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  1. A 2-8-4 Berkshire tank, a few designs of tender engines, were any tank engines of this arrangement built?
  2. I recall reading, if not for the grouping, a 4-6-6 version of the GSWRly tanks would have appeared.
  3. A very short time scale here, the Train Reporting numbers are three didgets, these were replaced by the present four character headcodes c1961. The engines have Overhead Electric Flashes, I think these came in in 1960. Last K3 withdrawn December 1962.
  4. Ian, Howden East opened with the line in 1885. It closed 1939, bur still had its "Rocker" locking frame as late as 1955. A former workmate told me the frame was eventually removed and the structure retained as a Linemans' Room. Signalling layouts attached ex c1904 Diagram Book.
  5. Dear Ian. Snaith and Pollington, EoD App. 30 levers, ordered fro Saxby and Farmer 1913, signalbox 1m 48c from Aire Jct. H&B and GCRly Jiont Line opened to traffic 1st May 1916. If anyone is interested, I have further information.
  6. Ian, more a case of how busy Bullcroft and the Joint Line was proposed to be. The Great War delayed the line's opening, then the Grouping and later Depression endured it never saw its planned potential.
  7. Gooders, I have hundreds of signalling layouts, all from what was once the Hull operating area.
  8. The attached may be of some use, a locking frame I made years ago.
  9. Ian, can't find my notes, nut pretty sure Hemmingbrough closed c1998. Are you coming to the Hull exhibition this weekend? I'm there with my "Toybox".
  10. The GSRly dispensed with side lights on passenger trains as early as 1907, see attached..
  11. The drawing you ref to does not give an actual date, apart from "Brought into use 6 June 1909. " Drawn by John Foreman 1970.
  12. I have a NERly drawing of a "Switch Diamond" then ref to as a "Standard Switch K Crossing" dated 19 December 1911.
  13. Do you have the books published by the North Eastern Rly Assoc,? "A History of NERly Signalling and Richard Pulleyn's book on the history of York Signalling, if not you will find them a big help. See the NERA Website, you don't have to be a member.
  14. Hessle Road (Hull) once had several Fixed semaphore distants. I'm told Goole Boothferry Road panel once worked a semaphore distant.
  15. Here is an example of "Slotted Signals", up to the mid '30's there were further slots on Flemingate signals which was then a Block Post.
  16. Michael, many thanks for your reply, IoM is a Dutton's frame. I have a few EoD pictures but not close ups of the locking escapement etc. The attached may be of interest.
  17. Michael, you are posting some very interesting photo's, among your collection do you please have any of EoD locking frames and gate wheels? Many Thanks,. Mick.
  18. John, I have taken a chance, probably cheaper then buying No1, that is if it could be found.
  19. Thanks, I will take a chance any a sub.
  20. Can someone who has bought a subscription please tell me the quality and definition of the various pages when printed out? Many Thanks, Mick.
  21. Gilbert's cover photo' is the second Railway Modeller of December 1949/January 1950, No1 came out in 1949 and not 1947 as stated. I have a full run except No1, which to date proves illusive.
  22. Rob, Driffield Depot signalbox is seen in your photo'. Opened c1874 when line converted to Block Working, reduced to a Gatebox c1909, finally abolished mid '60's. Of interest c1900 there was a special Bell Signal in use: " Is Line Clear for Horse Drawn shunt move."
  23. Michael, Rule 31 in the old black book covers the working of privately owned engines, not allowed unless authorised by the Operating Superintendent
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