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  1. There was a quote in one of our texts, "1815? 1815? Why, that is practically current events!" Probably a professor of Ancient History.
  2. I believe that during the 1980s I visited a well-known shop in London and couldn't find prices on the stock -- it had to be checked with the catalog. One of the larger train shops near us has price scanners rather than tags. So does a large hardware/auto chain.
  3. I fitted my CCU Pullmen with Bachman NEMs. They don't have a swivelling head and are a tighter fit. I feel that pulls the CCU back in line. I had problems with the coaches on downhill curves catching up and buffer locking.
  4. Try this: Stan Rogers - Northwest Passage - YouTube (Sorry: thought I was providing a link)
  5. I have one of those that I bought second hand. PC models. I have no idea how to get into it -- I think it's thoroughly glued together. I have some other coaches like them and I can't get the bogies off because the bolt heads are inside, the threads in the floor are stripped, and the nuts are glued on.
  6. I went to our dealer to have a headlight bulb replaced on our Focus. The fellow behind the counter asked if we had cruise control (we didn't). He said that on his Focus, the cruise control module was placed directly behind the headlight and had to be shifted to change the bulb.
  7. My father told me that during the war they travelled to Britain on an ex-liner. The cooking staff was still there, serving the same stuff. The was a big Ontario farmboy who had decided that he was not going to be intimidated by anything that the other cultures ate. One day, lunch was tripe. Most of the guys took one look any went elsewhere. The one fellow cut a piece off his serving and started in. After 5 minutes he said, "It's no use, fellas. The more you chew it, the bigger it gets." When I was at university, a student group built a new residence. There was a bit of a stir when they found out that the master key for the residence was the same as the apartment building going up next door. I have a session with the fangmeister at 8:10 tomorrow morning.
  8. I just checked the book Gresley's Coaches. For two of the classes of full brake it notes "Guard's ducket RH side".
  9. Could you explain what Weißeritztalbahn means? I can understand some of the components...
  10. O17 was in the NMRA data sheets dated 1962. I don't see Q, but read of it.
  11. I remember feeling, when I lived nearish the end of a TB line, that if I saw a bus go the other direction it would have to come back and pick me up. Same with a streetcar or tram. But a gas bus could go down the road and then head off to the depot or who knows where.
  12. The Americans had 3 variations of O gauge (for scale modelling; toys had more). Started with 1/4" scale, 1 1/4" gauge. which is scale 5' gauge. Same scale, 1 3/16" gauge which is scale 4' 9". Called Q gauge. I don't think I've ever seen it. 17/64" scale, 1 1/4" gauge. works out to 56.47" gauge. One of my neighbours has a car or two built to this scale. (6.75 mm scale.)
  13. Probably well out of the topic. https://transittoronto.ca/subway/stations/002-bloor-danforth-subway/bay.shtml Toronto subway opened a new line and built a fully-undergound, double-track wye to allow trains to go three ways. On the new line, the stations had 2 levels, and the line went to one level beyond them. This was run as an "experiment" for 6 months, then run as separate lines (one terminated at the station) for six months which has now become 55 years. Lower Bay has had minor use as an emergency platform and a movie set. I forget how many million dollars were spent on the wye.
  14. Most of our current musical listening is to American Public Radio stations which is mostly classical. We are getting a little tired of the Arlesienne suite. My taste runs widely, but excludes rocky roll and country western. Does anyone else have Boris Karlov, Bulgarian accordion player?
  15. Bump for another anniversary. Hazel McCallion, who was mayor at the time, is still going at age 100, but no longer mayor.
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