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  1. On the weekend I was dashing along the layout to get to the controller and was almost being outpaced by the train. I started to wonder how fast it was going. Can I walk 4 mph? Take that and multiply by 40* and it's 160 mph. Multiply by 76 and it becomes 304 smph. Am I on the right track? * close enough to O scale for mental math
  2. As I remember the story, a company receives an order from Russia for condoms that are 6" across and 18" long and asks a government department what to do. The goverment says to fill the order but label them "medium".
  3. For your interest: Rapido's APT-E re-intro video was shot (the model bits) on the Windermere Station etc. layout that I operate on. I don't know if this is new footage or leftover from the previous release. The station scenes are Winermere as its the only station on the layout.
  4. I started on my CKD Pacific. I used the plain bearings and pushed them into the holes from the outside, then a drop of glue. (Rocket card glue is my current favourite.) The wheelset was inserted first. I've no idea if it worked as the drivers are still in original condition.
  5. A supplemental question, Mr Speaker. Were the lamps behind the disks turned on individually or was there one switch and the disk covered up the light?
  6. The nice thing about modelling Kansas is that you can do it on a flat sheet of plywood. (Violates rule 3: Thou shalt not model any place that can be represented by a flat sheet of plywood.)
  7. I was on the GO Train home one night when we stopped a couple of miles from the station. The driver announced that the train ahead of us had hit someone at the station. I was up near the front. Very shortly a snazzily dressed man came up and said that he was the Toronto coroner and if they could get him to the scene, he would have us moving shortly. There was a CN pickup truck beside us in a few minutes. He told us that he was rewriting the regulations so that if the vixtim was obviously dead and it was clear what happened, the body could be removed and service restarted. There has bee
  8. I just looked at mine. There seems to be a big screw hidden under the bogie. I can have a better look if you want. ignore this comment -- see below.
  9. In North America competing railroads might take different names for the same wheel arrangement -- one railroad's Niagara became another's Northern or Confederation. Trains magazine tried (a few decades ago) to expand the Whyte system to include details like engine units that swiveled or not below the boiler (IIRC a Big Boy would be 4-(8)-8-4). Details that Whyte did not anticipate.
  10. I have instructions for the CM1 and SM1 units but no circuit diagrams. I think I bought the first one nearly 50 years ago. I had a problem with it when the rotary function selector switch fell apart internally. I never had the full skill/couage to take it out and replace it, but I have two replacement units which still work.
  11. I put a #20 on the front of Duke of Gloucester. The coupler is just barely in front of the buffer beam and the knuckle well behind the buffers. I never tried the Triang coupler on it.
  12. Back around 1960, I was starting American HO and my friend was into Triang OO. We found that my NMRA standard wheels would go down the far side of the frog on his Triang points. I didn't have any problems with Dublo 2-rail points. Triang really didn't like NMRA points.
  13. The autocontrol track would be incompatible with 3-rail as the device has to stick up in the middle of the track. What I remember is a metal piece with a tab that stuck up and two twists in it and a "handle". The piece started as a flat bit of metal. It went through 2 horizontal slots in the running rails. It normally lay flat, but pulling it out made it twist and the tab stuck up. * (The rails would match to Lionel O gauge after you changed one pin in the end.) *The actual design is left as an exercise for the student. I just looked at the Hornby Companion book.
  14. We were in U.K. for the 50th anniversary of nationalisation (not actually for it) and there was old newsreel footage of the repainting of an LMS 0-6-0. I have a picture of, I think, the same operation in a book (LMS Reflections?) but the loco number is obscured by somebody.
  15. Douglas: Since my memories of clockwork trains are over half the age of that loco, does it have any auto-stop or auto-reversing provision? My first Hornby had a tab below that banged on a bit in a special track that would stop it. I don't know if more expensive versions had a reverser.
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