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  1. Hydrocal is said to turn into alabaster when it sets. You could check with your local sculpting shop. One property of Hydrocal is supposed to be no change of volume when it sets, making it good for castings.
  2. The coaches were sold to CNR which called it the Champlain train. I have an old CN equipment book with the car diagrams in it (up to early 1970s) One observation car was a coach; the other was a club. The cafe bar lounge has a toaster - One 2-slice electric and a "Silex" - One 4-burner and one warming oven. At that date "Kitchen and pantry not in use" but there were facilities on other cars. Of interest, the floor plans of the cars (one per page, each different) have the rounded ends on opposite sides.
  3. The Great British Train Show will take place April 25 and 26 in Brampton, Ontario, Canada. Jim Archdekin Receation Centre, 292 Conestoga Drive. $10, $5 children, $20 family. 10:00am to 4:00pm; 10:00 to 3:00. http://www.theplatelayers.org/gbts2020/flyer.pdf I claim it's the biggest and best all-British model railway show in North America. Brampton is on the other side of the airport from Toronto.
  4. The ideal solution would require a point motor with at least 3 sets of contacts. One set for the frog. One end would be used to decide which section at the other end the slip will be connected to. In a simple case, it could pick either the up line or the slip in the down line. The next slip (in the down line) could be connected to either the down line or the sidings. (try to picture it) This was covered in an article on X Section in a late 1950s Model Railroader.
  5. There was an article in a Canadian modelling magazine (probably a coule of decades ago) showing how to "correct" your locomotives by making the eccentric crank line up with the centre of the wheel. There were some letters about it in the next issue.
  6. Rocker Check how the non-derailing feature works. I never had them, but I think I read that some switches needed an insulated joint (fiber pin) in the rail beyond the frog, otherwise the non-derail feature would be alive permanently. I think another set of switches had the insulated gap built in. (This is based on stuff read 60+ years ago). If you power the switch from the point end, test by bridging a wire between the two running rails beyond the frog. My manual switches had a different approach, The middle rail was only powered in the right direction.
  7. The newlywed couple were snuggling in the dome one night as they crossed the prairies. The bride turned to her husband and said "We've got a really sharp engineer on the train tonight." "Why do you say that?" "He gets through each green light just before it turns red."
  8. I just had a look at our track. The terminal section has a socket on each side. Only one needs to be connected. I couldn't look at it to see if the wires keep polarity through i.e. red to red and black to black. The redundant cable should just pull out.
  9. A lot of the scales down to HO size seem to have come from track gauges in fractional inches converted to the nearest convenient metric. American TT is almost the only one where the scale came first and the gauge (.471" IIRC) came from that. S is wide by 1/2" scale. I contend that a successful scale is about 1/2 of a larger one, which is why S and TT don't have much following.
  10. The rules usually have a line about the speed "being able to stop within half the range of vision".
  11. Ian We British modellers long ago gave up on the regular shops and developed a network of specialist importers who were enthusiasts. The shops are good for generics like track and scenery. The late George (of that ilk) told me he didn't stock much English stuff because they complained about the selection and then wanted a discount.
  12. One manufacturer decided that they could make a standard couling mount at 3 different heights. I'm less sure about the tail lengths. I have a Dapol terrier that won't couple to some Lima coaches because the Lima hook rises up and hits the bunker. The Kadee shuffle is no different than the tension lock shuffle.
  13. Old Lionel track not aluminum. I think steel plated with tin as it could be soldered. Lionel used to (1950s) sell track pliers which had a round channel that would fit around the tubular rail head to squeeze it tight. Two sizes -- O and O27. I never saw one. Real problem is loose railhead. You may be able to tighten it with needlense pliers on the flat bit.
  14. Second mdvle. Credit Valley is located possibly within walking distance of a GO station (cant remember the name) but there may not be convenient trains going in that direction. I dont know if there is any public transit near George's, but Rapido is almost next door.
  15. Not accurate. There were no injuries during the raid itself, but most of the raiders were captured. Some escaped, but 8, including Andrews, were hanged. Imagine a raid on the Somerset and Dorset by a party of Yorkshiremen. Keaton's film is very far from history; the Disney one is more accurate. None of the original equipment was usable so they borrowed from the B & O museum, I think.
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