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  1. Merchant Navy 35015 Blue - 1 by Jeffrey Lynn, on Flickr Yes, that is a Blood and Custard coach behind the loco, although the blood has gone a little dark! This locomotive may have the purists howling a bit: a Merchant Navy with home-mixed blue and LNER lining, made from two Airfix Battle of Britain bodies on a Hornby Dublo/Wrenn chassis with the external valve gear removed. The tender has brass sheet sides and fairing added to the original HD/Wrenn tender body. Like John, I still like the combination of BR Express Steam Blue with the B&C coaches. The blue sat particularly nicely on the Bulleid locos, I think.
  2. It's looking promising, Rick. I would suggest the answer to your measurement error is to make the slabs match the post spacing. For concrete texture on my old layout I used the textured mounting card that picture framers use to surround the picture and fill the gap to the frame itself. I was able to get some that was alreay concrete coloured, but any colour would suffice if you paint it.
  3. SRman

    EFE Rail launches

    You're not a Yorkshireman, are you Mike???
  4. SRman

    EFE Rail launches

    The wages costs are cumulative through the supply industries as well, so we're not just talking about the workers in the factories assembling our models, we're talking the costs of handling the raw materials, storing and delivering them, then transporting the products to wherever they are shipped from. But yes, there are plenty of other factors too. I agree with your point about the relatve costs of living. Their wages reflect lower costs of living, but are still a significant contributor to the increases we are seeing. The point is that the rises in prices we are seeing are not proportional to our own countries' increases in wages (referring to at least Britain, Australia and New Zealand), but are somewhat greater. The higher prices mean I have had to question whether I can justify spending on some of these newer models. I have pre-ordered an underground set, but am seriously questioning whether I will be buying a Bachmann 4 BEP unit, for example. However, by not buying a 4 BEP, will I be contributing to a downturn in future viability of Southern EMUs? If many other potential buyers feel the same way, we may see certain long demanded models suddenly becoming shelf decorations in the shops. If the margins are not there, the manufacturers may have to reduce their outputs of new models too. It's a worry.
  5. SRman

    EFE Rail launches

    I think the one thing that didn't go up in equal proportion to everything else was the workers' wages in China, which have gone up quite significantly. That's where the disproportionate increases are coming from. I hope I am not making any judgements on this, either negative or positive - it just 'is'.
  6. It looks gorgeous. It is one of those models where I want one, but have absolutely no use for one. Love that early NER livery, and the model looks so full of character. I really hope it is a huge success for Rails. The models and liveries look superb.
  7. Some further work on the last of the Christmas coaches: I am mostly happy with the way it is going, but the reindeer need more work. The one on this side is not too bad, but the one on the other side started off looking like a labrador with antlers. I have improved it, bit both need further work. It's not brilliant, but from viewing distances I think it can pass muster. Christmas in July has passed, but the whole train, with some added figures, will be complete for December this year. While I had it in pieces, I took the opportunity to paint the interior as well, although it can barely be seen. P_20200805_224802_vHDR_Auto by Jeffrey Lynn, on Flickr
  8. SRman

    Heljan Class 35 Hymek

    I don't see any EMUs there! Must be a figment of your imagination. Actually, a resin Bulleid style2 HAP unit I was working on at the time. It has progressed further since that photo was taken.
  9. SRman

    Heljan Class 35 Hymek

    I have posted this photo elsewhere, but it may be relevant here. It shows two Heljan Hymeks (one detailed with mesh roof grille) and a detailed Triang version with two motor bogies of the original cast metal type (i.e. pre-ringfield). As an experiment I chose to finish the Triang one in a might-have-been maroon livery. The Triang cabs are fractionally too short, which shows in the slightly too-narrow side windows, but overall it really isn't a bad model, but definitely lacks the more refined running of the Heljan mechanisms (as adb968008 says above). Hymeks in Triplicate - 2 by Jeffrey Lynn, on Flickr
  10. LT Signal Box Fitting an Interior - 11 by Jeffrey Lynn, on Flickr
  11. Class 111 - Rolls Royce engined Met-Cam unit, mechanically very similar to the 110 in the foreground.
  12. LBSCR H1 Atlantic 'La France' on a Pullman train. P_20181227_175301_vHDR_On by Jeffrey Lynn, on Flickr P_20181227_175301_vHDR_OnBW by Jeffrey Lynn, on Flickr
  13. True. Bear in mind that what you see on a monitor with digital images (or scanned photos too) depends on the monitor settings as well.
  14. Hi John. I have done this on a rolling road, but ideally it should be done with some rolling resistance so the decoder can get a measure of how the locomotive behaves, therefore on the track is better and more likely to give useful results. It does sometimes take more than one go to get the best results. If you do it on the programming track, you would still do it using Programming on the Main, or if necessary, programmed in programming mode, then switched to normal mode to select F1. This technique works for ESU version 4 and 5 decoders, for both LokPilot and LokSound types.
  15. I finally got around to converting a Fleischmann BR 89 0-6-0T locomotve to DCC. This was the locomotive I originally intended for use with the Christmas train. I used an ESU LokPilot v5 Micro decoder, which has enough power handling for this locomotive and fits neatly into the notch at the top of the pancake motor between the motor housing and the metal plate that houses the rear light bulb. I had replaced the motor front plate with a fully isolated one to make the conversion easier. I have not wired the lights at this stage as I have to be careful with the live chassis, but the front light is still wired directly to the track (through the right-hand pickups and return through the chassis). This means that at present, the front lights are permanently on while the rear ones are not operational at all. I will rewire them eventually, maybe even substituting some 5mm LEDs to reduce the potential power strain on the decoder. I also found a solution for replacing the Fleischmann couplings and setting the replacement Kadees at a perfect height for coupling to adjacent vehicles - those Oxford Diecast self-tapping securing screws are very useful for a lot of things. Eventually I want to put the continental loop type couplers, but don't have any suitable ones at present. Using the Kadees means that the adjacent vehicle has to have an NEM pocket so I can just plug in a Kadee (#20 used here). One final thing regarding the running qualities. The BR 89 ran nicely straight off, but tended to jerk on starting. I used the ESU self-tuning facility to good effect. Programming on the main, set CV 54 to 0, then select function 1. The locomotive takes off rapidly for a couple of feet while the decoder sets its parameters. After that, it runs very smoothly and controllably indeed, with only a little 'cogging' evident at speed step 1 (more a characteristic caused by the motor type and gearing). Also on the workbench is the commencement of ideas on the remaining green coach. I'm not sure if my artistic abilities are up to what I have in mind, but this is a start. There is a little more to do yet. Sorry about the surrounding clutter. P_20200726_095621_vHDR_Auto by Jeffrey Lynn, on Flickr P_20200726_095709_vHDR_Auto by Jeffrey Lynn, on Flickr P_20200726_095512_vHDR_Auto by Jeffrey Lynn, on Flickr
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