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  1. So where have I been... Succumbed to the vile plague - NO. Abducted by the MIM to do a urgent commission for the Grand Inquisitor - NO. Having my usual Winter Break from Railway Modelling - Yes. So what have I been doing.. Finishing of a shelf of doom kit, working on some Tamiya 1/48th Scale Armour and a 1/350th Scale Ship.. Hawker Typhoon Mk.IB - started in 2019. A little German Tank (Panzerkampfwagen 38(t)) A Tiger I (all those wheels) & a Sturmtiger (less
  2. Biggin Hill had an 8' 6" wide cab (Narrow Cab, Series I 34001-34070), 41 Squadron had a 9' wide cab (Wide Cab, Series II 34071-34110)
  3. For those Bulleid Nutters out there.. Another restoration project - a R2388 given a tender swap and carelessly renumbered and renamed to Biggin Hill by a halfwit cowboy on eBay, a client of mine brought it and I had to rework it for him.
  4. There'll be more along no doubt
  5. I thought they were your assistants helping you in your corner of Hell keeping the ballast nice and hot for the damned souls to walk over for eternity as punishment for not ballasting their layouts properly and/or getting glue all over a loco they were working on
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