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  1. Some progress to report.. Rescue Launch is nearly finished.. And I started building this at around 11.20 this morning..
  2. Many thanks. Mine as the later red box release (2013), has 127 & 156 as the late war versions (more armour & guns) and 130 as the early war version (with just the two turret guns and a lot of yellow paint lol). Also I've been told by a reliable source on another forum, that the real life ones may have been constructed on one of the island's on the Thames near Hampton Court.
  3. I've weathered and modified a lot Star Class, but only repainted one. They've got a lot of flack for their design-stupid features and poor QC, but on the most part they behave themselves. Obviously the MFI shelves on the cab-sides have to go and be replaced by wire handrails. Also dependant on the batch the bogie wheels have the wrong number of spokes. The green is like Marmite - you either tolerate it or hate it (I've found an easy fix ). Plus the packaging can sheer the permanent coupling mount on the tender clean off, two main options here replace the tender chassis or glue the mount back on (again I've found an easy fix)
  4. The Pannier Papers No.3 is useful purchase, but having 'enhanced' a few of them (from Mainline, Replica & Bachmann) - the top bracket sits on top of the smoke box usually
  5. I only work part time in my proper job - this is my hobby, which has become a job in itself and seems to take up most of my free-time lol I also realised a little while back - I'd put two engine room vents on in the wrong place, which I've now corrected! There's another Flower class en-route to me, in a smaller scale - all will be revealed Get Tamiya's 1/48th Scale Churchill - you can do so much more with it trust me
  6. On with the build - I've been busy.. Up next I busied myself with clean up on various parts of the rear main gun - I also had to modify one part as it was a short-shot. I also painted and added a couple of the life buoys.. The rear gun was added next.. At this point I decided to add some of the rigging - lots of pennies in the swear jar! Then I got on with a job I'd put off, because of the clean up - the Hedgehog Anti-Submarine Mortars.. These were painted and fitted to the ship. I went back in the instructions and cleaned up (there's a lot), assembled, painted and fitted a lot of parts (including the anchors & chains.. Then I concentrated on getting the top deck of the bridge to fit, before painting - again there was a need for some plaster-card.. I painted the side frames first and glued them in place using the upper deck to ensure alignment. The top deck was painted and glued in place. Once dry a few more bits were added. I would say I'm nearly there, but here's what's left on the sprues.. That's almost all for now on this build (I'm build the remaining guns atm) Till next time TBG
  7. I've put the blog entry up for M10 IIC Achilles Tank Destroyer as promised. Part 4 of the HMCS Snowberry build blog will come tomorrow
  8. Another shake and bake kit from Tamiya, this version of the kit is from 2014. The kit (some of the photo's are a bit naff in this part and I haven't included them, so apologies) The build, as before I build up the lower hull and paint and add the tracks. However this one has an interior.. With the lower hull built, I turned to the upper hull - this too had an interior (well shells). I chose to paint the upper hull and then fit, before adding the detailing parts and decals - I also weathered the interior with weathering powders.. Then I got on with the turret - lots of detail there.. Tenn it was final detailing and weathering.. I added some resin detailing from Redoguk as well. The Final Reveal.. And the cameo for the next Armour build.. That's all for now. TBG
  9. So I've got carried away over the last few days, so much so that there could be 2 more blog entries coming your way.. First up - the M10 is finished (I will get the blog entry up for this tonight). A bit more work on the RAF Rescue Launch - this will be my focus of modelling work over the next few weeks, as I need it finished by the 26th.. My current focus has been the Corvette, I've got a lot more done than I originally planned.. She's moved on from there too..
  10. Anyone one for Vegan Beefburgers - I have the perfect thing for cooking them, an M10
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