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  1. Clearance of 600m+ of track bed and surrounding land up to the in-filled Chilcompton cutting has just completed. Some relaying of track is to commence immediately using a small amount of rail and sleepers already held. Photos and further information on the groups facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/somersetanddorsetrailway
  2. S&DRHT at Midsomer Norton was visited mid-Feb and was given early June as the likely time for program broadcast.
  3. Please excuse the plug (as a member of the S&DRHT), but Midsomer Norton had 2 open weekends to commemorate the anniversary and also demonstrate the old line is certainty not dead. The sister of the 2 Radstock sentinels recently passed its boiler tests and was on display running on the up line. The down line had a visiting jinty with a MK1 & Queen May providing passenger trips - the timetable was increased from half hourly to every 20 minutes due to demand. Also, the Signal box was formally opened for use having passed it's SV over winter. The event was a considerable su
  4. Another photo (credit sdjr.org.uk) showing size/presence, note 'falling man' version (bottom right). Must have been a job setting up in dark + bad weather. interested to see what might happen in 4mm.
  5. For 2 weekends, Henbury form the Bristol Harbour Railway will be visiting Midsomer Norton to try it's hands on the infamous Masbury summit gradients.
  6. Full details and form now on the main website: http://www.sdjr.co.uk/Graphics/homepage/news_stories/masburyappeal.pdf Please feel free to include in any websites, print and generally distribute as many as possible!
  7. The 2 guys at Midsomer you might well get something from are completely up to their eyes in installation of the new system, as their intention is for the 'new' box to enter service in early July. If you're a member, a letter to 'The Telegraph' get answers from other members - just hit the 1,000th incidentally.
  8. After 47 years the 'up' line at Midsomer today (21 April) saw it's first public use since closure. Members of the Wells Rail Fraternity were the first to travel the stretch of line, driving D1120 from platform 2 up to the Somervale point, in the 'Driver for a Fiver' experience. The driving experience is 2 trips, one to learn and the other where you 'do everything'. It will be available to the public over the both of next weekends open days (27 + 28 April). We look forward to seeing you try it - described by one today as "Really very satisfying!".
  9. As a cyclist - might need to mention that canal tow-paths are not a right-of-way for bikes. Bit confusing, as tow-paths are open to horses and bridal-ways are open to bikes. If you have a boat, you can you get bicycle exemption (as axillary transport), otherwise bikes not permitted, just like (for example) riding on a footpath. None of the above applies to anyone cycling from Bath to see Midsomer Norton.
  10. Have to mention you can follow this new cycle path all the way to a lovely cup of tea (and well earned cake after all that cycling) at Midsomer Norton. This summer the Centre will be opening on Saturdays too.
  11. They say there's a prototype for everything - an 08, an industrial and 2 car 108 DMU are presently running on the S&D at Midsomer Norton - but all in green.
  12. There are some 100+ photos on the Midsomer facebook page recording progress in resorting MR 255: Recent progress Previous years Keep an eye out for a couple of other Midland coaches that were found but beyond recovery.
  13. The S&DRHT are holding a "Railways at War" weekend event at Midsomer Norton on September 8 & 9. It will be one of major events this year and is part of the national 'Heritage open days' weekend. With live WWII re-enactments (which promise to be noisy!), vintage vehicles, live music and the opportunity to be a 'Engine driver for a Fiver' on S&D metals. Also, £1 of each ticket goes to 'Help for Heroes'. The above is in addition the regular displays and exhibits - which those who know the centre are constantly being developed. Anyone wishing to refresh their S&D mojo, or
  14. A quick update on the subject of extensions - this Sunday the Operations Team approved passenger use of the section of track up to just short of the rail-head. This adds a couple of hundred yards to the running line at Midsomer Norton and starts to present open views of the Sommer Valley to passengers. There's still plenty to do - the new section is limited to 10mph as more work is required to settle the new track. Intentions remain that Phase 1 is completed in the off-season so an improved timetable can be introduced next summer.
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