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  1. Busy week, so haven't been able to post this mini blog: Take a Hornby Clerestory, some 3D printed bogies and produce a Post War Clerestory in Wartime Brown... After fully disassembling the coach - the only part that was glued was the glazing), other than it's all clips. 3D printed bogies fitted and chassis resprayed. Roof's painted Dark Sea Grey - Vallejo Model Air 71.053. Roof's masked up and ready for body colour to be spayed - Vallejo Model Air Dark Brown (RLM 61) 71.042. All masking removed and body reassembled (except glazing) - also painted the ends black. Grab rails & door handles picked out in gold & Coat of Arms added (Railtech) After a coat of satin varnish was applied and then the coach was reassembled. It was however pointed out to me at this point - the foot boards needed removing This was duly done and the coach was prepped for weathering (windows masked for the initial weathering). Back from paint and almost ready for the coach's reveal to her owner @gwrrob All done..
  2. Robin's Clerestory, before it was returned from TRW's The build can be found here
  3. Looks quite crude compared with it's much younger sibling - though the 5250gl tender top scrubbed up well.. Original photo is from December 2011 - I've put the raw photo through my current photo editing software
  4. Yes the Typhoon is an elderly Hasegawa kit. re- boxed by Eduard - hence why I used the decals, rather than the etch - as the cockpit is very much the black-hole of Calcutta. I also have the Eduard Bristol Fighter (Weekend Edition - so no PE)
  5. I used the decals for the instrument panel rather than the PE.
  6. What kind of contrivance is that? It's the work of the devil, I tell you
  7. Apologies for the lack of updates, been busy with my day job.. Got the Typhoon buttoned up, before I put it back in the box.
  8. More progress on the Typhoon.. Fuselage isn't glued together - just being used as a jig to keep the cockpit square...
  9. A 1366 has been reunited with a very happy owner today
  10. Best investment I've made knife wise (aside from my faithful Stanley 99E) I was having such trouble getting X Acto blades and found about Excel knives. The blades fit the X Acto handles, but also brought a knife handle as well - it's still on the original blade, they've got excellent edge retention..
  11. Worth noting that the loco's retained the cab roof vents and their cab-side handrails in their lowered position after they were converted back.
  12. Seen elsewhere on the forum, but too good not to share here... Airfix and Heljan go toe to toe...
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