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  1. Hi Mark, I have done another one since and on the second one I used the Replica powered chassis mounted in one of the trailer coaches. This gives the advantage that you can use a close coupling mechanism on the DMBS should you require it. Cheers for now, Ian
  2. Hi All, Wagon building continues apace. First is a Chivers Ling. Finished as the instructions intended. These really are excellent kits. It's finished as a well worn example following a picture in the new Hornby magazine on Engineers wagons. Transfers are from a Cambrian rub down sheet and the Ling branding is hand painted. I also have a Tunny nearing completion. Next is a Parkside 16 tonner, that I got to compare my Trix modifications. I bought the PC19 kit with it's wrong 10ft wheelbase so I will be finishing it as an unfitted example with MJT W irons with the correct 9ft wheelbase. As you can see the Trix body is pretty close and mine have worked out as a cheaper alternative to the full Parkside kit. I have two more Ratio Van B's nearing completion, the Blue one I have had since the kit was released, probably over 20 years. It's been many colours but I've finally settled on blue. The other one was got cheap off ebay a little while ago and will be finished in heavily weathered green. I now have quite a collection of SR parcels vans, but I'm always on the lookout for more. Lastly is a conversion form a Replica FO into the prototype Brute carrier. It involves cutting out the coach sides and replacing with 1.5mm plastic sheet. Plastic strip marks the doors and hinges. It has DC kits vents placed in the original CK positions. This is quite a distinctive coach with its straight sides and it will be finished once I get back into my house and I have access to my airbrush. I don't mind hand painting wagons or planked vehicles but with something that has big plain sides like this I think the airbrush is the best way forward. Cheers and stay safe, Ian
  3. Hi All, First of all thanks for the likes etc. It's been a month since I last posted anything but I have been quite busy on the modelling front as well as my day job. Lately I have been re-cycling old wagons acquired mainly from the internet. Some of these are possibly 60 years old but with modern chassis and wheels look good today. Firstly are four Trix mineral wagons. I bought a bundle of Trix wagons cheaply just to see how close their 3 plank wagon was to scale. Turns out it wasn't but included in the package were 2 mineral wagons. These looked a pretty close to scale so I got underframes from Parkside and Red Panda and gave it a go. The first two bodies are unmodified, one wagon has the standard fitted 9ft Parkside Chassis the other has a modified Red Panda clasp braked underframe. The second two are modified to represent re-bodied examples and sit on Parkside chassis modified to represent Westinghouse fitted wagons. The transfers for these wagons are from the excellent Railtec range. The next two are 10ft chassis examples. One has a Mainline body the other a Hornby Dublo. Both sit on differing chassis. They are all painted with Humbrol enamels and weathered using differing techniques. I have found that doing these mineral wagons is quite addictive. I have just bought a standard Parkside kit for a fitted 16 tonner to see how well the old Trix models match up and I'm on the lookout for another cheap 10ft wagon as I have seen a picture of one on a Vanwide chassis. I have also built some Lowfits for use in an MOD train. The steel bodied examples are the Red Panda kit all on differing Parkside Chassis. They will all eventually have Land Rovers as a load. To add to the MOD train is this Airfix Lowmac. It has LMS buffers and Peters Spares wheels. The 4 Tonner is a JB Models kit without its rear body. Lastly on the wagon front is a Hornby Dublo 12t van. This is on a Parkside chassis and represents a wagon with a 2 part end. This is different to the more modern Dapol version and I think it's turned out well. I can see me doing do a few more in the future. The main difference between the two wagons is the curvature of the roof. The Hornby Dublo one being nearer that of a GWR wagon. I've thinned down the roof edges on the sides of the wagon and it hides the difference quite well. To finish are 3 Parcels vans. The first one is a standard Parkside SR CCT. The BR CCT is a modified Lima model. Running on MJT W irons and fitted with the excellent LMS buffers. The springs are the original Lima ones, axleboxes and handbrake levers are from the spares box. It has been finished with Railtec transfers. This was a satisfying rebuild to do as I have a CCT for just over a tenner! Lastly is a Ratio van B finished with plywood doors. The parcels vans have been left clean as I don't have access to my airbrush for weathering at the moment. I've worked out I've built or finished 27 pieces of rolling stock so far under this lockdown period, so there are some positives to staying indoors. I've also done my bit for the planet as the combined age of some of these wagons is probably somewhere over 500 years. I think us modellers probably do more than most in regard to recycling in this modern throwaway society. Now back to the workbench. Cheers and stay safe, Ian
  4. Hi All, Latest off the wagon production line have been six box vans of various types. First is a Dapol Ply sided van on the Red Panda clasp braked chassis. About as basic as it gets for a re-chassis job. Next is a Parkside Palvan with an airbraked chassis from their VEA. Staying with the Air Braked theme we have a Dapol planked body riding on another VEA chassis. The body has had it's doors scraped smooth and the buffers are from Lanarkshire Model supplies. I realised after finishing the two air braked wagons that I have got the hand brake lever wrong but it's too late to change them now. Another Dapol/Parkside combination with the rainstrips altered. This one is a Dapol body on a Bachmann chassis from one of their plywood standard vans.THis one has been modelled fresh from the shops. The Bachmann body is quite a bit shorter than the Dapol one and stood out like a sore thumb when placed next to Parkside and Dapol ones so I used the chassis and may use the body as a scenic feature. Lastly is a Parkside Vanwide fitted with roller bearing axleboxes. This one has etched W irons and brake gear. All of the transfers are from a Modelmaster sheet suitably cut up in some instances. All the vans are painted with Humbrol 133 as the basic colour then the iron work and ends on some touched in with Humbrol 160. This gives a nice contrast on the heavier weathered examples. Wheels are a combination of Gibson and Romford but I think I'm going to start using Peters Spares wheels in future, they add some nice weight and look good once painted. I only have one more Dapol body left to re-chassis so I'm going to have a look at the Dapol ex Hornby Dublo van and see how that shapes up. It has a different end to the pure Dapol ones so will add some more variety. I have already mounted a couple of Hornby Dublo Banana vans on Red Panda underframes and they look pretty good. The next wagons will be a couple of Lowfits and I'm going to see what I can do with the old Trix 16T mineral wagon. At first glance it looks pretty close. Cheers and stay safe, Ian
  5. Hi All, In addition to the normal 5 plank open wagons I have made this 5 plank drop side wagon. It is the Your Model Railway wagon on the Parkside 10ft chassis. The body was modified by adding some plastic strip to the bottom plank then sanding this down to an angle. Brackets on the chassis were made from brass strip and loops from a Mainly Trains added. The buffers are from Lanarkshire. I'm quite happy how it has turned out. It has Peters Spares wheels which I thought looked to big until I painted them. Also last week I purchased this off ebay. It is a DJH A3, complete apart from motor and part built, all for £65! If anyone has a recommendation for a motor/gearbox to power I'd be glad to hear it. I'm looking forward to building it when I get back into my rebuilt house! Cheers and stay stafe, Ian
  6. Hi Paul, Thanks very much. I’ve looked at that photo to get an idea of what the inside of the wagons look like but never noticed the cover! I was thinking I might be able to disguise some lead sheet as the folded cover to add weight to the model. Thanks again. Cheers and stay safe, Ian.
  7. Hi All and Happy New Year, Today I completed a couple of open wagon kits that I started some time ago that have been sitting in the needs finishing box. Happy with the results with the clayliner both have been finished as such. This is the Parkside BR 13t open kit built as standard but without the tarpaulin bar. The usual mix of different coloured planks and just dry brushed for the weathering. This makes for a quite clean appearance and contrasts the others quite well. This one is a Cambrain kit, modified by the fitting of Wizard axleboxes. It's been given a heavier coat of grime using the paint on wipe off method. I now have three clayliners, all different. For the moment I am modelling them as empties as I haven't worked out how to model the tarpaulin sheet effectively. I have read somewhere that when these empties returned to the West Country the sheets were just folded up and put in the wagon. Does anyone know if this is the case or were they put in a box van for the return journey? Cheers and stay safe, Ian
  8. Hi All, I hope you all had a good Christmas. I have been busy over the festive season with some wagons based on Airfix/Dapol bodies and Parkside chassis. Three are 5 plank opens and the other three are the standard BR van. This one is on the standard BR 10ft chassis built as per the instructions. This one uses the LMS type 10ft chassis to give a bit of variety. Lastly, this one uses the solebars that you get with the LMS chassis with brake gear cobbled from an old Airfix RTR chassis. Axle boxes were replaced with Wizard roller bearing boxes. This one has been finished as one used in the Clayliner Pool. All three have been painted with a sub base of various Bauxite colours on each plank then a coat of underframe dirt blends all the individual planks together. Matt white was used on the clay wagon, painted on and wiped off for the body and dry brushed for the chassis. Please excuse the close up photos they look better from normal distance. Next are three standard 12t vans from Dapol, again using kit built chassis. This one is the standard 10ft chassis from Parkside. This one sits on a Parkside air braked chassis for there VEA kit, it has had it's doors scraped flat to represent the ply doors fitted to all the Air brake box vans that I have seen photos for. It awaits Oleo buffers from Lanarkshire models. Lastly a Ply sided van on the Red Panda chassis. I need to remove the destination board from the side to complete the conversion. I think these old wagon bodies capture the look of the prototypes pretty well. They can be had pretty cheaply, the open wagons cost me a fiver for all three bodies and the box vans were obtained from the Dapol factory in Llangollen many years ago very cheaply. Married to a Parkside chassis you get a good looking, cheap and unique (to you) wagon. I'm always on the lookout for the box vans and will be again once we can get back out to exhibitions and shops once more. Cheers and stay safe, Ian.
  9. Hi Gibbo, Thanks for the comment, I am trying a different way to the 1951 Pullmans. I found two Wrenn Aries bodies in the loft while I was clearing it for our temporary house move and wondered if I could use these. They are the correct shape, have the correct size windows so I thought why not! It's currently in the shed with a coat of primer on to see how well the cut and shut has worked. If it is OK then Carina may lose her underframe and windows to this model. Stay safe, Ian.
  10. Hi All, Here is a step by step of how I turned the Replica SR Emu end into the LMR/ER version. The first job is to cut the cab front off. I just follow the the moulding inside the cab up to cantrail height then cut the roof just behind the square indentation on the body above the side window. (Sorry, don't know what it is) The cuts are then joined up along the cantrail to remove the front. The roof section is then cut off, also at cantrail height. The remaining cab section is then marked and cut to take the DC Kits front end. I also cut out and made a surround for the destination box. Then an infill is placed to help recreate the sloping window. A piece of 1mm thick plastic sheet is cut and placed at cantrail level so as to follow the contours of the new cab front. Using the front corner of the cab as a guide the roof section is cut to length and reduced in height to match the existing roof. To make the headcode box and roof dome I used the cab front profile as a guide for the saw cuts. Go at about 45 degrees with the saw, there is plenty of plastic there to shape the dome. I used a knife with a sharp blade, files and micromesh paper to get the shape. Go gently and there shouldn't be a problem. I used photos as a guide to get the correct profile. The dome section was then glued to the main body with superglue and also the joints filled, again with superglue. This gives a strong joint and also acts as a filler. After smoothing down the last thing to do was add the headcode box surrounds and window pillars from plastic strip. Buffers and buckeyes are from MJT, rubbing plates are DC Kits. I have enjoyed making the cab ends, I just need to get in touch with Replica to get some suburban bodies to make the rest of the unit! Cheers for now, Ian
  11. Cheesysmith, The class 304 ends are something I’ve taken with me to my temporary house so there’s a good chance I will finish the other end. I will post pics of the progress. I just need to work out how I did it!! Cheers for now, Ian
  12. Hi Phil, The then Airfix Meat van was the first ever kit I made. I bought it along with an Airfix Brake van from a Bicycle shop in Ickenham not far from the Metropolitan Station, was probably in the late 70’s. I really enjoy building these kits as all the parts fit properly and they capture the essence of the real thing perfectly. They are good if you are having a temporary Mojo absence. My favourite is the Presflo though I’ve only built a few. I’ve built far more minerals and brake vans though. Be good to see yours when it’s done. Cheers for now, Ian.
  13. Hi All, With the second lockdown and and temporary accommodation due to my house being rebuilt I haven't had much time for modelling. In the last couple of weeks however I have set up a desk in front of a nice big window and finally got on with a few projects. First up to get myself back into things gently was a BR standard van. This is a Dapol body on a Parkside chassis with ABS buffers. It is painted with Humbrol Satin 133 for the body and Railmatch underframe dirt on the chassis. It has Modelmaster transfers and is weathered with underframe dirt simply brushed on and wiped off. Metalcote gunmetal was then applied to hinges etc. For me the Dapol body captures the look of the real thing better than any other and when married to the Parkside chassis gives an excellent representation of a mundane everyday prototype. Next is a Ratio Southern Van B I got this kit for £7.50 on Ebay and have decided to do something a little bit different with it. As you can see I have modified the body so it now has a representation of plywood doors. It also runs on Phoenix SR bogies from which I have removed the footboards. The only other thing I did was to add the pipe that runs along the solebar. I managed to get another one of the same site that had been assembled but because it had been constucted with superglue it lent itself to a complete rebuild. This one will be built as normal, with the exception of removing the guards periscope. This one seems to be self coloured plastic and I'm wondering whether it is a modern one released under the Peco/Parkside banner. They will both be finished in dirty Rail Blue. Does anyone know if there are any transfers available for blue era Southern Utility vans? I have trawled the usual suspects but to no avail. Lastly for now, Continuing my obsession with U type Pullmans and just in time for Hornby to announce them for next year is this cut and shut of two Wrenn Aries bodies into a Kitchen Parlour Car. It was quite an easy and enjoyable process using the drawing published in the June 2011 Railway Modeller as a guide. I have two more Aries bodies picked up for fiver each ready to produce some more but as all my books are in storage for the house rebuilding it will have to wait. It will get Gresley Heavy duty bogies and Hornby Dublo in their wisdom have placed the bogie pivot holes in the correct position! I'm not sure yet what colour to paint it, Blue/Grey in either form would fit in with some of my other models but I quite like the thought of a rake in Umber and Cream with a nice Blue Merchant Navy or Shiny green Britannia at it's head. I'm going to be in my Bijou RAF quarter until at least May so will hopefully get a lot of small projects completed. The only bonus of the RAF quarter is I get to watch the Typhoons take of every day while I'm on shift work. When I'm at work I'm buried in a hangar working on kit that keeps them in the air. Cheers for now, Ian.
  14. Hi Chris, Thanks for the comment. The Replica glazing will need to be fitted individually to the windows of the DC Kits model. There is a bit of cutting of the glazing to do but the end result is well worth it. I'm glad my next EMU will be the Replica based 4Epb which the glazing will slot straight into!! I'm spending the next two days making coal loads for the 7mm MGR hoppers, much less stress than EMU windows and commode handles!! Cheers for now, Ian
  15. Hi All, The Tyneside 2Epb is now finished bar the interior. It's been a long time in the making, so I think I got my moneysworth out of the £20 I handed to Mr Petty all those years ago. The glazing is Replica and is a perfect fit for the DC kits body. Comparison between the brake ends of the Epb and the Hap. Who says all SR EMU's look the same!! Again this has been an enjoyable project over the lockdown period. Another one ticked off of the multitude in the loft. The 4Epb will be next, though I have just started to chop up a Lima 08 shunter body to try and get it to better proportions. I quite like a challenge. Cheers for now, Ian
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