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  1. Three more blog entries.. SU122 Russian Tank Killer The conclusion of the P-47D build And the conclusion of the Shack build ... and I'm finally up to date with blog entries (for now)
  2. As hinted at in part 4, the decals were going so well and then it came to the wings and silvering appeared everywhere! After several days work and a lot of X-20A Thinners, I got rid of most of it. And finally the wings were glued in place and that's the way she sat for the next 5 weeks till work resumed.. Yep the dark dirt wash is back.. Props assembled and front undercarriage installed. Sitting on her undercarriage (and she's no tail sitter) Wheels on On her wheels Airfix to the rescue Props painted, nearly there. Ready for her final reveal.. And an out of this world cameo.. The final reveal.. And then there was three.. That's all for now (finally James
  3. So on with the build, I'll keep the commentary to a minimum.. Resurrecting some elderly Tamiya XF-4 (Yellow Green) from the 1990's. White Tack to do the wavy camo line. Gloss Clear Coat (Tamiya X-22) applied. Chosen Decal Scheme (above) and applying the decals (below) Semi-gloss coat applied. First time using a metalliser paint on the drop tanks. Last bits ready to add. However the P-47D needed to get dirty first and another first - using a Flory Models Dark Dirt Wash for the first time.. I also applied the wash to remaining parts.. Final assembly and weathering begins. Finished and the final reveal (and the return of the Shackleton MR.3 Cameo) Till next time James
  4. It's another shake and bake Armour kit from Tamiya and no it wasn't going to be green.. Box Art: Instruction's and chosen scheme (Winter Camo) - on the box, not in the instructions. What's in the box. The build, paint and weathering - she went together extremely quickly (no surprise there) The reveal photo's and the cameo of the next build (which by some quirk of fate, the first part of the blog entry is already up (oops). Till next time James
  5. First blog entry for the day is up now (3 more to go) Timber Tracks GWR 4 Road Engine Shed Conversion Part 2
  6. So it's been over 6 months since an update on this big build, but now there's been some work on it. Some of these photo's have appeared on my thread.. With the Peco Bull-head track cut into lengths it was time to make up the base for the shed, I went for a magnetic attachment using 3mm rare earth magnets (I only needed ten sets). With the base plate made it was time for some surgery on the engine shed With this done, it was time to test fit the track & work out where to isolate the track, it was initially planned to be 3 section per track in the shed - however when I put some loco's in, it was very apparent that wouldn't work. After consulting with my Client (and his brother) the issue isolating sections was sorted and instead of three sections it was reduced to two per track in the shed. I had to cut the inspection pits out first prior to laying the track. Once the track was layed, wired up and cut, the inspection pits were added. I also altered the height of the shed entrances (more styrene). Next up was the fun part, cutting up strips of styrene strip and sheet to make up the floor. This was then painted a suitable colour. With the hard part done, I started painting the interior, modifying some Hornby Buffer beams to fit and gluing the roof frames in place (after they'd been painted). The base plate was also collected part way through this by my client (hence why it disappears part way through the photo's below lol). Now next up I should've been installing the lighting - however Amazon let me down on some parts, so in the meantime I got on building up the roof panels. So that's all for this build update. TTFN James
  7. Yep, it's been in mothballs for over 25 years. Besides - In Space No One Can Hear You Fart
  8. I really do need to pull my finger out and get some blog entries up.. In between renumbering and re-cresting 10 GWR 60' Collett's - the Space Dock became operational...
  9. It was that for a time, however the local's got suspicious when tourists started disappearing
  10. And the secret entrance to the Men in Malachite's massive underground facility - if you know the password
  11. It won't be clean for much longer - once you've completed your annual inspection of MiM's facilities
  12. I used the same colour on the Airfix AEW, however that wasn't clear coated like the MR.3. Good luck with the fuselage
  13. I used Vallejo Model Air 71.054 Dark Grey Blue, which is the colour I use for GWR Coach roofs lol Queue the Imperial March from Star Wars Episode IV A New Hope.. The Shackleton's are relentless.. MR3.. And then there was 3.. Soon it will be 4....
  14. Careful Spams, you've nearly shared the location of the MiM's Secret Headquarters...
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