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  1. So the word is in from the escape committee and they've cleared my glider for take off.
  2. Might well have the hump , from being captive audience by default - as i'm the only one who'll talk... speech therapy - bah humbug. Personally i'd rate them at 4 camels. Nurse!!!
  3. Really, what medication are you on? They are holding me hostage - rob's fault for asking me if I had a bed bath....
  4. There was a war on - I seem to remember the route indicators were moved due to black out conditions ,in order for the driver's to see the route availability without alerting the eyes of the Luftwaffe.
  5. So time for part 4: Works in progress: Nearing the finish line with HMCS Snowberry. Hand rails, decals and some light weathering to do. Brassmasters Match Truck More bits added, but photo-etch and me are having issues atm - they cut me and I bled a lot (so a solution is needed). Eduard 1/48th Scale Spitfire Mk.VIII HF. My first my heart attack build - went together beautifully, paint work's behaving itself too. Tamiya 1/48th Scale German SPW (Half Track) Been a quick build so far, aside from the tracks being too short!
  6. So finally on to part 3. Non railway related builds. Tamiya 1/48th Scale T-34's T-34-85 (new-tool 2020) T-34-76 (2005 Tooling, build interrupted by my heart attack). Tamiya 1/48th Scale Horch 1a (Horch eventually became Audi). Zvezda 1/72nd Scale T-28 (New Tool, fantastic kit to build - bonkers part count) That's all for completed stuff - part 4 will be works in progress.
  7. No, that's Robin's 13T 5 Plank Thanks, it's got an MJT chassis underneath, just checked.
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