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  1. Not accurate. There were no injuries during the raid itself, but most of the raiders were captured. Some escaped, but 8, including Andrews, were hanged. Imagine a raid on the Somerset and Dorset by a party of Yorkshiremen. Keaton's film is very far from history; the Disney one is more accurate. None of the original equipment was usable so they borrowed from the B & O museum, I think.
  2. The worst thing that will happen (if you wire it right) will be a little blip in the sound machines as it goes over the dead spots.
  3. Novemeber 10 is now the 40th anniversary. There were recap stories in the newspapers.
  4. I find this every few days. I login the same time each night but find that the new content may stop at 11 hours ago or 17 hours ago sometimes with an extraneous post from days or months ago. It can normally be cured by refreshing the page.
  5. The passenger cars were plastic. They were offered through the '50s -- they are in the 1960 catalog (only one I have left). They were the smaller cars, usually O27, and often matched with the smaller Alco FA diesel. The 1960 illustration makes them look a little lot less lumpy along the sides. The colour changed almost yearly to match the diesels. Occasionally they were matched with a steamer. (This is all from memory.) In a few days we can have a discussion on couplers and control sections.
  6. I never had O27 remote contrl switches, but my manual ones had the dead block feature. The O gauge ones had a pin for a constant voltage supply. This meant that you could change them even with the power turned off or very low.
  7. Back when, I managed to mix the LoneStar and Peco tracks, usually using Peco joiners. Not sure, but I think LoneStar rail may be slightly higher than Peco.
  8. That is very much the type of box that the #5 was designed for. The original centering spring projected a bit towards the center of the car. And most of the cars it was aimed at were plastic (check for electrical continuity between wheels and coupler). The original centering springs were straight on each side; when delayed uncoupling was introduced they put a joggle in one side. I just noticed. The screw on the left end seems to be pushing on the centering spring. The normal mounting has a stiff plate filling this spot. You might be able to bodge one from the #5 coupler box or a piece of plasticard. The bits may need support at the outer end.
  9. The couper is the right way up if you can shake hands with it (Boy Scouts ignore this rule.)
  10. The British Raiway Modellers of North America list a number of dealers, a couple of them in the US. http://www.brmna.org/prodser.shtml British modelling doesn't have the same freelancing variety as the US as most of the locomotives are very identifiable. Sodor solved this by buying a variety of used equipment, but not many of each.
  11. Is there a contact problem which causes the reversing unit to cycle? Fellow down the street was having problems and we diagnosed that the pickup roller had, over 65 years, worn a concave surface. He replaced it and the loco now runs like a dream again.
  12. There is a very nice show in Deland, Fla in January. https://10times.com/rail-fair-florida
  13. One of our club members built a donut shaped exhibition layout. After a while they converted to DCC. He said that at that size it was a mistake to convert the point motors as well. You will probably need a separate power supply for accessories from the DCC track power. You can even stay with finger-poking the Pecos.
  14. Is your tank car 6465? That's what came with my O27 set in 1953. (number stamped on bottom). Interesting that it's one number higher than the famous 6464 boxcar series. Most of the freight cars would take all the curves as the trucks swing all the way around. I took out my loco last week. There area few bits that seem to be missing on the interior and one of the drivers is loose on its axle.
  15. There is a note in the instructions (when I can find them) that it's not really a glue. If you want to join parts you may need to make extra holes that it can fill (just like the dentist). It does hold if there is not too much strain on it. The best bit is that it doesn't set until you shine the light on it -- lots of time to get things aligned --- but you may need a third hand.
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