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  1. Good luck with the treatment, sounds like you’re in the best possible hands!
  2. I've been delaying getting a Bachmann 9F for a while, so I'll be interested to see how the Hornby one turns out. I've just ordered a rake of the KR Models Consett Iron Ore wagons so I'm hoping that one of the manufacturers will do a Tyne Dock to Consett 9F in 2022...
  3. Sorry to read this but it does sound like a positive prognosis, just definitely not the sort of thing you want to go through (and especially not at this time of the year)! Definitely take solace in the fact it’s over the rubbish golfing weather. Best wishes to you for a speedy recovery once they get you into surgery.
  4. Gordon, sorry to hear about Archie. Now's definitely not the time to get a new one, though - from what I've heard, pedigree dog (or designer dog, like Cockapoo etc) prices have sky-rocketed during lockdown - some are selling at three times the pre-Covid19 prices. My Mac has Gill Sans included in its software as standard (Pages etc) - worth checking your Mac out (I seem to remember you had a Mac too?)
  5. This one popped up completely randomly on YouTube earlier while I was looking for something completely different. Obviously you might need to wait a week or two to be able to get the supplies for this one...
  6. Just as an afterthought, I went to look in my bookcase. Julian Holland’s Discovering Scotland’s Lost Railways has a section on the line between Connel Ferry and Ballachulish including a nice shot of Kentallen, as well as the terminus at Ballachulish.
  7. Hi Warren, great to see things progressing and some beautiful buildings there! I popped up to Loch Linnhe last weekend - we’d planned to ski at Glencoe on Saturday but the weather put paid to that. We stayed at the Holly Tree Inn at Kentallen, which my fiancée had booked without realising it was a former station on the Ballachulish spur of the Callander and Oban railway. I only realised when I walked down the hotel’s main corridor and noticed two large bay windows similar to the architecture of stations like Arrochar and Tarbet. Kentallen station had a steamer pier too.
  8. I think my love of the A3 came from spending holidays at my great aunt's in Deal and riding on the Romney, Hythe and Dymchurch Railway behind Green Goddess!
  9. Think I would have scored 4, maybe 5... Great to see trains moving and between this and the fact that our loft has had some flooring put down now, it’s maybe starting to give me a little inspiration back too!
  10. I’ve tried that before. Definitely didn’t reach the distance. I was lucky if I hit it into the foreground...
  11. I can also recommend Mixbook - have had photobooks from them and they have regular discount codes too. www.mixbook.com - as above, no affiliation other than satisfied customer.
  12. I like both options - the flow of Option 2 is good - it seems more like the shed complex was carefully planned before building, whereas Option 1 has a more organic look to it - which might not be a bad thing. I still like the diamond crossings in Option 1, but it does seem to isolate areas of the complex a lot more from the incoming main line than Option 2 does. That might be a good thing if you're using a second panel and operator for that area, though!
  13. You need one of these! https://goo.gl/images/ryYN1a I have one in the loft at my parents... Actually I'm sure an operating coaling tower will be well within your abilities having seen your trackwork and electrics!
  14. Hi Gordon, lovely to see ET moving along at pace now. My layout plans have just been plans for probably as long as ET’s thread has been running, mostly due to lack of space (and more recently time). I first tried using Parallels Desktop without much success, then partitioned my desktop Mac and had Windows running on it, and my advice is don’t bother. I had a full version of Photoshop installed and found myself avoiding going in as the process for swapping partitions was slow, I spent my time worrying about Windows-targeting viruses and in the end just ended up using lighter weight software
  15. Gordon, Sorry to hear your news, and as folk have said already, hope you can have a peaceful Christmas and that the modelling can take your mind off things for some of the time. Take care, Mike
  16. Next time you're there could you pick up the lottery numbers for me? Cheers! Seriously though, great to see you getting the mojo back and hope to see continued progress and hopefully trains running in 2017!
  17. Hi all, Have received notification of this year's pre-Christmas promotional event: "We are delighted to announce that this year's pre-Christmas promotional event in the shop will again particularly feature Peco model railway products. Steve Haynes, Peco's Sales Manager, will be making the long journey from Devon to be with us. He will be 'showing you how' to incorporate the recent overhead line catenary system into your layout and explaining how the versatile "SmartSwitch" servo control system functions. As always, he'll be happy to answer any questions you may have. You might j
  18. Holes of the pond liner or golfing variety? :-) Look forward to seeing your next steps!
  19. I was following this thread about the time the lighthouse was being constructed but have missed its progress since until recently. The bridge based on Connel Ferry is an absolute masterpiece! The whole layout is excellent and I hope I get the chance to see it in the flesh at a show sometime.
  20. I think he meant his own personal L&B themed project (though I could be wrong!).
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