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  1. True, but they always appeared darker, possibly due to the complete lack of daylight in The Drain.
  2. What scale are you working in, Newmodeller96? Also, I cannot read the dimensions on your plan, so it would help if you could state them separately. My memories of Orpington in 1986 correspond with Woodenhead's description. The car sheds were still in place when I used the station a few times during that visit. I think they had gone on another visit I did in 1999. Depending on those board dimensions, it may work in N gauge.
  3. Class 508 body shells with the joints filled, then sprayed with grey primer. Some parts are still showing slight dips, so a little more filling and filing is required. I may ge these body shells to the painted stages, possibly even glazed and fitted with the etched window frames also supplied with the kit, but the running gear will definitely take me longer to get going.
  4. My two don't get a great deal of running, but their running qualities are similar to those of Hornby's Pecketts - i.e. they are very good. I cannot report on longer term running, but the mechanism apears to be quite robust. Fitting a DCC chip can be a little fiddly. I broke one of the clacks on the red 'Katie', in spite of being very careful and knowing what to watch for, but fortunately it was hidden by the ladder.
  5. I have been having a major rearrangement and tidying up of shelves and storage, and found a couple of unbuilt MTK kits I had forgotten about. One is a 2-car Derby lightweight class 108, the other is a 2-car early Derby lightweight, which has had the body shells painted green already - it was in that condition when I bought it, I have done nothing to either of the kits. It looks like I might have them for sale in the not too distant future, although putting things up for sale at present is not very convenient because of the lockdown conditions. In my position in a large high school I had s
  6. Yep, another EMU, and no, I don;t have room for it! It may end up with lights, but I have also been making provision for lights in the Bratchell kits for classes 455, 456 and 319. They can be fitted later, each with their own decoder, I think, for ease of fitting and maintaining them. Probably no sound. I have found that few of the EMU sounds available sound convincing to me, although the class 321 sounds in one of the class 319 unts is not too bad, and the class 350/450 sounds are very good.
  7. Another diversion has arrived in the form of a 3D-printed class 508 4-car EMU kit. This will get a Replica Railways motorised chassis to power it when I am ready. I have cleaned up the open ends of the body segments (DMs have two parts, trailers have three) to get as neat and square joins as I can achieve, and have superglued the bits together, after using near-boiling water to heat the open ends of the segments to reshape them where they have distorted slightly. The joints will be reinforced with some 5-minute Araldite epoxy glue, and then filled and filed to make them as smooth as possi
  8. Not hijacking Marc's topic, as I will show this on my own layout topic as well as any further work, but here's the first steps on the kit I bought (no sign of the one that went missing though). I have only superglued the shells together here, after using some near-boiling water to reshape the slight distortions in some of the open ends of the segments. I will be reinforcing the joins with some 5-minute Araldite and then filling and filing to blend them.
  9. I disagree - see Olddudders' comment before yours and after my original post.
  10. DCC is not necessary for multiple operation where the mechanisms are very similar in characteristics, hence my comments regarding mixing Hornby VEPs into the Bachmann CEP formations, where the motors are not well matched. That's where DCC provides some advantages, allowing motor running characteristics to be adjusted to more closely match each other. Yes the BIL and HAL stock were run interchangeably in real life, and the Hornby versions do run nicely together. I have run from two up to five units together. Here are a couple of my older videos: the BILs one dates from 2014, and that
  11. Yes, it can take a few attempts to get it right, but the quantities used are tiny. I have found it dries with a greenish tinted translucence. You should be able to overlay the previous too-shallow layer, but if in doubt, scrape off the first layer and try again.
  12. There were certain rules when mixing different types of units, with all of the EP type units being compatible electrically. The limits were to do with the gearing and also with the numebr of traction motors. HAPs, as mentioned, had express gearing for a 90 mph top service speed, and two traction motors per unit, so didn't tax the electrical index if added to a couple of CEP/BEP/CIG/BIG/VEP units, which all had similar ratings and gearing, with two 2 HAP units equalling one of those other units. I'll come to MLVs shortly. 2 or 4 EPB units were only geared for 75 mph, with a few except
  13. I tackled the next part of the backscene along the back of the layout. Unfortunately, I couldn't get a single scene long enough for the whole length of the layout, so two separate scenes have had to be used, resulting in a distinct disjoin between them, although it's not too jarring overall. I will try to come up with a low-relief structure to cover that join sufficiently to 'blend' the two scenes. More annoying, though, is that I managed to get a large number of bubbles in the backscene, even more than in the original to the left. I tried a thinner mix of glue, but it still 'grabbed' far too
  14. Addendum: I sat down this afternoon and fitted the pin-point bogies to the last car of the set to make it up to four cars. After a few hiccups with the coupling heights, it settled down to run reliably as a 4-car unit, so I am quite pleased with myself now. I do need to send the track cleaners through the tunnels again, though, to eliminate a few slow spots.
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