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  1. A few more photos :-) The yard pilot waits between duties The view from the platform. Any comments welcome, thanks for looking :-)
  2. In the late 1980s there was a morning Colne - Manchester Victoria (0920 as I recall) and a return in the afternoon arriving back around 1530.
  3. Can also add me as a happy customer, got some on my Oxford mk3 rake and some Bachmann Mk1s
  4. Latest bits of scenery, Lockdown progress continues
  5. The rerailing train visits Logandale Testing positions on the unloading area The back of the wagon works Blast progress
  6. I thought that of the shop near the bridge and the Viaduct looking like Barmouth to my eye :-)
  7. I have seen pictures of in particular the Nuclear services on the North Wales coast that reverse at Llandudno junction with a Brake Van, I assume that the brake van would be shunted so it was always on the rear? I ask as it is a scenario I would like to replicate on my layout. Thanks Phil
  8. Long time no post, things have been happening on Logandale, New Signals have arrived, after a remodel of the sidings! Scenic details are starting to appear like Balast and and Buildings And Here 26010 arrives with the coal empties from Ayr, for the local freight depot,
  9. A few senic details added retaining wall and bridge.
  10. Both phones work fine if connected to the home wi fi. Very strange
  11. However I have just tried the same app on a different phone connected to the home network and it does work?!!! Answers anybody?? Phil
  12. Only certain trains won't be controlled by the App, The phone in question is only used with the DR5000, the home network has been deleted, most trains work fine, it is just a few that it will not accept, my Wireless Maus also will not accept them, I fear it is a brand of decoder that will not work with the system, as some of them are hard wired in! but I am sure they have worked previously, so not a wi fi issue, I am afraid, Thanks
  13. Yeah. Realised afterwards. Couldn't see a reason. Could move the Locos using the computer but still not with the Phones?
  14. DR5000 app? Didn't know there is one, is that Android?
  15. Hi all, I run my layout with DR5000 and the Z21 app, and today I will not accept certain addresses as Locos? when I enter them it will not allow me to change direction or move them, the same applies with my wireless maus, they are entered into the library as locos, they are not in some small address range, so far have found - 73, 90, 6441, 6800, other locos I try work perfectly, Can anyone help? Phil
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