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  1. I could get away with buying things with Chessie on them -- my wife would approve them. She even did a Chessie in needlepoint. The smaller hopper looks like the same mould as one from my first (1953) Lionel O27 set.
  2. I finally had enough with one of our screws. There is a little indentation with latch where you pull the sliding doors. One of the + screws had been done up hard enough that some sharp metal was sticking up. So after 7 years of us (out of almost 20 for the house) the little ****** was replaced last month. I had to get one with an odd little head and couldn't get it in brass. The neighbours have become worried. They've been very careful since comng back from Florida last spring, not even going out shopping, if we're right. They had their air conditioner replaced yesterday, thinking
  3. On another forum, I was guided to a program called IrfanView. This does a number of of ueful tasks like rotating and reducing the size (bytes) of pictures. It should also crop, but I can never get that to work. Mine was a free download.
  4. Douglas: a bit of musical trivia about the chimes (assuming they are Westminster) The sequence requires 10 4-note patterns*, which is actually a repeat of 5 patterns. Something to do with a 5-sided plate. The patterns are set so that the half-hour and the hour end on the tonic (do) of the scale. So that is patterns 3 and 5. * 1+2+3+4=10
  5. My print copy came in the mail yesterday. Pges 722 et seq are there.
  6. The GG1 on the Pennsylvania RR had air filters on the side. They started failing one year. Turned out that there is a certain type of frozen rain or mist that sits at a certain height. The height was the same as the air intakes and the ice was the right size to get through the filters. If you look at pictures of these locos, you can see that the filters on the hoods have changed position. (remember "The wrong type of snow"?
  7. Sign on a clinic today: Starve the mosquitoes: Give blood.
  8. I start like Wheatley but simply solder the code 75 to the top of the crushed railjoiner -- it's usually at the right height. With care, no solder gets on the code 100. You will need to ensure that the inside edges of the rails line up -- a code 75 rail gauge? This also works for connecting bullhead scale rail.
  9. I don't remember the R1 in a North American style train set. They sold a freight set with the re-painted Duchess pulling the two bogie wagons and a brake van with a cupola on it but that was 3-rail. There were a few odd 0-6-0Ts imported from Japan and I think Mantua made something (Little 6).
  10. The first unit (CM1) has speed control and direction. There is a pair of blue wires which are AC in 14/18 V. The red and black pair are track power. If the unit is used solo the left hand terminals will have a bridging strip. (that's left hand looking at it from the back) The second unit (SM1) does the fancy braking. It has 3 wires - red, black, yellow. Take off the bridging strip. The black wire goes to the top terminal on the left. Yellow to bottom terminal on the left. Red to bottom terminal on the right. Nothing to the top terminal on the right. The RH terminals provide uncontrol
  11. Frank: Is this the 2-part controller? Digession: I received mine when a friend in Englnd went to DCC. I brought it back on the plane in the top of my carry-on luggage. The inspectors didn't say a thing.
  12. I use Peco Electrolube on various contacts. Aside: I was going to use it on the pickups for some coach lighting. I'd done about a half dozen of them and saw that the lights weren't on at all. Then I noticed that the tube I'd used was actually lubricating oil. I had to carefully towel them all off and use real Electrolube. That made a lot of difference. I'd use Elube for any spots where the pickup goes through the axle ends into bogie sideframes or through axles into the mainframes. Older motors had a characteristic called "JackRabbit start". The motor needed more volts to start tha
  13. I have claimed some uncommon combinations at times. A model of Walt Disney's 7.5" gauge backyard railroad at a scale of 1:12 on 5/8" gauge track. TTC streetcar/subway gauge is 1.5 meters (or very close: 4' 10 7/8"). This can be modelled at 11mm to the meter on 16.5mm gauge track. (1:90.9 but no rolling stock at that size)
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