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  1. My choices are: 2, 3, 4, 6, 7, 8, 9 & 11 Focused choices of PBV are: 3, 4, & 7 Focused choice of Monster is: 9
  2. Another update.. I finished the AA6, Loriot & M13. The Yellow Peril was ready for her decals (they were applied this morning - forgot to take a photo). The Crusader is now partially decalled and the fuselage is nearly finished with painting. And this arrived...
  3. The question I have, is what engines those mechanics you knew had been working on previously to the Sabre?
  4. I suspect to get a Typhoon or Tempest V in the air - it may well be fitted with a Griffon or a Merlin (both of which will fit the air frames - I know Ian was mentioning that as an interim measure for his Typhoon). Though with modern design and engineering tweaks we might see a Sabre engined one fly.
  5. Kermit has so many projects on the go, it's just crazy.
  6. Thoroughly enjoyed the video, your mini me made chuckle - as a client of mine got himself scanned and 3D printed by Modelu as Loco Crew (which I've painted).
  7. So here's part 2... A mystery loco - in yellow (including a photobombing fly!).. A pair of complete Bulleids (seen elsewhere on the Forum - to please the masses). Decals are on the Loriot & M13 And if you've not seen the Blog, the Whirlwind was finished.. And the Crusader briefly returned to the bench for painting. And that is it for this update.
  8. Time for an update: Currently on the bench AA6 Permanent Way Van, all painted, will be decalled later this afternoon. Loriot W - again at the same stage the AA6. M13 Newspaper Van, a new acquisition for a client. It needed replacement screw link couplings and is just awaiting decalling and weathering. Part 2 will be later today
  9. Both are R2385's, I've lost count of the number of times I've used Winnie as a donor - extra challenge is that the mounting holes for the original Winnie nameplates can't be hidden by the Spitfire nameplates... Thank you Glenn, for pointing this particular client in my direction
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