I was labouring under the misapprehension that it was a railway themed question.
  13. 2 hours 37 minutes. Must try harder. Thanks Andy!
  14. No worries, I don't think any of my threads has ever stayed strictly on topic for more than about half a dozen posts! Ooh, Mark's here and he hasn't nagged me about Jerusalem Works yet...
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