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  1. Some oldies: a couple of photos of my previous layout, which was dismantled after 2009. The camera resolution was not great. I have photoshopped some background clutter out in the first shot, but the second simply used a tablecloth as the backdrop; actual layout images are only tweaked for brightness and contrast.
  2. SRman

    Geoff Endacott

    I am sorry to hear of Geoff's passing. I have had aquite a few very pleasant and informative online exchanges with him. My condolences to his family and friends.
  3. I can't answer that one, but my suggestion would be to go on YouTube abd watch a few cab rides through areas that have deep cuttings and/or retaining walls. Quite afew lines out of London's termini have such features, as do several of the other major cities.
  4. Yes, there have been wall bracket mounted models, but another possible solution, one that I will be using for a restricted area on my Underground lines, would be a gantry of some sort, mounted to the walls. Mine will be a simple girder affair as favoured by LT, with one end mounted to the retaining wall, and the other either on a support post or attached to the viaduct walls that carry the main lines above.
  5. Not exactly layout-related, but an adjunct to it: I have just rehashed the computer I use for programming and so on, as well as adding more storage for trains. I have been using a proper computer desk, but after a good deal of thought, I realised that I am constantly to-ing and fro-ing between the computer and the programming track, so don't really need to sit at the computer for long periods. I decided to investigate using a sit/stand desk together with another Ikea Alex drawer unit. Working out the space available, I found there was sufficient room for the Alex unit and the computer itself,
  6. Going back to my comment in my earlier post regarding the Hornby tension lock couplings allowing the coaches to hunt a little, I tried some short Bachmann couplings, which reduced the inter-coach gaps a bit but still allowed the fore and aft movement, so I tehn tried some Roco close couplings. Those reduced the gap too much to the point that the buffers would not quite allow the coaches to traverse the tightest curves (radius 3), so it was then onto the Hornby close couplings that came with the Maunsell coaches. They seem to work fine - no problems to report yet. And just tonight after ge
  7. The two end brake coaches are in 'proper' Cherry Paints LT brown, but I think it looks too dark. It may lighten a bit with matt varnish, but I haven't tried that. The lightest colour (I think Humbrol #118) seems a little too light to me, but I have been inclined to go with the intermediate shade (Humbrol Leather #62), perhaps with a bit of weathering grime added. I am still experimenting, tried Humbrol #70 as well, and there are still three shades of brown in use, but none left with the lightest and darkest tones. I'll have to take a more recent photo. Eventually, the intention is that I'
  8. You've got that sorted. I was going to warn you that that is the most tedious part of the Sturgeon A kits. They are easy enough to build, but drilling out the handrail holes and bending them all is (as I said) tedious. Like you, I used a bending jig for mine. It is worth it in the end, though.
  9. I succumbed and bought four of the LBSC 4-wheelers, with plans to buy four or five of the Hatton's coaches when they come along. I know these are all generic but they are better than anything I can knock up and paint, and fill a gap where I have locomotives and goods wagons for the pre-grouping railways, but no suitable coaches ... until now. I posed the set with Terrier n0. 82, 'Boxhill', then actually ran the set with E4 579. The 4-wheelers are very free running, and tended to hunt slightly at slow speeds, so I will experiment with alternative couplings, hopefully closing the gaps a lit
  10. While not TTS, this may help with ideas too: I wired a 'Hogwarts Castle' model for headlamps and a firebox flicker, but having used a 2-function decoder, I used the yellow wire for the firebox (and white for the headlamps). I was able to program a flicker on this decoder, but as others have said, this may not be possible with the Hornby TTS. I reprogrammed the outputs to be constantly on for both the white and the yellow wires (i.e. on in both forward and reverse modes). With the TTS decoder, if you are not using the white and/or yellow wires for lamps or other outputs, these can be used
  11. I recently bought a green RB (S1765) and FO. The FO has a yellow cant rail stripe, but the RB out of the box does not have a red stripe, so I have just added them from some Fox Transfers red striping, which had to be cut in half to get the correct depth for the Mk 1. I was a little worried that the green base would show through the red, but the transfers actually have really good density, so all is well.
  12. I'm finding the whole RM web site is slow to load and sometimes times out. Some pictures fail to load. Everything else is OK, so it isn't my Internet playing up. It has to be something to do with the RMweb servers or hosting site.
  13. I did something similar many years ago, using two Airfix/Kitmaster bodies cut and joined through the firebox to make a Merchant Navy, mounted on a Wrenn chassis with the valve gear removed. I didn't widen the cab, although I really should have. The smoke deflectors were enlarged, and the body profile widened and curved a little more using very hot water. For the tender, I added sheet brass overlays. The end result is shown below. Merchant Navy 35015 Blue - 1 by Jeffrey Lynn, on Flickr
  14. SRman

    New Hornby Rocket

    I can sympathise. I had cataracts removed some years ago, restoring my vision and making me long-sighted, where I was short-sighted before. That means I now have to use an Optivisor (or similar) to see what I am doing close-up. My Rocket arrived and was fine for some time, until I took it off the tracks and placed it on a shelf. The next time I ran it, the pickup was very poor, and on investigation it had the same problem as reported by quite a few people here, one of the wires had dropped off the PCB on the tender. I did have the skills to re-solder it, plus the deterrent to returning it
  15. SRman

    Ck17 kit

    Doug, did I give you the SR concrete lamp standards? I've forgotten whether I have or not, with all of the recent distractions we have had.
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